Weekly Recap And Running Updates

I’m excited to say that I will be talking about running in today’s post. Sometimes I think I could write about running every single day if I just told you every detail of my workouts but I have a feeling you would all stop reading if I did that:) Long story short(er) I am easing my way back into running and thought I would share my weekly recap with some details about what I did last week. 

weekly recap

Sunday: 30 mins very easy yoga, core work

I found a yoga video online and realized 15 minutes in that it was not at all what I was looking for. It was just SO slow moving and I was looking for an easy vinyasa flow. I switched up videos halfway through but really wasn’t pleased with how this went overall. Did some solid core work including planks in all directions, bridges, clamshells, sidesteps, and 1-legged squats.

Monday: 30 mins barre3

This video was called “ballet barre” and brought me back to my dancing days growing up. Isn’t is weird how you can not do something for 14 years but it still feels so natural? I also saw my chiro on Monday after work.

Tuesday: 60 minutes hot yoga and core work

I did my core work in the morning even though I was really tempted to run. I knew another day off wouldn’t hurt plus I wasn’t sure if there was ice since it had rained so much the night before. After work I went to yoga class and really appreciated begin at the studio. 

Wednesday: 2 miles, body pump, core work

Tested things out for the first time after 5 days off. This was in the gym so I did a few minutes on the elliptical to warm up and then headed to the treadmill. This wasn’t any sort of magical run back by any means- it felt awkward as it usually does when I start running on a treadmill. I took the pace easy and with only running 2 miles there wasn’t much time to get comfortable. But nothing hurt so I was happy about that. 

body pump

I increased my body pump weight which proved to leave me sore later in the week.  After work I did a little bit of core work since I wasn’t able to stay for CXworks class that morning. 

Thursday: 4 miles and running drills

Made it outside to run for the first time in 9 days! This run would have been awesome if I wasn’t super paranoid the whole time. I did a thorough warm-up inside, and then did some running drills to help with form once I got outside. I accidentally stopped my Garmin at one point but I’m pretty sure I ran just under 4 miles.

federal hill

Friday: 30 minutes easy yoga

I really wanted to run again especially because I felt good the rest of the day on Thursday, but I wanted to be smart. I was also sore from BodyPump and knew a day off would only help me more to have a good Saturday run. I really didn’t want to end up with another weekend of no running and no wine

Saturday: 6 miles and core work

My plan was to run for about an hour unless things hurt. The problem with coming back from time off running is that you tend to be hyper-aware of every little thing going on in your body. I had a hard time relaxing but felt pretty good most of the time. After the run my hips felt kind of tight again so the plan is to work that out and hopefully be ready to run again on Monday. 

saturdaySo while I was running I stopped at like mile 4 to take a picture. I took out my phone (which had been at 70% when I left for my run) and opened the camera, and suddenly the phone went black. When I went to turn it back on it said the battery was dead. When I got home and put it in the charger it started up again and was at 68%. The only thing I can think of is that the cold weather caused it to shut down like what has happened to Meredith a few times. And I didn’t even think it was that cold out!

Total: 12 miles

I also planked every day this week but tried to switch things up by adding some movement or doing them on a stability ball. 

This week I tried to focus on doing less. When I am having any sort of running pain issues I tend to go overboard with the prevention stuff like extra core work and last week it was in the forms of barre and yoga and anything else I could think of. While that stuff is great I also need to be making sure I am actually allowing everything to calm down too. Last Sunday I sat down with my Believe Journal and one of my weekly goals was to “do less”. 

I am planning/hoping to post at some point (maybe this week) about what I think is causing me to have some of these ailments. It’s all a guess at this point between what I have learned from my chiro and everything I have read about on the trusty ‘ol internet. However, I do try to focus on reliable sources when reading about this stuff. Landing yourself in a forum where people talk about their life-altering injuries is never helpful. 

Are you off from work today? If so, how are you spending the day?

Do you find yourself doing supplemental workouts when you are injured?  

Do you turn to Dr. Google when you are having aches or pains?

Does your first run back after a break feel really weird? Do you get paranoid/hyper-aware of how you are feeling?

