We’re Not In Baltimore City Anymore…

It’s been just over three months since we moved out of our little condo in Baltimore city and into a house out in the suburbs. While part of me feels like the time has flown by, I also feel like I have been living here for alot longer than three months! As I talked about when we first moved, there were alot of adjustments to make. One of which being that I no longer had easy access to the well-lit paths of the inner harbor anymore, as well as other perfect running routes. 


I had lived in this neighborhood before, and had done some running at the time, but not like what I do now. Also, back then I had access to a community gym with a treadmill. 


Slowly, I am finding my groove with running out here. One thing that made it easier was the summer daylight hours. Its almost impossible to run in the dark, even if I’m out the door at 5:30 am the sun is already coming up! 

sunrise run

This was from back in April when we first moved…

I have found a route up to 10 miles, and I hear there are some great trails to explore that are 15-20 minutes away (by car). While I don’t love the idea of driving somewhere to do my long run,  I think I would rather do that than circle the same areas over and over. There is one trail that is about 2 miles away, but I don’t think the actual trail part is very long (maybe just a few miles).


One thing that has been interesting (and I know I have mentioned this before) is the HILLS! So many hills! Not like flat Baltimore city where even a ramp felt like a big hill. There is no avoiding them from where I live, and I think thats a good thing. 


I’ve also been getting used to the wildlife- no more rats! Just deer, foxes, and rabbits. 


I thought I would find myself running back in the city more often, but I have only done that once since I moved. I really prefer running in the morning, and there is nowhere to shower before work now that I don’t have a  gym membership. 


from my one run down in the city since I moved…

Whenever I drive around the harbor, I get nostalgic thinking of the hundreds- maybe thousands-  of runs I went on down there. 


But I can’t complain about my new stomping grounds. It’s quiet, peaceful, and different. I’m not sure how I will feel come the winter, but I will cross that bridge when I get there!



Tuesdays on the Run

I’m linking up with AprilPatty, and Erica for Tuesdays on the Run- This week’s topic is “show us where you run”!

What are the pros and cons about the area(s) where you run?

Have you ever had to move and completely adjust your running routine?

Would you prefer living somewhere totally flat or with lots of (unavoidable) hills?

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75 responses on We’re Not In Baltimore City Anymore…

  1. The moves that I’ve made have definitely meant a change of scenery! Like here: no hills. And pretty much just the lakefront path for long runs. And only concrete, and getting my asses nearly knocked over by bikers! I do miss the days of running in VA, but I love knowing that there is a dedicated area for me to run very long distances for training.

    1. I think there are pros and cons to most areas for running…but we aren’t necessarily going to choose where we live just based on the running routes, so we have to make the best of what we have!

  2. Not big on moving, but have done it a few times … but that is how life flows :) When I started running at 23 years old I was living in my parents house after college, and established a mixed hill routine. Then we lived in a couple of apartments, the last of which gave me some great routes. Then 15 years in our first house – nice couple of routes, but largely flat looking back. Now in NY for 7 years … well, I have great routes in all directions!

    The cons of my area? Winter … wind from all sides, and really cold. Other than that, not much … I am spoiled so I will almost never drive to a run.
    Michael Anderson recently posted…The ‘Goodbye Post’ – 26, 3, 7, 24, 49, 5 and a ‘New Home’My Profile

    1. Your winters are definitely rough!! I think if we really want to run outside we can make most places work out somehow.

  3. Unfortunately I almost always have to drive for my long runs. My neighborhood loop is .8 miles, but it gets really old after a few laps and the road right outside of my neighborhood has sharp curves and zero shoulder, so it’s not “runable.” I’ve learned to love driving to run… Once I get where I’m going I make sure I put in the work to make it worth the trip. Ps I can’t believe it’s already been three months!! I feel like you just moved.

    1. Thats a good way to think about it! I can’t believe is been 3 months either…but the spring/summer months always go by so quickly!

  4. When I first moved here, I felt bound by highways and that to get in a double digit run, I’d have to cover the same ground over and over. Clearly I just wasn’t thinking right because I have since found lots of ways to bypass the highways and get onto some back roads for my long runs!
    Megan @ Meg Go Run recently posted…New Toys!!!!My Profile

    1. I think it just takes some time and exploring to find running areas that work! Glad you found some good longer routes!

    1. I found one area that is relatively flat…well less hilly than most areas around me. So I do my harder workouts and longer runs there…but when I look at my elevation map there is still quite an incline, especially compared to what I was used to in the city!

    1. It can be a bit of a hassle but I guess its worth it to have a good place to run!

  5. I love where I live now for the trail that goes around my community. Although, I have always been lucky to live in a running friendly neighborhood. My last neighborhood was very hilly (hence the name Dix Hills) but I got used to it over time!
    meredith@ Cookie ChRUNicles recently posted…running surveyMy Profile

    1. I remember growing up in Carle Place we had zero hills at all. A little bridge over Northern Parkway was the biggest hill I ever ran! So when I went to college I was in for a rude awakening. And then I got spoiled again living in Baltimore city. I think no matter where I live I will need to make sure I include more hills in my running from now on.

