Weekend Updates- Friends, Family, and Billy Joel

I’m back from a few days of barely touching my computer, which always comes as a nice break when that happens! It was a great weekend, although I failed at taking adequate pictures. So I’ll recap as best I can, and save my weekly training recap for tomorrow since this will be a long post as it is!

weekend update

Linking up with Tara for Weekend updates!

On Thursday afternoon my friend Karen drove down from New York, picked me up in Baltimore, and we drove to Northern Virginia to stay with our other friend, Jaclyn. (We all grew up together on Long Island.) We left Baltimore at 4:45 and the traffic was awful. It was after 7 by the time we finally made it. We got a tour of Jaclyn’s new house and the grabbed dinner while catching up on life. Karen is engaged, and Jaclyn is expecting her first baby in September, so there was lots to talk about!

old pic

Since I didn’t take any pictures from the weekend, here is an old picture with my friends. Jaclyn is second from the right in the top row, and Karen is second from the left in the bottom row.

On Friday morning I woke up super early (no surprise there) and headed out for a run around the neighborhood. Jaclyn has this awesome sunroom off the back of her house and I laid out there for a while after my run until we were all ready to head back to Baltimore.


Before we left, Karen gave Jaclyn and I gifts to open- which turned out to be a card asking us to be her bridesmaids along with a cute mug and nail polish! We were so excited and honored!


After some more traffic, we made it back, and headed to my community pool. We hung out there for a few hours, and headed back to my place to get ready for dinner. 

Karen wanted to have some crabs while in Maryland, so we did some research and decided to go to Bluestone. (We wanted to go to the inter harbor, but didn’t want to risk the possibly of more traffic). We had a great dinner and Karen got to enjoy some crab cakes! After dinner we had another drink at home and called it a night. 

compression socks

Jaclyn tested out some pro compression socks and loved them!

On Saturday morning Rob and I headed out for runs and my friends woke up as we were getting back. We hung out a little more before they hit the road. Then we got some errands done before it was time for part 2 of the weekend- Billy Joel!


My sister and I met our parents down in the city and were planning to grab dinner before the concert, but there was a lot going on that day and we couldn’t find anywhere to eat without a wait. So after almost an hour of walking around, we ended up eating at the stadium. There were alot of logistical frustrations, but by 8pm we were in our seats with a beer in hand ready for the show.


We didn’t know who was opening, but it ended up being Leann Rimes and she was pretty good. Billy Joel came on at 9, and did an amazing job. This was the third time (at least?) I have seen him and I am always amazed how I can know so many songs by one artist. We had field seats and everyone down there stood for the entire show. My feet were killing me by the end of the night!

billy joel 2

billy joel

And here’s a video of part of “We Didn’t Start the Fire” if you are interested!

So now it’s Sunday night, and I’m pretty exhausted from such a busy but fun weekend!

How was your weekend?

How often do you go to concerts?

Are you still in touch with your friends from childhood?




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12 responses on Weekend Updates- Friends, Family, and Billy Joel

  1. Billy is my all time favorite! (Shocker lol). I feel like we all have to love him because he’s a local hero but he really is the best!! We didn’t start the fire is one of my faves, I used to sing it to my son as a newborn when he was up all night crying because concentrating on the words kept me sane. Uptown Girl is my other all time fave but you are right, he has so many hits it’s amazing how we know all of the songs. Glad you had an awesome time!
    meredith@ Cookie ChRUNicles recently posted…Summer Weekend RecapMy Profile

  2. I am still in touch with my friends from growing up, however I am closest with my friends from high school. Billy Joel sounds like an incredible concert and I would love to go some day! So glad you had a great weekend with friends an family. Hope you have a fabulous Monday!
    Jamie recently posted…#MIMM Where I Did NothingMy Profile

  3. I’m that way with Jimmy Buffett concerts. I’ve been to 7 and I know so many of his songs. I would love to go to a Billy Joel concert though. I realized I need to move more of his songs on my new iPhone because the 6 doesn’t sync up with my whole library.
    Lesley recently posted…Monday Musings 7/27My Profile

  4. What a fun weekend! I feel like I’m at that age where all of my friends are getting married and having babies, so it’s always a great excuse to get everyone together for showers and celebrations. One of my high school friends is expecting and another is engaged, so we will have plenty of parties coming up!
    Maddie @ Dixie Runs recently posted…Weekend Recap!My Profile

  5. You had a pretty epic weekend! It seems like there were so many concerts in the past couple days but I guess it is summertime… I’m glad you got to enjoy time with your friends- too bad the traffic was so bad. I was really happy I got out of work early Friday so I could beat most of the traffic heading to DC/NoVA. I’m so impatient when it comes to driving ha
    Sarah @pickyrunner recently posted…A new milestoneMy Profile

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