Weekend Update and Last Week’s Workouts

Another {snowy} weekend has come and gone. I’ve probably said it before and I’m sure I’ll say it again: Baltimore does not do a good job of handling snow. I don’t know who is to blame but Saturday was a complete mess. We had just experienced a few days of single-digit temps and sub-zero wind chills, so that didn’t help as the roads were already so cold. It didn’t seem like any roads were pre-treated and SO many people seemed to be out on the roads despite warnings to stay inside. But I’m getting ahead of myself…let’s back up and talk a bit about the weekend. 


On Friday schools were closed so I was back at my office working again for the second time that week. The temperature was feeling like -20 and so many Baltimore City schools are not properly heated, and alot of kids walk to school. I was really surprised that schools were closed (it was the first time they closed this year) but I think it was the right decision. 

I was able to make it to a hot yoga class after work. It’s a little tricky getting there after the school day because I need to leave the city right at 4pm. I am usually able to leave school at 4 but sometimes the busses are late. So this week I knew I could leave the city in time so signed up using ClassPass. (affiliate link) I love hot yoga when it’s cold out! 

I also came home from work to a very exciting package! I won a Vivofit from Lindsay and it was delivered on Friday afternoon! I’m still figuring it out but I’m curious to see how much I walk around on days when I don’t run. 


On Saturday I woke up and decided to just head out and do my run rather than trying to wait for it to warm up. It was 13 degrees but felt like 5…which was much warmer than the day before! I had heard that it was supposed to snow in the afternoon, and we wanted to get groceries and see our house before the roads got bad. 


I ran 10 miles along the harbor and was home, showered, and fed by 9:00am. I had ordered groceries online (wanting to avoid the grocery store with the snow coming!) so I picked those up while Rob finished up his run and got ready. 

Around 10:30 we headed up to see the house. (We have floors and kitchen appliances now!) and out of nowhere the snow started. By the time we were ready to drive home the roads were slippery and the snow was coming down hard. My phone had said the snow wouldn’t start until 1, it was kind of crazy how bad it got at 11:30. Rob was willing to drive (I get so nervous driving in the snow) and what should have taken 20 minutes took about an hour. The windshield wipers kept accumulating ice and we had to pull over twice to clean them off. It was bad then and I’m sure it just got worse as the day went on.


Once we made it home safely we stayed inside for the rest of the day! I started my meal prep and then put on my pajamas and curled up on the couch for the rest of the evening. pajamas

Now that we have 8+ inches of snow that fell on freezing roads which was then coated with a layer of ice/freezing rain, the road and sidewalks will probably be a mess for a few days. How many days until spring?!


Here is a round-up of last week’s workouts:

Sunday: Rest/PT exercises

Monday: AM: PureBarre  PM: Physical Therapy/ 3.5 miles on Alter-G

Tuesday: PT exercises and Strength workout

Wednesday: Physical Therapy/4 miles on Alter-G

Thursday: Pilates class, PT exercises

Friday: AM: Total Body Conditioning Class at Reflex Fitness, PT exercises   PM: 90 minutes hot yoga

Saturday: 10 easy miles, PT exercises

Total: 17.5 miles

There was much less running this week and I took advantage of that by trying out some new classes. Or maybe I didn’t run as much because I was taking more classes? Oh, and I was pretty sore by the end of the week- I think pilates was the culprit.

I’m planning to share a little more about some of the classes I tried in tomorrow’s post!

How was the weather for you over the weekend?

How were your workouts last week?

I’m linking up with Tara for her weekend update link-up!

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64 thoughts on “Weekend Update and Last Week’s Workouts

    • I’m so jealous of the wether in NZ! Isn’t is amazing how sore a class like pilates can make you?

    • I’ve just been doing the Alter-G at physical therapy…its a great option, especially while dealing with winter weather:)

    • I’m sure Arkansas is worse than Baltimore with snow! I mean we get snow all the time so I’m not sure why they haven’t figure out how to handle it yet.

    • It has been fun to try new classes! Not a schedule I could keep up long-term, but definitely a fun way to change things up while I am running less. And also nice to have some different workout options for when its below zero and icy outside!

    • We like to make Sundays a day where we stay in pajamas as long as possible:) It’s so nice to lay around and be comfortable!

  1. The weather was crazy Saturday! My husband and son were out trying to buy soccer cleats (logically, right?) and got stuck out there for three hours. Like you, though, I got my run in early and stayed in side the rest of the day. I am definitely on spring countdown!
    misszippy recently posted…How to go from base to speedMy Profile

    • Glad everyone made it home safe- it was so crazy on Saturday! March is next week, so that’s gotta mean we’re moving towards warmer weather, right?!

