Weekly Workout Recap And Thoughts about the “Long Run”

Now that you are all up to date with my busy but fun-filled weekend, let’s back up a bit and talk about last week’s workouts. As I mentioned on Friday, I switched up my strength-training a bit last week so I want to share how that played out. I was actually really glad I did so much strength in the beginning of the week, because once I was traveling I was unable to really do much (although I did some planks and push-ups in the hotel room, but that was really it.)

weekly recap

Sunday: Molly Murphy Memorial 5k plus warm up (5.3 miles total)

lisa katie

Monday: AM: Plyometric Strength Workout, 10 minute glute workout, and Hip Girdle Stability Exercises

plyometric strength workout

PM: 45 minutes online yoga. I signed up for a 15 day free trial of The Yoga Collective because it’s been really difficult to attend studio classes since we have moved.

Tuesday: 3.5 miles with hills and Core and balance training for runners


Wednesday: Strength training for runners workout and Stabilization workout

Thursday: 5.27 mile progression run and myrtle routine. Surprised myself with faster splits than usual. 


Friday: 5.1 miles easy, a few push-ups, and 2 minute plank


Saturday: 3.7 miles with no garmin (distance based on Vivofit so not sure if it’s accurate)


Total: 22.9 miles

I realized as I was typing this that all my runs this week were either 5 or 3 miles. As Rob and I were running on Friday we were talking about how we have both sort of stopped doing “long runs” over the past few months. (Did you know that in my RRCA training last summer we learned that a “long run” is considered more than 90 minutes?) The longest I have done in the past few months is 8, and most weeks I top it off at 6-7. He has done some 7 milers and his last long run was the Rock N Roll USA half in March. It’s kind of nice to take an extended break from long runs when you aren’t training for any long-distance races!

That being said, I would like to start increasing my long run a bit, once things start settling down this summer and I’m not traveling quite so much. I think that the better I am at getting into that zone and feeling like I could run “forever” (sort of) it helps to push through some of those tough parts, even in shorter races. 

I’m also signed up for the Charles St 12 in early September, so that is a good focus for working on my mileage over the summer!


What is your typical “long run” if you’re not training for anything?

When is your next race?

Do you ever try to do certain workouts early in the week because you know you won’t get to them later?

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42 thoughts on “Weekly Workout Recap And Thoughts about the “Long Run”

  1. I don’t know which half I am running in the fall but I still keep my long run going each week as best as I can because I am a total creature of habit. In my head, my long run is considered a min of 10 miles but lately I seem to go on average 12-15 once a week. It’s tough sometimes when life gets busy (especially in June!) to keep up with my usual routine but I do try to juggle things around so that I somehow fit my workouts in. I definitely agree that the long run keeps us strong and able to push through the tough stuff, even if it’s a shorter distance like a 5k race.
    meredith @ Cookie ChRUNicles recently posted…Let’s Catch UpMy Profile

    • 10 seems like a good amount, although it would be nice to be doing that 12-15 amount regularly enough that its comfortable. Because right now anything over 8 sounds daunting to me!

    • I’m sure that as I start upping my mileage I’ll be dealing with tired legs too. I’ve been in this 20 mile range for about two months so my legs are pretty comfortable with it!

  2. Thanks for linking to the core and balance video. I’m trying to work on my balance so that I can try stand up paddle boarding sometime this summer!

    When I’m not training for anything I like to keep a long run base of 10 miles, which might mean I only run that far once every 2 or 3 weeks, but I like knowing that I can bust it out if needed. I don’t know when it would ever be “needed” though, haha.
    Kristina recently posted…Being Called a Fat BitchMy Profile

    • Stand up paddle boarding sounds so hard! But it looks like fun and a great workout! I hope you get to try it! 10 miles is a great base, and I think I would like to get back to that amount soon.

    • This is the first time in years that I have been running and not really training for anything. It’s kind of nice, but I am also itching for more structure!

  3. Whoops! Then I guess last weekend’s 8-mile “long” run wasn’t technically long at all. When I’m not training for a half or longer, my long run is about 6-8 miles. Keep on keepin’ on with all that strength and balance work!
    Marcia recently posted…It’s a SicknessMy Profile

    • Lately I have considered my 6-8 milers as “long” relative to the 3-5 I do during the week. But when I’m training for a marathon 6-8 can be a recovery run! So I think it totally depends.

