Weekly Workouts And Other Updates

It’s hard to believe that another week of 2015 has come and gone! I’m writing this post on Sunday afternoon wondering what this upcoming week of weather will bring. It seems like lately the weather predictions haven’t been very accurate, and they are saying that we may get a few inches of snow on Monday and a few more on Tuesday, and then maybe something later in the week too. I know that other parts of the east coast are supposed to get hit way worse, so I can definitely handle a few inches! I wish weather was something that was more predictable…that’s no surprise coming from someone who is a control freak. Anyway, I guess we will see what happens!


 Last weeks workouts went well. I had some really good runs and I think the dry needling worked a miracle (once again) on my piriformis. My other leg is still bothering me on and off, and I think that’s because its a more complicated area. I’ve continued to keep my mileage low and this upcoming week I would expect it to be low again, especially because of the weather. 

Sunday: Rest- did some foam rolling and a 2 minute plank

Monday: 3.5 miles (cut short due to ice) + drills and 1 minute plank on stability ball. Went to chiro and had dry needling done on piriformis and quad


Tuesday: 4 miles + drills and strides and 2 minute moving plank; foam rolling

tuesday           PM: 60 minutes hot yoga


Wednesday: 3 miles on treadmill + body pump

wednesday            PM: core work and foam rolling

Thursday: 30 minute online Barre3 class + 3 minute moving plank and foam rolling


Friday: 8 miles progression + myrtle routine + 1 minute plank on stability ball

friday          PM: 90 minutes hot yoga 

I wanted to do a longer run on Friday because of potential ice on Saturday, and was planning for 6-7 but felt good and ended up getting faster as the run went on! Once I got to work and sat down my hips immediately tightened up. Yoga after work was a last minute decision and felt amazing!

Saturday: 4 miles on treadmill + rotating plank + glute exercises and foam rolling

I had no idea what was going on outside (I could hear that it was raining, and there was a winter weather advisory on my phone) so I headed to the gym. Turns out it would have been fine to run outside, I should have just waited a little until it wasn’t so dark out.

Total: 22.5 miles

As for the weekend, it was another relaxing one. Actually, Sunday was relaxing and Saturday was busy as usual with meal planning, grocery shopping, and meal prep. We also went to see the progress of our house, which is coming along great! Want to see our kitchen?


Well, clearly there is still a lot to be done:) It’s been fun to see the progress and it’s amazing how fast things go up!  We are thinking that when we go up next weekend all the siding and drywall will be up! 

How were your workouts last week?

Have the weather predictions for your area been accurate this season?

If time wasn’t an issue, how many days per week would you do yoga?  I’m thinking at least a few minutes every day would be ideal, but a long and relaxing class 3-4 days a week.

Thanks Katie for hosting the link-up!

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65 thoughts on “Weekly Workouts And Other Updates

    • I agree that its not the same to do yoga at home! I always feel like I get so much more out of taking the class at a studio.

    • We won’t get hit too bad with the storm…but everywhere north of here looks like a complete mess!

    • Well luckily we don’t have to do any of the kitchen work, someone else will handle it all and they work in most conditions (now that the house is closed up they can work on it as long as they can get there). We’re only supposed to get an inch or two of snow here- its everywhere north of here that will get hit really bad!

  1. I did my long run on Saturday…was dreading the conditions but it was actually not bad at all. We got SO lucky!

    Have you said where your house is? I understand if you don’t want to in this space…just wondering! How exciting to watch it’s progress, though, huh?

    Fingers crossed we’ll escape any major snow this year–we’ve just about made it through January!
    misszippy recently posted…The EDGE mobility system (review/giveaway)My Profile

    • The house is in Baltimore county but not too far out of the city! We weren’t able to find anything in Howard county which was where we had looked for about a year and a half. If I see you at a race or somewhere I’ll tell you more specifically what area it’s in!
      Hoping that the snow tonight isn’t too bad!

    • Thanks! They said it should be finished in mid-March so hopefully we can start moving in early April!

    • It is alot of fun seeing the house come together, and I think it will be even more exciting seeing the interior stuff that we picked out get put in!

