Weekly Recap And A Wedding Weekend

Before I get into this week’s recap, I just wanted to remind everyone that Wednesday June 3rd is National Running Day! I am planning to write a post about why I run, and I encourage others to do the same! You can click here to make your own customizable “Why I Run” bib. I was also thinking of adding a link-up to my post on Wednesday so we can all read each others’ posts about why we run. Let me know if you would be interested so I can decide if its worth hosting a link-up or not! You can check out my post from last year here.

Ok, so on to today’s post!

I’m sitting here in a hotel lobby writing this post wondering how in the world another week has gone by and how it is the last day in May! June is one of my favorite times of year, so I am hoping to be able to really slow down and enjoy it. I’m planning to recap the month of May tomorrow!

weekly recap 5.24.15

Here’s how last week’s workouts looked:

Sunday: 90 minutes hot yoga

Monday: 6.23 miles

mondayTuesday: 4 miles with 2 minutes hard, 1 minute easy


Wednesday: 15 minutes elliptical, BodyPump, CX WORX


Thursday: 4.34 miles with hills


Friday: Iron Strength Workout and 2 miles easy


Saturday: 7 miles- I followed Meredith’s workout idea from Friday. The plan was to do 3 miles of negative splits, then a recovery mile, then 3 more miles of negative splits. The only problem was that my recovery mile was on a downhill so I went faster than I needed to (although it still felt really easy) and mile 6 was a long, steep uphill so it felt harder than any other mile! Still a great workout though, and it flew by!


Did I mention I did this run at 4:30am? I had to be ready to drive with my family to NY for a wedding by 6:30am. Not ideal, but I will do what I have to do to get my run in!


Sitting in a car for four hours is not an ideal way to recover from a hard workout, but at least I had my compression socks. (If it wasn’t bad enough that I dressed like that in the car, then I had to go and talk about my headlamp. Even though my family knows I am a crazy runner I can always find new ways to surprise them.)

Total: 24 miles

So, the reason for the road trip was to celebrate a wedding! My dad’s brother’s wife’s brother (did you follow that?) was getting married on Long Island on Saturday afternoon so we headed up there for a quick visit. Rob was still in Florida visiting his dad, so he wasn’t able to come (he booked his trip before knowing about the wedding) so I went with my parents, sister, and her boyfriend. 


The wedding was held at Harbor Link’s golf course and there couldn’t have been better weather for an outdoor wedding!


The beautiful bride!

walking out

The ceremony was perfect- their cousin was the officiant and made it very personal. Close family members participated in telling a “love story” as a way to lead up to the vows. It was a very special celebration!

lisa and katie





I’ll tell you this- drinking wine during the day is exhausting! Well, there was also champagne and sangria so it’s really no surprise. On Saturday night we hung out with my family for a bit before heading back to the hotel and crashing by 9pm. It was a long day but really fun! I have two more weddings in June- it’s definitely that time of year!

How often do you go to weddings?

How were your workouts last week?

Ever incorporate a “workout” into your long run?

Would you join a link-up on Wednesday to share a post about why you run? (Or any other day over the next week)

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72 responses on Weekly Recap And A Wedding Weekend

  1. He wedding looks gorgeous and you’re a rock star for not only running at 4:30 but doing a workout! I’m going to try the same thing tomorrow, but good point about making sure the route isn’t hilly :) I’d love to try hot yoga but I’m also scared to being that I’m a wimp with all things involving heat!

    1. I started with 60 minutes of hot yoga, and worked my way up from there! Good luck with the run tomorrow; it’s definitely a good one!

  2. Two years ago National Running Day fell on my birthday- it was special for me lol. I love that you tried my workout, I think I will do it again tomorrow! Love it…Can’t believe you were here and so super close! I used to live near Harbor Links! The weather was perfect on Saturday and looks like you had a really nice time :) Next time we will figure out a way to say hi!
    meredith @ The Cookie ChRUNicles recently posted…Oatmeal Cookie Recipe & Skoop Giveaway!My Profile

    1. Harbor Links was so nice and I have never been there before! My weekends in NY are always so busy, and I’m usually at the mercy of whoever is driving (usually my dad).
      The workout was really fun and made the run go by so quickly!