  4. My typical long run is around 10 miles if I’m not training for anything. I like seeing the double digits, and most of my relaxed runs during the week are around 7, so I feel like 10 is an easy fit. Next race race is NYCM in November, but I’m running a half for fun this weekend! I definitely do more of my cross training/plyo’s in the beginning of the week because I know I totally lose desire to get them done as the week goes on. And they still leave me so sore I want to feel good for my long run! Haha
    Jamie recently posted…Comfort Food – Tried It TuesdayMy Profile

    • When I am training I also try to get my strength in early so I’m not sore for my long run. I can’t wait to hit double digits again!

    • Lately I have just been missing those Saturday mornings where I got out and run for 10-12 miles. But with so many weekends away it just hasn’t been an option!

  5. Well, “off season” is the winter here, so then my long runs are about 5-6 miles due to cold, and road conditions…It is nice to take a break from them!
    I often juggle workouts to make sure I get them in. It is a little harder when the training builds up. I also juggle them in the summer for the weather!
    I have a 5k July 11…Ragnar in Sept, marathon in November!
    Cheryl recently posted…Indianapolis training: week 1My Profile

    • Your race schedule sounds perfect! And winter is the perfect time for an off-season. I hate trying to work around crappy conditions to get a long run in.

  6. It is nice to know I don’t have to do a certain mileage and I can just do what I feel like doing. Right now my goal is to be between 2-3 miles, but when I was doing half marathons, and not training specifically, I’d run an hour.
    Lesley recently posted…Time to Check InMy Profile

    • I am also enjoying that feeling, although sometimes I wish I had a plan to follow on days when I’m not sure how long I want to run for!

    • It’s definitely tough to get to yoga classes and online videos are such a great option!

  7. I like to do a 20 miler per month just to keep that foundation. There’s something magical about the 20 mile run; it provides the perfect framework for training if I were to ever start training seriously. I won’t feel like I’m starting from scratch.
    Suzy recently posted…SurfaceMy Profile

    • You are a rock star. I couldn’t imagine running a 20 miler without being in training for a marathon.

    • That’s a good distance, and it definitely keeps you “half-marathon ready”! I feel like its much easier to run a half without following a plan but marathons are a whole different story!

  8. My typical long run when I’m not training is 7 miles, because that is one loop around a lake that I run at on the weekends. My next big race is the Richmond marathon in November, but I’m shooting for another half marathon in October. Wedding festivities have my weekends pretty booked for the next few months, but i’m excited to get back to racing afterwards!
    Maddie @ Dixie Runs recently posted…Weekend Recap (a little late) & Wireless HeadphonesMy Profile

    • I like having a perfect “long run route” that is my go-to when I don’t really have a plan to follow. Your race plans sound great. This time of year is so busy!

    • My long runs are usually on Saturday also, and I feel thrown off when I need to change that around! But when things get busy I guess we have to do what we can to fit it all in:)

    • It’s nice to have a break from training and a few months of running whatever distance I wanted, but I am also excited to start building up my long run again!

  9. I didn’t know a long run was 90 min. plus. I consider 6+ to be a long run, but I would probably have to run at least 8 miles to hit 90 minutes. Interesting! Looks like you had a good solid week of training!
    jan recently posted…Crazy Summer StormsMy Profile

    • I was surprised to hear that too..but I still think of my 6-8 milers as “long”, I just think the RRCA recognizes certain benefits to running 90+ minutes.

    • Yea, I was definitely surprised to learn that because I always used to think of 6 or more as long, especially when I was first starting to run longer distances.

  10. I usually front load my strength training early in the week too, if I know it’s going to be harder to fit it in towards the end. You had a great week for it! I usually do long runs between 12-15 whether or not I’m training for something that’s coming up, I don’t really know why that is though haha, I guess it’s just kind of habit in a way maybe! It’s nice and smart though to really focus on the strength work right now, so your body will be able to tolerate more mileage when you up it. I know that’s a big focus of mine right now even though my mileage isn’t all that high for me at the moment. I figure it’s a good time to start getting in a habit of doing more of it before the miles pile on towards the fall :). My next race is on the 4th of July!
    Hailey recently posted…Tuesday randomsMy Profile

    • That makes sense! There’s no reason to run a ridiculous amount if you’re not training and don’t want to!

    • It’s so funny how 8 miles can be a long run during our “off-season” or a short, recovery run when we are marathon training!

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