Yoga, Fall, And Sticky Fingers (TOL 25)

It’s Thursday, aka the day when we get to see inside lots of other bloggers’ minds and read about all their random thoughts! It always makes me feel a little better to know I’m not the only one whose mind goes to some strange places…

So what’s been going on lately? The taper is pretty much in full swing now so there’s not much to talk about as far as running goes. Or at least I’ll avoid sharing all my worries/fears/excitement…yes I think there is some excitement underneath everything else. 


10 days until I’m back here!

I went to yoga this week, and it may have been my last class before the race, but I still haven’t decided if I will go at all next week. I forgot to tell you guys that for the past like 6 weeks or so the instructors have been giving us a cold lavender towel to put over our eyes during savasana. It’s such a nice treat! Now if I ever go to a class and they don’t give us one of those fancy towels I’m gonna be really disappointed.

I’ve also been continuing to work on crow. Some days it goes better than others. Over the last few classes we have also been practicing headstands and handstands. I feel like I’ve actually been attempting inversions quite a bit lately (although not successfully) and my wrist was kind of sore yesterday. I went do push ups and it hurt…oh well, an excuse to not do push-ups this week I guess!

Not really related, but I just had to include this.

I started to feel like I had the very, very beginnings of a cold this week. Do you know the feeling before you actually start to get a cold, and you know that you will either fight it off or you will end up sick? So on Tuesday night I went to bed at 8pm, and woke up feeling much better. I need to knock on wood when I say this, but I haven’t gotten sick since I started eating mostly paleo back around June. I think the last time I didn’t feel well was May and that was allergies. 

bringing tissues on my run in Flordia

bringing tissues on my run in Florida

As much as I have tried to resist it, I feel like its really the holiday season now. I’ve been starting to look for Christmas gifts, and we are doing Thanksgiving Part 1 with my parents this Saturday (since the weekend before Thanksgiving is the race). We are also gonna put up our tree and decorate on Sunday. There’s no turning back now…

holiday beer tasting! But my SOL is pregnant so I guess I'll have to drink double?

holiday beer tasting! But my SOL is pregnant so I guess I’ll have to drink double?

The weather is not exactly matching up with the impending holidays season. Well, it really can’t decide what it wants to do. On Monday it was barely 40 degrees in the morning and on Wednesday it was 60 and humid (and super foggy!). 

foggy harbor run

foggy harbor run

So on a more random note, I have been really enjoying eating raisins lately. I just don’t like when they stick together and how they make my fingers sticky. 

Also, I bring olive oil to put on my salad for lunch in a separate little container. It always leaks in my lunch bag and everything gets greasy. On Wednesday it got really bad, but I brought some of these cookie dough snack bars and they also make my fingers greasy because of the coconut oil. (But they are SO good!) I think I need to stop trying to type and do other things while I eat since my fingers are always sticky or greasy. 

What is the coolest yoga pose that you can do?

When was the last time that you were sick?

Do you like raisins? Does it bother you if your fingers get sticky?


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43 responses on Yoga, Fall, And Sticky Fingers (TOL 25)

  1. Don’t bring up the sick thing! I’ve somehow been able to avoid catching anything through all of training besides one mysterious bug that wound up being almost nothing. My kids have had pneumonia and yet nothing for me. I actually wanted to catch a cold from them earlier in the week to get it over with, but it hasn’t happened. I just have a feeling I’ll be catching something 2 days before the race. I’m excited but I think my nerves are taking over more now!
    Michele @ paleorunningmomma recently posted…Things Husbands Are Good For + After the Marathon (TOL)My Profile

    1. We will not get sick before the race!! It just can’t happen. I go back and forth between being excited, nervous, and trying to not think about it:)

  2. Rev cycle gives out lavender towels after the workout too and it seriously makes the workout. Well, now they’re peppermint for the holidays but usually they’re lavender and I love it. I’m loving all of thechristmas decorations in harbor east. We’re getting a christmas tree soon for our apartment and it’s definitely beginning to feel like the holidays. Which I love, so I’m not complaining. I’m ready for the Christmas movies :)
    Sarah recently posted…One of those weeksMy Profile

    1. Oohh it would be fun if they switched it up and gave us peppermint around the holidays! The towels are such a nice way to end the class! I’m sure they are really appreciated at the end of a tough spin class, too!

    1. Isn’t this weather crazy!! I mean, I still appreciate the warm days but they are kind of just a tease when I know its gonna get really cold soon!

    1. I would be really happy if I could figure out that “feel” to crow…I’ve gotten it a couple times but I can’t stay there for long. I typically have good balance so I think I just need to figure out the eye angle and the placement of my arms on my legs.

    1. That would be great it you could ease your way back into yoga! I’m sure that if you let the instructor know about your surgery that they would help you modify poses. Good luck!

    1. I think its one of those things that the more you go, the more confident you feel, and the more you enjoy it:)

  3. Crow is one that I still have trouble with, but I think I’ve finally mastered the headstand… It took a while and there were times I was convinced that I was going to break my neck, but it feels pretty good to have that one under my belt now. And YES to raisins! If the stickiness bothers you, you can always try to eat them with a spoon — I do that with frozen blueberries sometimes to keep my fingers from going purple 😆
    Amanda @ .running with spoons. recently posted…. thinking out loud #104 .My Profile

    1. That is really impressive that you can do headstand! I am so scared that I will fall forward!
      I will need to start eating my raisins with a spoon- great idea!