    1. Yes, but I always feel better about sitting in the car all day after running vs skipping the workout!

    1. Thanks! And yes, a wedding and wine is a great way to follow up a good run:)

    1. Thank you! I only found out about National Running Day for the first time last year. Its a fun holiday to celebrate:)

    1. Wedding season is great! It can get tiring after a while though. So exciting that yours is getting so close!

  3. My workouts last week were “meh” followed by an okay race. I have never tried to add speedwork into my long run because it’s normally hard enough for me to be upright by the end of them! I don’t go to weddings often. I’m going to my first wedding this summer that’s not a family member. I’m in the bridal party and can’t wait!
    I will totally join in on Wednesday!
    Sam @ The Running Graduate recently posted…Running 5/25 – 5/31/2015My Profile

    1. That will be so much fun! I’m getting to the end of my group of friends getting married…just as few more to go!

  4. What a gorgeous day for a wedding, and a beautiful wedding at that! I know what you mean, weddings can be exhausting with the all day drinking, but I love them, as long as the ceremonies and receptions are fun and full of energy. But it is kind of like, once you’ve done your own wedding, you want to compare to everyone else’s and see how things are different!
    Susie @ SuzLyfe recently posted…Marathon Coaching + Healthy Snacks On the Go Giveaway!My Profile

    1. I feel like now I have been to so many weddings that I end up comparing them all so much. In a way I am glad mine is over because I keep seeing these new cute ideas and I would have ended up spending way too much if I knew about them before I got married!

  5. Awesome job on that workout! I am hoping to get back into making a conscious effort of pacing during my runs in July when I start back up with training. I honestly don’t know what happened, but when I left college and turned 24, my stamina for day drinking absolutely disappeared. You should be proud to have made it until 9! Haha. Hope you have an awesome Monday!! : )
    Jamie recently posted…Marvelous Monday 6/1My Profile

    1. I used to be able to drink during the day and then continue into the night…not anymore! Now I get way too tired!

    1. I would much rather be up and moving around after a run. But at least I was able to walk around and stand up as much as I wanted later in the day at the wedding!

    1. Day drinking makes me so tired too! I have 3 more weddings this year, which I think will be the perfect amount without getting too burnt out:)

  6. Day drinking EXHAUSTS me. I have never been able to do it! WHen I go to all day country concerts with my friends, I’ll probably only be able to have one beer among my 9 waters. Otherwise I’m down for the count by 7! I’m so impressed that you got up that early to run before you left for the wedding…that is some impressive dedication!! :)

    I love the hill picture…great work! I have a hill similar to yours that I run on and it is a killer workout!!

    I would do a link post to your blog! :) I keep forgetting about National Running Day-So exciting!!! :) :)
    Nicole@thegirlwhoraneverywhere recently posted…Mileage, 5/25-5/31My Profile

    1. I do much better with drinking beer than wine during the day. Except beer fills me up and I end up feeling kind of gross.
      I guess you can say Im learning to embrace the hills…they aren’t getting any easier though:)

    1. I just recently started adding the yoga back in and I really love it! I wish I had more time for it though. The classes during the week are a little too late for my liking, so I can only make it to the weekends classes when I don’t have too much else going on.

  7. The weather looks gorgeous for a wedding. I won’t be running on Wednesday because I see my chiro that day. That’s one appointment I can’t skip since he’s part of the team keeping me together.
    Lesley recently posted…Coppola WineryMy Profile

    1. That makes sense, and in a way that is how you are setting aside time for your running, because indirectly you are helping yourself to run better moving forward:) Hopefully you can find another day to celebrate this week:)

  8. I’m with you about how fast the week went by! I think I’d be interested in a link up on Wednesday for Nat . Running Day. It will be my first one as a blogger so that would be neat! I also am the crazy runner that my family doesn’t understand about running and I would get up at 4:30 to get my run in if I had too. The wedding looked amazing and your so cute, love the dress btw! Have a great week!
    Tricia@MissSippipiddlin recently posted…Weekend Update 6.1.15My Profile

    1. Glad you can relate to being the crazy runner in the family:) And I hope you can join in the link-up on Wednesday!

  9. Those 2 min easy/2 min hard intervals are gooders. I find them tough but not debilitating. Wine all day long? Yes please! I don’t like weddings but I could certainly handle drinking. 😉 Looks like a beautiful wedding and a fun weekend! Hope you’re recovering from that 4:30am run! YIKES!
    Suzy recently posted…Mileage MondayMy Profile

    1. I got to sleep in a bit on Sunday so that helped me recover from the 4am wake up. You know I love my wine but I just can’t handle drinking all day long anymore!