    1. Yes, a mix is definitely ideal! Its nice to have both options for different kinds of runs.

  6. We have huge crazy hills right out our front door and there is just no avoiding them unless I get in the van and drive to a flat spot (which I am about to do as soon as I finish this coffee). I’m glad we live around hills, but man they trash my IT bands!
    Suzy recently posted…BlowMy Profile

    1. I do think the hills take some getting used to, but its nice to have flat options as well. Have a great run!

  7. Pros: lots of local run clubs to run with
    Cons: city streets, bad traffic, having to stop at cross walks…
    I had to completely change my routine around when I was commuting in and out of the city. I ran almost completely on the treadmill this past winter and found myself waking up at 415 am to get my runs in. I HATE hills, but I like that I can’t escape them… it makes me get good training runs in that I wouldn’t otherwise complete.
    Jamie recently posted…StitchFix – Tried It TuesdayMy Profile

    1. I think its a good thing to be forced to run on hills. Otherwise I would probably never go near them!

  8. Welcome to the suburbs (albeit, a bit late)!

    I currently live in a rural-suburban area outside of Baltimore, but because I’m not comfortable running on the roads around here (hello, distracted driver on a blind curve), I pretty much keep to a few trails and areas, all of which I have to drive to. It’s a hassle, but it is what it is. Downtown is a bit too far away for my liking, but it is a gorgeous place to run in the mornings.

    I’m hoping to move a bit closer to civilization, largely so my favorite running spots aren’t quite so far away! There is something about the green quiet of being out so far, though. Even when I lived outside of DC I drove all the way out here to run whenever I could – it just felt so much more calm and relaxing.

    I’d take a hilly place over a flat place any day! For me the hill are far less mentally and physically challenging – flat courses just drain me in every way possible. Plus, the views from the tops of hills are the best!
    Stephanie recently posted…Sunday ObservationsMy Profile

    1. I always feel so accomplished when I reach the top of a hill! And it is nice to run out in the suburbs where its more peaceful…but I guess there are pros and cons to every area!

  9. That is quite a change! It does take getting used to a new area. I have a lot of hills in my neighborhood and it feels fine in winter, but in the summer heat, whew! I have a parkway i can cross and go to some flatter neighborhoods so I do it often in summer.
    karen recently posted…HumbledMy Profile

    1. Based on your pictures it looks like it is worth the drive to get to those trails!

  10. Your pictures are beautiful! I love that you have greenery and wildlife. There are a lot of pros to where I live and run: it’s pretty safe, generally well-lit, and fairly flat with a few big hills that you can find if you want them. But the weather and scenery are always the same – it’s always warm, and the view is just suburban housing tracts. I think that’s why I love to travel for races!
    Hilary recently posted…Shoreline Half Marathon RecapMy Profile

    1. While I am jealous that you don’t have to deal with the extreme cold, I think I would definitely miss the cooler weather for running.

  11. The only complaint I have about running in the ‘burbs is the lack of safe places to run without driving. I can do 5-6 miles around my neighborhood, but to go longer I have to drive (I can’t do repeat loops past my house – I know I’ll stop.) I do like having hills though. It keeps the runs interesting and you can definitely see progress when you conquer a hill that’s been beating you down.
    Sara recently posted…Workout Review 7/6 – 7/12My Profile

    1. Exactly! Do you run at Loch Raven or NCR? I need to check out those trails at some point!

      1. NCR all the time! It’s 5 minutes from my house. It’s flat, but they have porta potties and water at different points. I do Loch Raven with the CCR training group. I have yet to go there on my own. It’s got some hills – which is good for Baltimore training.
        Sara recently posted…Workout Review 7/6 – 7/12My Profile

        1. That’s good to know! Thanks! I was trying to figure out where to park if I ever go to Loch Raven so I might need to reach out to you about that at some point:)

  12. I’m also not into driving to get to a place to run. BUT i think I would do it if it were miles and miles of trails!

    I have lived in the same area my whole entire life, so moving like you did would really throw a monkey wrench into my running. Especially for those 20 mile long runs…devising a new route while trying not to get lost would be a new challenge. I think you’re doing great!
    Nicole@thegirlwhoraneverywhere recently posted…Narragansett Summer Running Festival Half Marathon Race recapMy Profile

    1. I am definitely a little unsure of how I will handle marathon training out here! But I am sure I will figure something out.