Even if I’m not where I want to be, getting back to running is definitely marvelous🙂

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61 thoughts on “Weekly Recap And Running Updates

  1. Agree that reading about bad injuries is never a good way to get back into running! That being said I think you can learn a lot from the internet if you use it objectively. I am learning where my imbalances are through yoga and honestly some of it is depressing but at least it’s insightful. I hope you continue to feel better this week! And for yoga try doyogawithme.com there are many good vinyasa classes!
    Michele @ paleorunningmomma recently posted…Which Paleo Kid do you Have + Weekend ThingsMy Profile

    • I will need to check that out! I used to use reflection yoga which had really good descriptions so I knew exactly what I was getting into. Yoga is great for noticing imbalances. I prefer the studio because the instructor will adjust me if I try to cheat certain poses like I tend to do:)

  2. Glad to see you back running again! I definitely notice every.little.thing when I’m first coming back from injury but in some ways it’s good because we’re more in tune with our bodies- probably too much! I wish I could get into doing yoga workouts on my own but I have such a hard time relaxing. I need to be at a studio with a class!
    Sarah @pickyrunner recently posted…Oh Hey.My Profile

    • I agree that I don’t relax nearly as well when I do yoga at home! I think this week I may just aim for getting to the studio once and not waste my time trying to do an at home video. I could probably benefit more from 20 minutes of foam rolling and/or stretching!

  3. My phone did the same exact thing a few weeks ago – I definitely think it is because of the cold. Glad to see you are getting back to better terms with running and easing back into it. I agree after being hurt you notice every little twinge – it can make for an agonizing run. Happy Monday!
    Sara @ Lake Shore Runner recently posted…BIG NEWS….My Profile

    • Thanks! I got dry needling today so hoping that clears up anything else that was still lingering! My chiro described my piriformis as feeling “ropey” today, whatever that means, so I have a feeling it was only a matter of time before it started bothering me again. Who knew such a little muscle could cause so many problems!

  4. Yes to all of your questions! Oh, and forums are the WORST.

    Looks like we did a lot of the same exercises this week. I freaking hate clam shells. I think I need to do them with a band though- to make them harder. Yesterday I took a break from all the glue activation stuff so I am back on the train today!

    • Good for you for doing so much glute work! I hate clams too and I also sometimes use a band to make them harder.

  5. I’m glad you’re able to run again! I totally understand coming back from an injury…I seriously think I feel each muscle contraction and it freaks me out haha. I used to go to Dr. Google when I had an injury, but would only make me more upset so I stopped (and I tell all of my friends not to do it!). I think if the pain is serious enough you should just see a doctor/chiro/PT and have them give you a diagnosis so you can rest easy or know how you can fix it [That is just my opinion though!].
    Kate @ The Endorphin Junkie recently posted…New addition, random giftcards, and bonus starsMy Profile

    • I definitely agree! Since i have already been working with a chiro and he tells me its not serious and I can continue to run, it does make me feel better but I still like to do my own research to try to learn more about whats going on:)

  6. First run back always feels so strange! Glad that you are being smart about this, though. The worst is to come back, have it feel strange, and push through only to have more issues down the line. And little breaks are always good for the reasons that you are demonstrating–to get your strength training back on point. I have found that online yoga videos are never much good, honestly. I just do my own thing.
    Susie @ SuzLyfe recently posted…Filled to the Brim (MLK Weekend)My Profile

    • I have been trying to remind myself that even though I am back to running, I don’t need to jump back into 40 mile weeks! Its definitely been good for allowing more time to do other types of workouts. And I am feeling like I may just avoid yoga at home for now as long as I can make it to the studio once a week.

  7. Oh man those forums where people with your same symptoms say “…. and I was never able to run again, but I got into biking which is fun” terrify me! I just don’t have enough padding on the butt to ever get into biking!

    Do you find that planks with movement are easier? When I do mountain climbers when planking I think it should make the plank harder but it makes it easier for me. Maybe it’s just mentally easier because I’m going *something* other than staring at my timer watching the seconds tick by!
    Kristina recently posted…Weekend Running & Stuff!My Profile

    • I dont necessarily think its easier, but it does help the time pass faster! I do things like raise one leg or arm at a time. I have been reading about how its not really beneficial to just hold a plank for 5 minutes straight because you’re likely to lose form. By adjusting your body you challenge your core in different ways (plus I don’t get as bored:))

    • Winter running standards are pretty crazy, huh?! When I ran a few weeks ago with a water bottle I ended up with ice all around the lid where the water had dripped out.Its pretty weird that the phone turns off in the cold!

