WIAW: Anniversary Celebrations

As promised, I’m back to share our anniversary weekend activities! And since there was lots of food involved (isn’t there always?) I figured I would link up with Jenn for a WIAW post. 

On Saturday we drove down to Annapolis to grab lunch and spend a few hours exploring the city. We had only been there once (to run a race) and its only about 40 minutes from Baltimore so we figured it would be something different to do. We got there around 12:30 and parked about a mile from the harbor area, so once we made our way to the strip of restaurants and stores we were ready for lunch. 

We found a cute place called “Dry 85” and it was just what we were looking for. I asked the bartender to recommend a beer that was lighter but still flavorful and she suggested Burley Oak Flower Power. It was exactly what I was looking for. 


dry bar

lisa beer

rob beer

I ordered the house salad and added on steak. 


Rob got a burger with pulled pork and bacon it. Yes that included a beef burger, pulled pork AND bacon in one sandwich. It was pretty ridiculous but you can’t even tell from the picture.


After lunch we walked around to a bunch of the stores. We hoped to buy a few Christmas gifts but didn’t really see anything. We did get an ornament for our tree (we try to get one whenever we go somewhere). 


We couldn’t resist going into the Annapolis Running Shop!

running store

After some walking around and shopping we happened to come across a Starbucks, so I got my first red cup of the season! I also had a free drink from my birthday last month.

red cup

 We walked to the water and took some pictures before heading home. 




 On Saturday night we went to Ruth Chris for dinner. We haven’t been there in about 6 years so it was a nice change!


There was a variety of breads brought to the table; I stuck with the basics.


 We started with a caesar salad and calamari. Both were really good, but portions were huge! (This is just what I put on my bread plate)


 Of course I went with a steak for dinner- I mean we were at a steakhouse after all! I got the petit filet which was still 8 oz. But don’t worry, I finished it:)


 We got the potatoes au gratin as our side to share, at Rob’s request. We wanted to get something that we never make at home.


 We decided to pass on dessert because we were pretty full, plus no dessert can really compare to Fleming’s chocolate molten lava cake. 

After dinner we walked to the Marriott Waterfront Hotel where our wedding was held two years ago. We did the same thing last year- grabbed a drink at the bar after dinner. They had remodeled the restaurant and bar area quite a bit and the layout was completely different! It was still fun to go back to the place where we had our wedding.


I was going to share our food from Sunday also, but it was far less exciting and this post is already long enough! 

Have you ever been to Annapolis, MD?

How do you like to celebrate special occasions?



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36 responses on WIAW: Anniversary Celebrations

    1. Thanks! We are lucky that we can go back to our venue! It definitely brought back good memories being there again.

    1. It was great! I think a lot of times when we have a free Saturday we do “nothing” which really means being on our computers or doing stuff around the house. It’s nice to actually plan to spend time together and disconnect from everything else for a bit!

    1. It’s so nice there! I was glad that we made it back since we didn’t get to really explore that much when we were there for the race.

  1. Oh my goodness WHAT a creative idea to go back to the place that you got married and grab a drink there-I love it!! we can’t do that bc we got married in a barn that only has functions-we could never walk in and have a drink!
    That is such a great anniversary date and all the food sounds/looks great. My husband would love that burger but it sounds like too much for me!!
    Nicole@TheGirlWhoRanEverywhere recently posted…Last weeks miles, and picsMy Profile

    1. We are very lucky that we can go back to our venue! But a barn wedding sounds amazing…my sister in law did that a couple years ago and it was so beautiful! And the burger would have been too much for me, too! Rob was still pretty full from it hours later!

    1. We got so lucky with the weather on our wedding day and on both of our anniversaries so far! I hope the trend continues:) I really want to do another race in Annapolis!

    1. We got really lucky with great weather for walking around! And its rare that we turn down dessert too, but we made sure to get some cupcakes to celebrate our actual anniversary:)

    1. I wish we could have seen the naval academy but we planned our trip very last minute! I would love to go back and see more of the city!

    1. Haha I couldn’t imagine getting anything else there! And I realized I had steak for lunch too, but there was no way that was stopping me! It’s not every day you have the option to eat a delicious steak from a fancy steakhouse, right?:)

    1. That was key- we didn’t really care where we went but we didn’t want to spend a lot of money and just wanted to be together. The weekend worked out perfectly.
      And thank you!:)

    1. Very true, and I feel like I don’t take advantage of all the cool places to go around here! I think I definitely take it for granted:)

    1. It was really fun to go back to our venue! We are really lucky that we are close enough to be able to do that. We definitely made up for skipping dessert by getting cupcakes on Monday! (After I learned that it was vanilla cupcake day!)

    1. Thanks! It must have been great to have a friend live there! Next time I go I want to stay overnight so we can have some more time to see everything!

    1. Haha yea it seems like most guys really like burgers! My husband loves his with bacon and cheese- usually that is way too much for me!

  2. Your trip to Annapolis looks so fun. If you wouldn’t have told me that burger had three types of meat on it I would have never guessed.

    I actually went to MD for the first time this year. But only hit up College Park. Your visit looks great.
    Kay @ Kay Bueno recently posted…What I ate WednesdayMy Profile

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