  4. I do intense yoga for two hours every workday morning. My teachers are awesome and I love the emotional and physical high I leave with each and everyday. I also run daily. Unfortunately, this week found me Monday in the emergency room with a freak, very serious conditioned that arouse from a rain boot rubbing right above my ankle. Since I am holistically bent, I haven’t taken antibiotics, and it AIN’T getting any better. So needless to say, I am grounded from my daily exercise–UGH!! We just don’t really realize how it is to be less mobile until our bodies force us into it. Don’t obsess your self crazy. You are a competent runner and have prepared well–you will do well the marathon day. Use this time to be excited and hopeful and not deplete your body through anxiety and unnecessary worry.

    1. Sorry to hear about your injury! I hope that it feels better quickly and you can get back to you regular exercise regimen. I know how hard it can be to stop working out when that is what you are used to doing!

  5. I had a 24 virus (fever, everything hurt) in August 2013. I missed my long run lol. That’s about all I can recall in the last three years or so. I never was one to get sick often. I think I had a sore throat in 2011 and a stomach virus a week later. That was a big deal. I don’t like yoga, what’s wrong with me? I think I have told you this before.
    meredith @ The Cookie ChRUNicles recently posted…DASH, Running Shoes & Disney On The MindMy Profile

    1. That’s pretty great that you can remember the last few times you have been sick in like 4 years! It must be all the veggies that keep you healthy:) I think you have told me that yoga isn’t your thing. It took me a really long time to really learn to like it. And since you really enjoy pure barre, and think that is a great way to supplement your running.

  6. The pose I can’t seem to do is Eagle. I have to have my feet touching the ground, otherwise I topple over. I was making progress with my balance but then stopped yoga for a bit. Now I need to build that back up.
    Lesley recently posted…Running and DopingMy Profile

    1. The inversions can be fun to try. I wish I was a little braver with really giving a sincere try to headstands! I always worry I’ll fall forward:)

  7. I wish I could do ANY yoga poses. I’ve just started doing some videos at home and I hope to start taking some classes in the new year! Yoga is going to be my 2015 “thing” 😀

    I still don’t feel quite in the holiday spirit yet, although I did get my first red cup at Sbux yesterday! hahah This post reminded me that I need to get a jump start on holiday shopping now!
    Kristina recently posted…Half Marathons & Full Marathons on My MindMy Profile

    1. I keep feeling like I have so much time to do the shopping, but I know the next month and a half will go really fast.
      Good luck with the yoga!:)

    1. Thanks! I hope I can fight it. I am definitely feeling better, I’ll just need to stay away from any sick kids at my school:)

  8. I can’t stand when my fingers get sticky or greasy when I eat! Sometimes I wish it was acceptable to eat everything with a fork & knife :)
    I like raisins, but I prefer dried cranberries- especially with trail mix!
    Amber recently posted…Positive TuesdayMy Profile

    1. I am always doing something else while I eat so I hate when my fingers get sticky! Trail mix is one of my favorite snacks:)

  9. Oh, I hate eating food with my hands, unless it’s chips or crackers or something (obviously). Anything that can get sticky or messy is meant to be eaten with a fork and knife, in my opinion. And I have the same problem with olive oil, it gets everywhere no matter what. Same thing with chocolate and honey! So problematic. And that towel at yoga class relaxes me just thinking about it…
    Lily @ Lily Runs the World recently posted…Santa Barbara Veterans Day Half MarathonMy Profile

    1. It’s like all the good stuff is tough to eat without getting sticky! I think I will really just need to start using utensils for everything:)

    1. The warm weather only lasted like one day! Now its in the 30s. The weather just can’t decide what it wants to do!

  10. Mmm Thanksgiving part 1 so soon. Lucky lady. Nothing beats the holiday season. It’s such a fabulous time to spend with friends and family. Oh & of course get into all the fun that the seasons bring.

    As for raisins: Yes i hate the stickiness, but they are too good not to eat. Besides they are a good iron intake for me.
    Jessie recently posted…FitFluential Friday #6My Profile

    1. I know, even after I complained about raisins in the post I still at them that afternoon:) It seems like most people aren’t big on raisins so its good to know I’m not the only one! And iron is definitely a good benefit!

    1. The hand wipes are a good idea! I should get some of those. This week I was using tissues I had on my desk and it just wasn’t helping. Hope that you are feeling better!

  11. I went to my first yoga class in ages this morning and it was great. It was my favorite instructor and such a great flow. I love crow but am totally afraid to try headstands and handstands. And we got our first snow today – so have switched over to holiday mode – I even got my Yankee candle winter candles!
    Sarah recently posted…A tentative returnMy Profile

    1. All of that sounds great! I am starting to get into the holiday spirit and I think once we decorate it will help a lot!

    1. I think the towels would be great after a tough cardio class too! I didn’t realize how awesome it would be until the first time they did it, and then I was hooked!

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