    • Thanks! We didn’t get much snow today and are only expecting an inch or two tonight, so hopefully it just kind of passed over us! I hope that you guys don’t get hit too bad!

    • So glad to hear you felt good this week! If I did yoga after every run I think my body would be much happier with me:)

    • Yes I’m seeing that too! It sounds like up that way they are gonna get record amounts of snow!

    • Agreed- I wish there were more hours in the day/week to do things like that! Maybe I just need to figure out a way to make more time for it.

  2. Ughhhhh THIS WEATHER. Over it. My roommates were furious when we woke up to no snow this morning (they were hoping for school/work to be cancelled) but for me it makes no difference because I walk and would have to work remotely anyways. But it would be nice if the weather predictions were accurate so we could plan our running accordingly… I really need to get to yoga this week. You just reminded me.
    Sarah @pickyrunner recently posted…Sometimes I runMy Profile

    • I was really thinking school would be closed today and now I’m wondering what tonight/tomorrow will bring. I hate the feeling of expecting to work from home but then having to go in!

    • I guess its better to have the weather be better than what they predict, right? Except I try to plan my running around the weather but its difficult when they can’t get it right!

  3. I was surprised last Friday’s storm didn’t end up as bad as predicted- but regardless of how off the weatherman are, I’m still unhappy when it snows. Spring can’t come soon enough!
    Awesome job on that 8 mile progression run!
    You should include pictures or a description of what rotating and moving planks are, I’m looking to switch mine up in my abs challenge :)

  4. Hooray for house progress! I have much envy over this. :)
    You had a great week of workouts. I really need to get back to a hot yoga class (I’ve been in a lot of unheated classes recently and am missing all the sweat.) I don’t know about you guys downtown right now, but it’s starting to look a little ugly out here in the county. I foresee a treadmill morning for me tomorrow!
    Salt recently posted…NJ Marathon Training Week 5 RecapMy Profile

    • I try to only go to hot yoga classes now! Especially in the winter.
      I guess we lucked out with the weather today but who knows what tonight will bring!

    • Thank you! I have also felt good about balancing my workouts. Ive been trying to sort of plan them out on Sundays so I can figure out how to get to all the classes that I like while also doing enough core work at home. Otherwise I would probably just end up running everyday and not do anything else!

  5. Another great week of workouts! I did my first Barre video online this weekend, it was great. What site do you use?

    Congrats on the house progress, that is so exciting. Seeing it all come together and documenting it is so much fun, especially when it’s done and you look back at how much was actually done!

    We are going to be belted with a few feet of snow so I am going to be working from home for the next few days. Stay safe!!
    Sara @ lifebetweenthemiles recently posted…Weekly Wrap UpMy Profile

    • I have been using Barre3 for online workouts, what have you been using?
      Its been so fun watching the house progress! It will be nice to be able to look back on the pictures years from now!
      I hope that you are making it through the storm ok!

  6. Your house is coming along – that’s so exciting!! And yay to the running! I’m glad that’s been going well for you. I’m not looking forward to the blizzard that’s about to hit.
    What do you do for a moving plank and a rotating plank? Is that just moving side to side and in circles while in plank position? I’ve never heard of this, but sounds challenging :)
    Charissa recently posted…Training update (1/19 – 1/25)My Profile

    • For the moving plank I just do things like lift one arm at a time or one leg at a time, or move forward and back, or rotate to side planks and back.. Does that make sense?

  7. Oddly enough, I have never done yoga! Not even once. Our weather has been INSANELY amazing. It’s supposed to get up to 15 degrees Celcius today, with blue skies and sunshine. Yay! I even heard little birdies out our window this morning. We usually have endless rain, so we need the sun from time to time.
    Suzy recently posted…Mileage Monday: Route 66My Profile

  8. Exciting about your kitchen! After the main structure is in place, it really does go pretty fast. I look forward to seeing the final result.

    If time was no issue, I would probably go to yoga 3-4 times per week. ClassPass just launched here in Columbus so thankfully it can be pretty cheap to go. However, between half training and work, I can’t squeeze yoga in as much as I’d like.