  8. I’m happy to see that you’re feeling a little better and got to run this week! Hopefully you’re back to feeling good as new this week!
    Running after a break has always felt weird for me. Heck, it even felt weird this week after a day off. Especially when I ran outside for the first time in a week! I have today off in general since I’m still on break. I have to run out to the store, and aside from that and going for a run, I’ll be busy being a couch potato!
    Sam @ The Running Graduate recently posted…Half marathon training 1/12 – 1/18/14My Profile

    • Thank you! I agree that running even feels weird after one day off sometimes!
      Enjoy your day off!

    • I think that researching things on the internet can be helping as long as you don’t find yourself in the wrong places or let it get to you. Otherwise it can leave you feeling pretty upset or hopeless!

  9. It always feels good to get outside when you haven’t been able to in a while. I was outside Saturday and even though the wind wasn’t cooperating, it still felt good to get off the treadmill. I’m also one of those that looks up injuries on Google and then wish I didn’t.
    Lesley recently posted…Monday Musings 1/19My Profile

    • I agree that getting outside for a run can feel really good after not getting out for a while!
      I’ve been learning not to believe everything I read online when it comes to injuries…it can be helpful to a point but not worth getting upset about!

  10. I do the same thing when I have pain, but you tackled the problem much better than I usually do. You had a great week! I need to try some of these barre videos at home. Per your home gym post the other week we started on the conversion of our office this weekend and I’m so excited to have a spot to work out that isn’t in the middle of the living room!
    Salt recently posted…NJ Marathon Training Week 4 RecapMy Profile

    • That’s really exciting! I hope your home gym comes out great! I am usually not smart at all about running injuries but I think with in being a new year and all Im trying to not totally screw myself out of all the races I want to do. Hopefully it works!

    • Not sure why our phones have such a hard time in the cold! I’ve heard that doyogawithme.com has good videos but I definitely prefer going to the studio for yoga classes!

    • Haha yup I think when you’re sidelined its just way to tempting to google it but I usually regret it too when it tells me something I don’t want to see. I guess the good thing is that usually my injury isn’t as bad as the internet says. I’ve been trying to stick to helpful running websites and that seems to make the information a little more useful and reliable.

  11. I’m glad to see that you are back to running but being smart about it. The first few runs after an injury I worry about every step! You had a great week and I REALLY need to do a Barre class, I am dying to try it out!! I’m working today but its pretty nice because the office is so quiet! Enjoy your day and have a great week!
    Sara @ lifebetweenthemiles recently posted…Weekly Wrap UpMy Profile

    • I really want to try barre at a real studio! Its probably much harder than the DVDs or online videos that I do. Enjoy your quiet day at the office!

    • That’s weird about your garmin…I don’t think Ive ever had that happen!
      OH I want to jump back into running too! its so hard to build up slowly. I think by talking about it on my blog so much its held me accountable. I don’t want to write about how I was hurt and then ran a 50 mile week and ended up hurt again:)

    • Thanks! I would probably run every day and do nothing else if I had my way, but I know in order to get/stay healthy I need to do other stuff as well!

  12. A weekend without running or wine would be my worst nightmare. As far as work goes? I’m a stay-at-home mom (just gave my notice to the physio clinic that I won’t be coming back after mat leave) so my day is filled with kid chaos (the best kind). So you can see why I’d die without wine or running.
    Suzy recently posted…Mileage MondayMy Profile

    • I completely understand! Its great that you can be home with your kids but I don’t doubt that its extremely stressful!

    • I really need to get into doing kettlebells! They have them at my gym but I never use them because I don’t really know what to do with them. Maybe if I got some for home I wouldn’t be as nervous to try some different exercises:)

    • It can definitely plant ideas! The good thing is that usually the internet makes it sound worse than it is so when the pain goes away in a couple of days I am always really grateful! I’m also glad that I am also working with a medical professional and not just relying on the internet or I probably would have gone crazy!