    • I was thinking the same thing about our runs when I read your blog post! Hot yoga feels so good in the winter! I go in the summer too, but its always a bit uncomfortable when you are already warm to then walk into a heated studio. It’s perfect when its cold out!

    • That’s at least good that your area is getting taken care of! No one around here seems to shovel their sidewalks, so those will be a mess for weeks now. This morning I walked to my car to go take a spin class and there was ice everywhere. So over it!

    • The snow came so much earlier than expected I think! And with the way they have been predicting the weather lately I wasn’t really expecting we would get much Maybe you will have more time for yoga this week since there will probably be ice everywhere for a few days:)

    • We actually had some warm weather yesterday which just caused the snow to melt and refreeze tonight…same will happen today because its supposed to get down to 6 degrees! I also wonder why I live where it gets so cold all the time.

  2. How interesting! It never even occurred to me that snow would accumulate on the windshield even though you have your wipers on, but it makes sense. I learn something new every day from you northerners!
    Kristina recently posted…Blazing HotMy Profile

    • Haha, you are lucky that is something you didn’t know about! I don’t think its a very common thing but my wipers seem to suck even though they’ve been replaced recently. My car is really old and for some reason my windshield doesn’t deforest properly either.

    • Hey rain is better than snow/ice right? I will try to share some more pictures when we get some decent ones!
      The other workouts seem to be feeling good, and I had no pain during or after my run on Saturday so I am excited to report that to my PT today! I think as long as I stay in alignment i feel good…the trick is just not doing anything that will mess me up.

    • I am constantly stalking the forecast too! And then I just get depressed every time I see what’s to come….

    • I guess those are some perks to Baltimore but I think I would trade it all for 70 degrees and sunshine:)

  3. I would love to hear your thoughts on the Vivofit (AWESOME prize!). I have an Orbit that I was reviewing in the past, but I’ve grown to hate it. It’s always losing my data so I’m starting to look around at other trackers and the Vivofit is in the lead.

    Hot yoga has become so necessary right now with this cold. I wish I could go to class on Wednesday, but I’ve used up my 3 at CCY in Towson. Great job getting out for that 10 miler! The harbor looks so pretty (and crazy now that it’s covered in ice!) I’m glad you guys made it home safe. The roads got so bad so fast! (Great snow warrior too!)
    Salt recently posted…NJ Marathon Training Week 9 RecapMy Profile

    • So far I love the vivofit! It was easy to start using. Let me know if you have any specific questions about it…my husband has a fitbit so I am trying to compare them and I don’t think there is much of a different. I like that mine displays time, steps, etc on the band.
      I am all out of CCY classes through class pass too:( I wish I could try the bikram studio you talked about but I am too nervous to commit and then have to deal with rush hour traffic to get there and back!

  4. I can’t believe the weather on the East Coast this winter…my parents are in VT, and its some ridiculous below-zero temperature every time I talk to them. I used to feel so hardcore running in the New England winters, but I’ve turned into a huge wimp! Awesome job on your 10 miler!

    I’m curious to hear how you like the vivofit. I study diet and nutrition in a group living in Namibia, and I used fitbits when I was there last summer. I was pretty impressed with them (but haven’t gotten around to testing one on myself).
    Chelsea @ runner’s table recently posted…Porter Chocolate Party Cake with Coconut Cream and Cacao NibsMy Profile

    • So far I really like the vivofit! My husband has a fitbit and I dont think there is much of a difference. My stats are displayed on my band, which I like.
      The winter has been so brutal- definitely worse in the northern parts of the eat coast!

  5. This snow was insane. I got stuck running in it and just decided to go with it rather than turn around and head home, but now the streets are a mess. I went on a 20 minute rant to KBT this weekend about how Baltimore could be so much better about preparing for snow and shoveling the sidewalks. Apparently they didn’t budget enough money to salt/prep the roads though and that’s part of why they got so bad. I’m so tired of the cold but sometimes getting outside for a run is better than running on a treadmill (to me!). Having classpass is definitely really nice though so you have other ways to get in some activity! Hopefully we’re at the end of the storms and cold weather!
    Sarah @pickyrunner recently posted…FlexibilityMy Profile

    • If that’s the case, they never budget enough because since I have lived here they have never done well with the snow! We have snow every single year, so I don’t know why its so difficult to prepare to clean it up.
      It’s definitely been nice to have some classes to go to lately. There will be plenty of time to run when the weather warms up!

  6. I had a good workout week but I’m not sure what I’ll get done this week. We got ice overnight so no work for me today, but we’re not going to get much warmer than 20s, so no melting. Today’s my yoga day so I can do that at any time, but I’ll have to see what happens tomorrow.
    Lesley recently posted…Monday Musings 2/23My Profile

    • I think the worst part is when the temps stay below freezing for days after it snows…it just makes everything worse!