  13. I feel you on the hills – in NYC in Central Park, there are a LOT of hills, but you can run in the street or along the river and it’s flat. Out in the Connecticut ‘burbs there is no way around all the really rather impressive hills. But it’s good for me to mix it up when I’m here, I think – as you said, different terrain changes can make us better.
    Alyssa @ Renaissancerunnergirl recently posted…On My MindMy Profile

    1. I definitely miss the harbor, and its weird that I will probably never live there again! I think once I explore some more areas around where I live now I will feel more comfortable with my running options.

    1. I have never been able to run on trails before, so I am looking forward to it!

  14. I also enjoy the peace and quiet of my neighborhood. It’s hilly too. You would think I would be really good at hills! Not so much. I think I saw ONE car this morning at 5 a.m.
    HoHo Runs recently posted…Where I RunMy Profile

    1. I don’t think I will ever be “good” at hills, but I think I am learning to just deal with them and get through them mentally.

  15. It’s not unusual for me to drive somewhere for my long run. I generally run the same long run route during marathon training (since I need long, steady roads), but with trail running, I’ve been having a lot of fun driving to new ones! It’s fun to explore new areas, and I get ideas of where to bring the manfriend back to hike with me! I know it’s a change, but you’ll find the routes you love! When we moved, even across town, it was a hard change to find new trails and routes to run and I missed the ones by our old house!
    Nona @ RunningHigh recently posted…We’re Home!My Profile

    1. Im sure its normal to move and miss old running routes, but luckily there are places to run all over! It seems like there are pros and cons to all areas for running.

    1. Not sure if I would say I “like” hills, but I am learning to embrace them:) Its a nice change, and I love a good downhill!

    1. Moving can definitely be a big adjustment, but I was pretty lucky that I moved to an area with some pretty good running options!

  16. That’s great that your neighborhood has hills in it! I have to drive to get to some decent ones. And I love the views you have! One pro of running where I do are that there’s access to a canal a mile and a half in either direction. But a con is the lack of shade in the summer, unless I want to go down a half mile street a few times that has some nice big trees, which I’ve definitely done before haha.
    Hailey recently posted…Four on the fourth race recapMy Profile

    1. That sounds nice to be able to run along the canals! And I think I would definitely be in search of some shade there, especially in the summer:)

    1. Its gone so fast, right?! Yes to the hills! I might complain every time I climb one, but I know they are making me stronger!

    1. Its definitely a big transition to move out of a city. Glad you have been able to make the best of it! Luckily running is a sport than can be done anywhere:)

  17. Wow, has it already been 3 months since you moved? I remember when it was 3 months UNTIL the move! Time flies!

    The picture of that hill…. holy cow. That somehow looks worse than the bridge that I run because it seems to be steeper. You’re going to get super speedy and crush your 5K pr soon now that you have all those hills to train on! :)
    Kristina recently posted…On TargetMy Profile

  18. Lisa, hills are definitely unavoidable from my current neighborhood and, I’m not going to lie, I often drive about 5 minutes away to get a break. When we move at the end of the month, I am going to be in different (but not quite unfamiliar) surroundings; it’ll be interesting to see how my route changes and where I’ll end up! Great post!
    Tara @ Running ‘N’ Reading recently posted…Banana PorridgeMy Profile

    1. That is really smart of you to escape the hills once in a while:) And hopefully you lie the running routes in your new neighborhood!

  19. How gorgeous! I love all the different scenery. The only thing I would change about where I live would to be to add a river or to get the beach a little closer. I miss having such big bodies of water nearby. And I adore seeing wildlife too! Thanks for linking up!

    1. I would love to be able to run on the beach regularly! It was nice to have the harbor when I lived in the city, but there is something about he ocean. I always love my beach vacations when I can run along the water!

  20. It does kind of stink to run in the morning on roads that aren’t well lit – I have the same problem where I am in Rockville now. But sometimes I kind of like the erie morning darkness as the sun is rising-it feels like us runners are part of a secret club before some people are even up for the day :)
    I hear you about not wanting to drive for your long runs-why add on even more time to a lengthy run? Maybe you’ll find a club to run long with and driving won’t seem so bad (or your husband might be up to go with you).
    I think I’d pick hilly over flat. Hills give you more a training benefit than flat, right? 😉
    Amber recently posted…Ragnar Relay WVMy Profile

    1. I do think I will enjoy the peacefulness of the dark on my morning runs…plus I have a headlamp now!
      I think once I check out some of the trails I will be convinced to drive there more often:)

  21. I’ve been enjoying the scenery from your new neighborhood (miss your photos of course – but still like the new ones). Although it is pretty safe to run around in most parts of DC, I think I would be a little more comfortable running early in the morning by myself (when its still a little dark out) in the suburbs (like my parents neighborhood). But then again always good to have your guard up whereever you go.
    Jennifer recently posted…Friday Five – Favorite Race SwagMy Profile

    1. Very true. I always felts safe in Baltimore city, but plenty of things happen there. I think no matter where we run its important to think about safety.

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