  13. I don’t have the day off so I’m in the office today and very jealous of my teacher boyfriend who is probably sitting on the couch right now lol. You manage to get in so many workouts during the week I’m always amazed. I know you run in the morning, but do you strength train/do yoga at night? How do you squeeze it all into your day?

    • I go to yoga classes after work (usually just once a week). Sometimes Ill do core work after my run in the morning or if I don’t have time i will try to do it in the evening. Getting all of it done is a big reason why I meal plan/prep:) The body pump class I take is at 6am so I will get to the gym early and run before class and then I am done with my workout by 7.

  14. Love all the variety! I need to focus on incorporating more core work into my weeks instead of trying to do it all on one day.

    Unfortunately, I still have work today but I decided to work from home to ease into the week. Definitely could be worse!

    Hope you feel better soon, and I’m curious to hear what you find out about your ailments.
    Jess recently posted…Run the Bluegrass Training Week 6My Profile

    • I think that doing a little bit of core work every day has helped to make it more of a habit.
      I hope you have (or had) and a nice easy day working at home! Have a great week!

  15. I’m totally guilty of googling all my aches and pains – and self-diagnosing even though I have zero medical training. So awesome you got back out there – hope next week is even better!

    • Thanks! I think we all do it even though we know its a bad idea. But how can we just sit around doing nothing? Since i have worked with so many pts/chiros etc I feel like I had a pretty good sense of information regarding injuries that is practical vs total BS.

  16. Yep, I’m guilty of turning to Dr. Google too. Every little thing usually ends up with surgery being the outcome. If that was the case, I would have probably been under the knife like a billion times by now 🙂 I feel like our hips must be on the same page, unfortunately! My chiro does help, but then then things get all out of whack pretty quickly, so I haven’t gone for a while. Right now it’s to the point where I can get in a nice easy run with no problems and really only bothers me after, but I’m still not doing any sort of speed work while doing pt exercises really carefully so I don’t aggravate it further. It seems to be very slowly on the mend since I’m being smart with things, but it is frustrating to not being able to just run how you want to, so I feel your frustration! I’m just over running through things. I’ve liked to think I’ve learned my lesson and I’m hoping I can stay smart throughout the whole year and not just this month ha. I really hope your runs go well for you this week!
    Hailey recently posted…4 Q’sMy Profile

    • It definitely sounds like we are on the same page! I find that when I go to my chiro every week I stay healthy, but thats just not practical for the long term! I also think that it helps with it being January and I am trying to get the year off to a good start and set myself up for a successful year. But after a certain amount of time dealing with the same thing and not getting better I usually say ‘screw it’ and just run whatever I want. I know I shouldn’t do that this time!

    • Sounds like a great day! I know I shouldn’t believe what I read on google. I try to use it for constructive purposes like understanding the underlying causes of injury or learning new exercises to help prevent it from happening again!

  17. I’ve been having this weird pain in my lower right abdomen lately and turned to Dr. Google the other day. It freaked me out so much I shut it right off! The internet can make me hypochondriac!
    Giselle recently posted…Funky MondayMy Profile

    • Oh I bet! For something like that you will definitely find things that you don’t want to see.

    • It sounds like the silver lining for those who worked yesterday was no traffic and a quiet office! I really think changing up the planks helps alot- it makes the time pass faster and makes it more challenging so you don’t have to hold them as long!

  18. I’m glad you were able to get some runs in!
    I never do yoga outside of class. I feel like it’s very boring alone, & I like being able to see the instructor do the poses in real life. Maybe I’m just partial to my instructor though 🙂
    Have you done CXworks before? They have it at my gym, but I’ve never really considered any classes besides body pump, spinning & yoga.

    • That’s awesome! Its such a good feeling to be back but it can definitely be scary to start back up!

  19. So glad you get to run again! That’s very good news! When I first started running again after my foot pains last month, I was so paranoid with every little step. Running didn’t feel normal to me! It was a little frustrating at first, but after a few runs, I was able to forget about my foot again.
    Charissa recently posted…Training update (1/12 – 1/18)My Profile

    • I know exactly what you mean! Its good that we are listening to our bodies but also stressful to constantly be wondering how much is too much.

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