    Great job getting in another solid week of workouts!
    Jess recently posted…Run the Bluegrass Training Week 7My Profile

    • I’m in Baltimore, and we aren’t getting anything like what everyone north of us is getting. I really hope you don’t lose power- that’s the worst! Stay safe in the storm!

    • Thanks! I also wish there was more time for yoga, but with all the other workouts I like to do I need to figure out a way to balance it somehow!

  9. Oh wow, I didn’t realize you were having a house built. That seems stressful, but I guess probably pretty nice if you’re a bit of a control freak :)

    I’m out in northern Indiana for a couple of weeks for work, and I swear the weather prediction changes every half hour. I have no idea what to expect out there except that it is much colder than home. So annoying. Stay warm and safe out there!
    Lizzy recently posted…weekend rundown 2My Profile

    • The house building is a bit stressful but after almost 2 years of searching form a home we realized this is the way to go!
      Our weather predictions have been changing constantly too! I think i need to just stop looking at my weather app!

  10. It sounds like you had a good week of workouts! I hope the storm isn’t too bad there.

    My workouts went pretty well last week. I increased mileage a little bit, and had two really good speed workouts. I also managed to fit in some really good strength workouts.

    I’ve never been able to get very excited about yoga, but I try to fit in a couple of short hip opener sequences a few times a week.
    Chelsea @ runner’s table recently posted…Mid-Winter Salad with StrawberriesMy Profile

    • Sounds like a great week of workouts! That’s great that you do a bit of yoga to supplement your running even if its not really your thing!

  11. That’s awesome that the dry needling helped! Hopefully it helps your hips as well! I hope you luck out and get less of a storm in Baltimore. I know if I was still down there I’d be doing a snow dance!
    Last week wasn’t so fantastic workout-wise. But, hopefully my calf will be feeling better soon. We’re not supposed to get much of the snow here, but it is still bitterly cold!
    Sam @ The Running Graduate recently posted…It’s Friday! Here’s Five!My Profile

    • The storm doesn’t seem to be hitting us too bad- we got barely any snow today and might get few inches tonight. I wouldn’t mind another delay or work from home day tomorrow thought!
      I hope your calf is feeling better!

  12. Looks like you had some great workouts last week!

    I’ve been doing yoga more lately because I’ve been participating in a yoga challenge on Instagram, which has been a lot of fun even though half of the poses are pretty advanced. I love starting off my day with a quick workout – I feel like it helps wake me up – and a lot of the time I’ll do some yoga then. It feels great to wake up and stretch/move!
    Nicole @ Foodie Loves Fitness recently posted…(Super Bowl Recipe Idea Alert!) Chickpea Sliders with Vegan Garlic AioliMy Profile

    • That sounds like a great challenge, but I really struggle with any advanced poses! But I’m sure there are so many benefits to starting your day like that!

  13. Great workout week! Knock wood, we’ve been getting nowhere near our usual amount of snow. I’m kind of jelly of the blizzard you East Coasters are getting…just the tiniest bit! I’m embarrassed to say I’ve been letting yoga slide more than I should. When I’m running my best I hit up 2 classes/week.
    Marcia recently posted…Weekend Update: Training Starts NowMy Profile

  14. The house is coming along nicely–how exciting!
    I wish I liked yoga. I guess I am too impatient. I keep saying I am going to stick with it, but, not so much.
    Great picture of the city! I hate when I run on the mill when I could’ve gone outside…
    We are supposed to get A LOT of snow tonight, tomorrow… It’s all good.
    Cheryl recently posted…What a difference a day makes!My Profile

    • It took me a long time to really come to love yoga. But now I am hooked and wish I could do it more.
      Stay safe in the snow!

    • That sounds like a perfect schedule for me! I definitely prefer to run and do cardio or weights in the morning, and hot yoga feels SO good at the end of the day!

    • Oh I am so ready for spring as well! However, I kind of wish we would just get s decent amount of snow to get us a day off…the little bit we have been getting has been just enough to be annoying but not really impact anything!

    • Sorry that you guys have had such bad weather! I hate to say it but I kinda wish we would just get a real snowstorm and get it over with…all these threats and traces of snow have gotten annoying!

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