Weekly Recap And Marathon Goals

I wasn’t planning to do a weekly recap post from last week’s training, but then I figured it may be worth sharing. Not a lot of pictures, since there were only two runs that happened…although I should have taken pictures of all the wine that was consumed. 😉

weekly workout recap

Monday: Hip and core exercises

Tuesday: Strength training

Wednesday: 3 miles


Thursday: Hip and core exercises, 20 minutes easy yoga

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 5 miles, foam rolling


Sunday: Foam rolling

Total: 8 miles

route 66 goals

I guess now is as good of a time as any to start talking about my marathon goals. These are just my initial thoughts (and they are very general)- 16 weeks is a long time so I will probably have more specific goals as I get closer to the race.

1. Stay healthy- This one is pretty obvious and self-explanatory, right?

2. Run a strong and smart race- I was really happy with how I ran in Philly, and I would like to do the same thing this time around. I think this is one of the biggest challenges with racing a marathon, with it being such a long race. I’ve also heard that this is a hilly course, so proper pacing will be even more important.

3. Enjoy the training- It’s supposed to be fun! I typically enjoy marathon training, and I don’t want this time around to be any different. I am already excited to be back at it, although it’s still only week 1.

4. Learn from my coach- This is the first time I have had a coach, so it will be interesting to see how it affects my training. I am looking forward to having someone with more coaching experience and knowledge guide me through this process. 

5. Hit my goal time- right now that is looking like it will be 3:40. Even though I wanted to go for a BQ this year, that would be a bit ambitious based on my current fitness. I don’t want to run myself into the ground focusing on speeds that are too fast, and my coach recommended that 3:40 was a good place to aim for. This would be a 6 minute PR and put my just 5 minutes away from a BQ,which I could focus on next year. 

Tuesdays on the Run

I’m linking up with AprilPatty, and Erica for Tuesdays on the Run!

If you are training for a race right now, what are some of your goals?

How do you decide on your goal time?

Do you enjoy the process of marathon training?

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26 responses on Weekly Recap And Marathon Goals

    1. Agreed! I think as it gets closer and the work has been put in it makes sense to focus on different goals so you don’t feel let down if you don’t meet your A goal…but I do think the whole process is about much more than just the finishing time.

    1. Thats a good goal! I don’t usually have that problem in longer races but its definitely been a problem in shorter races.

    1. Its weird because I think now that I broke 4 hours I just want to get more comfortable racing marathons but I’m not feeling like I need to BQ right now, because I hope to do plenty more marathons to reach that goal. But who knows how I will feel as the races gets closer!

  1. Great goals. I think you can nail 3:40!
    My fall marathon goal is A. To qualify for Boston B. To beat my previous (and only) marathon time C. (Pie in the Sky) hit a marathon pace in the 3:30-3:35 range….
    Looking forward to following your training!
    cheryl recently posted…Recovery for a double run.My Profile

  2. Woohoo! So excited to start following your training! I agree that the most important goal is to get to the start line healthy. I have some ambitious goals for NYCM but I’m not quite sure if they’re attainable yet. I’m waiting until the end of August (8 weeks out) to finally see what is a stretch goal and what is realistic. I love marathon training, especially the build up to longer runs… the mental toughness is what keeps bringing me back to this distance.
    Jamie recently posted…Tried It Tuesday – ISTJ-TMy Profile

    1. I think it makes sense to wait a bit to really nail down a goal time. And yes, its all about mental toughness!

  3. I’m so excited for you, Lisa! Sounds like you are on the right track to a great race this year; you have made some really smart goals, I think. I will begin “true” marathon training next month; I have no idea what to shoot for, in terms of a time goal, this time around so I’m hoping my coach will help me with that, too. Can’t wait to follow along in your journey!!
    Tara @ Running ‘N’ Reading recently posted…2015 White River 4 Mile ClassicMy Profile

    1. I’m sure you coach will be able to help you based on your recent race times! Can’t wait to see how things go for you as well!

  4. Awesome goals! I can totally see you hitting 3:40! While I know I shouldn’t really have time goals for my first marathon, I’d love to finish under 5 hours. Mostly because 5 hours is a long time to run, and a long time for my friends to wait for me after they’re done the half. But really I just want to finish healthy!
    Sam @ See Sam Run recently posted…Montreal Monday, Eh?My Profile

  5. I think this is so smart! You are right – 16 weeks is a long time and who know what you’ll be thinking as fall comes and you get some weeks under your belt.
    I think you can totally run 3:40 and have fun doing it!
    So exciting!!
    Natalie recently posted…Weekend Update!My Profile

    1. Thanks! It’s really hard to be too specific at this point..I will definitely have to see how it goes once I really get into the training!

    1. Haha! That would be interesting….If I could be organized enough to keep track of it one week that would be a fun way to recap the week:)

  6. How is it going with your coach? I think 3:40 is a great goal, afterall you don’t want to get reinjured! I’m hoping for a 28 minute PR. I’d like to hit the 4 hour mark. It’s still slightly early to tell if that will be doable but once I get some longer runs in I think I’ll be able to get a good idea. Fingers crossed for both of us!
    Sue @ This Mama Runs for Cupcakes recently posted…Chelsea Collective: A first of its kind Women’s Fitness BoutiqueMy Profile

  7. Glad to see you’re getting ready for another marathon after a tough start to the year! You have great goals – not only for where you are right now, but I think taking each cycle as a learning experience is important too, whether you have a coach or not.
    I didn’t enjoy marathon training until this past spring. When I finished Baltimore back in 2013, I figured I’d just run Boston, then go back to shorter races for a while. Then something clicked this spring, and I was loving long slow distance. It’s nice to see what everyone else was talking about when they referred to loving the marathon and marathon training :)
    Amber recently posted…Training Check InMy Profile

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