    • The weather really is pretty miserable! Hot yoga has been the perfect workout lately.
      It really is fun to see the house coming together…won’t be too much longer now until it’s all done!

  7. We had snow this weekend too–its getting to the point where we don’t even really notice it because its been so common (which is sad!) I am really over Winter and cannot wait for Spring! Congrats on your house coming along, that is really exciting! I also can’t wait to hear more about the classes you have been taking!!

    • That’s pretty bad that you guys don’t even notice the snow anymore…spring has to be here soon!
      Thanks- the house stuff is really great! Each time we go we see a little bit more progress:)

  8. Our weather has been AMAZING. Our winters are usually full of those grey windy, freezing rain days where the roads are covered in dirty old slushy snow. But we haven’t had one single snowfall. It’s like Spring! All our flowers are blooming already.
    Suzy recently posted…Mileage MondayMy Profile

    • That is pretty amazing! Maybe you are stealing all the good weather because we haven’t had a nice day in months:)

      • Ahh… I didn’t mean for it to come out all braggy. I’m more just incredulous, and I feel really bad for you guys. I hope you have some of your own braggy weather moments soon.
        Suzy recently posted…Mileage MondayMy Profile

        • I didn’t think it was braggy! I hope that you enjoy the weather:) I am hoping that in a few weeks/months I will be able to talk about nice weather too!

  9. Lisa, the weather has been CRAZY, right? I’m so jealous that you can “order” groceries online; we’re not quite that fancy around here, but it would sure make things easier. Sounds like you had a great training week and are doing a great job of keeping up with your PT exercises; now that I’m feeling better I have to really remind myself to keep up with mine. I hope things are going okay up there; I know winter is dumping more stuff on y’all, so stay safe! Thanks so much for linking up with the blog today and I hope you have a good Monday!
    Tara @ Running ‘N’ Reading recently posted…Weekend UpdateMy Profile

    • The grocery thing is pretty great- if only they delivered them too I would be really happy:)
      We are supposed to get some really cold weather tonight…but it looks like after that we may get a little break from the sub-zero temps and snow… Hopefully! The forecast changes constantly so you never really know what you’re in for. Thanks for hosting the link-up!

  10. It’s so snowy still in the Boston area too. We got another 2 inches on Saturday. The roads were ok, but it’s getting really hard to see around the tall snowbanks, which makes driving a little scary. About my workouts—last week I was not very consistent so I’m aiming for just one rest day this week to get my butt back in gear.

    • That’s gotta be rough after all the snow you’ve had! I hate to even complain about our little bit of snow, but it would really help if any of it ever got cleared!

  11. Ok, I must have read this post this morning and thought I had replied to it?! Anyways- hot yoga sounds SO awesome right now with it being so cold outside. I need to suck it up and sign up for a class because I have been avoiding working out anywhere besides the house because..you know..cold. :) But it’s warm in there! And yoga in the snow?! I saw this on the new last night LOL! I don’t know how I feel about that!
    AJ @ NutriFitMama recently posted…Diet, Exercise, and Motivational MondayMy Profile

    • Don’t worry that was the only pose I did in the snow:) I think it would be really challenging…and I’m not really up for being cold and wet.

  12. Great job for braving that cold! I would be terrified to drive in conditions like that, let’s face it, I don’t even like driving in the rain ha. That’s such a fun prize you won! I’ve been thinking of getting a tracker like that, but there’s so many I wouldn’t even know where to start! Do you like it so far?
    Hailey recently posted…Valentine’s Day 2015My Profile

    • I hadn’t been planning to get one for myself (it was one of those things that I thought sounded cool but couldn’t really justify paying for right now) so I hadn’t done andy research or anything. But i did buy my husband a fitbit for Christmas so I was somewhat familiar with that. It was easier to start using than I thought, and you can pay as little or as much attention to it as you want. I do like that it reminds me when I have been sitting for too long! I also like that it links to the same garminconnect app as my watch!

  13. Saturday was cray. It took Brian an hour to get home from Target, which is a 15 minute drive. Then he couldn’t get up our road, so he had to turn around and go farther up 83. Looks like you had a good week of workouts. If I didn’t already have a gym membership, I would so invest in a Class Pass. You ladies are having so much fun!
    Sara recently posted…Frederick Half Marathon Training – Week 3My Profile

    • I agree about the gym membership and class pass. I wish that a standard gym was included so you could use a treadmill or other cardio equipment! I have a gym membership too so once my trial is up I can’t justify paying for class pass. But it was fun to try some new classes!

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