  10. Wow you certainly had a long day on Saturday! Day drinking is fun, but does make for a sleepy Sara. I’ve never tried to do a workout on a long run, but it might make for a more fun run, especially on the trail where it can get a little monotonous. I’ll definitely join in on a link up (I’m doing another link up on Nat’l Running Day already, but I think I can link up with you too)
    Sara recently posted…Tales from Another Mother Runner Book PartyMy Profile

    1. I think sometimes I forget about the option of adding a workout to a long run, and it does help pass the time faster. Hopefully you can join the link-up on Wednesday!

    1. I had a ton of weddings in 2013, and then only one in 2014, and now I am back to it again! I have 3 more this year and already 2 lined up for next year. They are so much fun, but all the traveling does get to me.

    1. I had a ton of weddings in 2013 and then only 1 last year! I think I am getting to the end of my group of friends getting married…there are only a handful left so maybe they will spread out a little bit more now. If I take a nap in the middle of day drinking then I am probably not getting up again:)

    1. I am already feeling like this week is going to feel slower…but Im taking off on Friday to got to Arkansas so at least I have another short week. Im sure working 5 days next week will feel terrible!

    1. I think I am getting to the end of my group of friends getting married now! Hope that you will join in the link up on Wednesday!

    1. Yay for June! And weddings are so fun, but can get expensive after a while. Its nice when they’re spread out a little.

    1. Thank you! The venue was gorgeous, and they definitely lucked out with the weather!

    1. Weddings really are so much fun, and its great that you have another to look forward to this summer! I love when I can get to the studio yoga classes, but it can be tough to fit them into my schedule. You know I love the Les Mills classes:)

  11. Nice work on the 4:30 am workout! It always feels so good when it’s done! :)
    Looks like such a fun wedding and a nice way to spend the weekend.
    We haven’t been to a wedding in a while – I love getting dressed up and it’s like a perfect date night.
    Happy June! Happy Monday!
    Natalie recently posted…Grilled Bread And Heirloom Tomato SaladMy Profile

  12. Haha I did have to read that a few times to find out who’s wedding you went to :).

    Their wedding locations looks gorgeous and her hair was cute. I love your dress too! That has to be my favorite spring/summertime color.

    Just this past year, I started incorporating a little tempo running at the end of some of my long runs. It’s fun to change it up and goes by so quick, which can be really nice during the warmer months. Makes me have something to focus on towards the end rather than just getting done! :)
    Hailey recently posted…Arizona summer series 1 recap 2015My Profile

    1. I agree about the tempo running. I also incorporate them more during summer runs for some reason! It definitely distracts me from the miles.

  13. Awww I love weddings! Is that your mom in the coral dress with white belt? It’s such a pretty dress! I love your dress and necklace too – such pretty ladies!
    Kristina recently posted…VersatilityMy Profile

    1. Thank you! I am also getting to the point where weddings are slowing down and now my friends are starting to have babies. I do still have several more weddings to look forward to though!

    1. Thank you! I loved it except that the top clip kept coming undone. Kind of annoying but next time I will just pin it!

  14. You had a GREAT training week last week, Lisa – congrats! This looks like such a beautiful wedding ceremony; mostly, though, I love your dress – ha! I’m glad y’all enjoyed it. I totally agree with you about wine drinking during the day feeling exhausting; I just want to curl up and take a nap. I’m glad I’m not the only one. Hope you’ve had a great week and I can’t wait to hear all about your weekend!
    Tara @ Running ‘N’ Reading recently posted…National Running Day 2015!My Profile

    1. Wine drinking during the day makes me exhausted- Im better off sticking with a beer unless I can squeeze in a nap:)

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