Weekly Recap and a Long Run Workout

Whenever I get my weekly recap up on Saturday it makes me feel like I am winning at life. (Since lately they’ve only been done every few weeks). This weekend is the first relaxing one in awhile…so I’m taking advantage of having lots of time post long run to foam roll, sit around in my sweaty clothes, and blog.

Week of 7/13-7/19:

Sunday: Rest

Monday: 4.2 miles easy (9:38 pace) I started wearing my HRM again this week and goal was to keep the heart rate below 150. PM: Body Pump

sunrise1 (1)

Tuesday: 30 min swim session, PM- Reflexion Yoga


Wednesday: 5.1 miles (8:07 pace) 1 mile easy, 4 at tempo pace

end of run

Thursday: 6 miles (8:56 pace) Hill Repeats- first hill I ran wasn’t steep enough- did 4 repeats there then moved to a bigger hill and did 3 more PM: Body Pumpdownhill 




Friday: 30 min swim


Saturday: 10 miles (8:43 pace) Long run workout (see below)

long run


I changed things up a bit this week, and I was happy I did. I only ran 4 days but still upped my mileage to 25, which felt good. My Wednesday and Thursday runs were different but not too hard, and it was nice to do something besides a slow easy run. I was actually really excited for this morning’s long run, which I haven’t felt in at least a month.

marathon focused long run workout

I wanted to add some faster paces in to break up the run and get my legs moving faster. The workout looked like this:

2 mile warm up

4 x 5 minutes at tempo pace with 2 minute recovery in between

7 minutes easy

3 miles at marathon goal pace

1 mile cool down

I don’t really know what marathon goal pace is yet, but I I figured I would aim for about 8:30 or so. I didn’t think I could hold those mgp miles at the end, but I pushed through. The humidity definitely did not help things today.  As you can see the first “tempo” segment was pretty far off, and it took some time to get my legs moving at the pace I was aiming for. My legs were toast at the end…its been awhile since I had that feeling and it felt good.


Now I should actually go take a shower and try to get this huge knot out of my hair- the #1 sign of a humid run. Have a great Saturday!

How was your running/workouts this week?

Ever throw a workout into your long run?

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13 thoughts on “Weekly Recap and a Long Run Workout

    • It definitely kept me distracted from how long I was running for, and kept me focused on each interval! I think that’s why the 3 miles at the end were the toughest, since if was for so long.

    • Oh wow, I feel like swimming is such a tough workout! Haha. I am dying after each lap, and the most I can swim for is 30 minutes. And that’s with breaks.

  1. Looks like a great long run and a good week, too! I accidentally threw a hill workout in my long run yesterday. It really wasn’t too bad of a surprise, actually. I am out of town and I guess I should have paid more attention to the elevation chart on Map My Run. The biggest hill ended up being a 200 ft. incline approx!!! I am really sore today, but I am proud that my paces aren’t really that much slower than last week with the hills. I didn’t stop after any of them and actually practiced my hill recovery running. I have to be ready for that hill on Sweet Briar for the Philly Marathon!
    Amy recently posted…New Workout Clothes! – tasc PerformanceMy Profile

    • That hill will only make you stronger! But it sounds like a monster- way to push through!

  2. Awesome week!!! That long run workout sounds fun! That is my favorite part about training for longer distances. It usually goes by faster than normal and I always feel so accomplished afterwards :). I have no idea what my marathon goal pace is either…I think I have to do another half before I get a better idea. Since I’m new to reading your blog, I wanted to ask, is there a specific marathon you’ll be training for? :)
    Hailey recently posted…ARR summer series #4 5k recapMy Profile

    • Yes I’m going to be training for the Philadelphia marathon at the end of November! So I have a little more time before I need to jump into training. It will be my 5th marathon and my second time running Philly…it was the first marathon I did in 2011 and I loved it, which is why I chose that course again!

    • It’s nice to change up the long run every once in a while. My last training plan had me doing 8-12 miles at marathon pace in the middle of my long runs and I felt like mentally it helped me feel like I could hold that pace during the marathon (even though I didn’t….but there was many reasons for that) and I was able to look forward to the cool down miles at the end.

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