Weekend Things and Weekly Recap

My weeks always feel thrown off when I run on Sunday. But I was still in Arkansas last Sunday and wanted to take advantage of running on the trails there. To make things even more complicated, I ran a 5k yesterday, which meant another week of Sunday running. So my rest day was on Saturday, which felt really strange. However, it was nice to “sleep in” to 6:15 and get alot of errands done during the early part of the weekend!

6.7 to 6.13

Sunday: 7 miles in Arkansas

fayetteville trail

Monday: Iron Strength Workout

Tuesday: 5 miles (Did this 5k tune-up run) and core work


Wednesday: 15 minutes elliptical, Body Pump, CX WORX

Thursday: 3.35 miles easy with hills, core work


Friday: 4.7 miles easy


Saturday: Rest

Total: 20 miles

When I say “rest” on Saturday I actually mean “went grocery shopping, did 2 hours of food prep, and cleaned the entire house”. It takes much longer to clean this place than it took to clean our tiny apartment! We even experimented with the “self-cleaning” function on the oven. Unfortunately we started it a little too late in the day and dinner was pushed back a bit. It looks cleaner, but not perfect, so I’m not sure how often I would use it.

On Sunday morning we ran a 5k…recap to come tomorrow. I’ll just say it was a hot one. After the race we stopped for egg sandwiches on our way home.


We wanted to check out our community pool (it was our first weekend around since it opened) so we went right over there at 11am to beat the crowds. It was way too hot and we only stayed out there for an hour and a half before heading back into the AC.


Do you like my compression socks tan line?

We were somehow hungry again so shared a frozen pizza from Trader Joe’s. I felt like a bottomless pit all day for some reason. (Usually I’m not particularly hungry after a 5k.)


Then I threw on some compression socks laid on the couch for awhile. 


For dinner we made kabobs on the grill and enjoyed some beverages. We were planning to have steak and chicken with peppers, onions, and mushrooms, but somehow I bought turkey instead of chicken. I am still adjusting to doing our grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s and this is not the first time I messed up our food purchase.  They still tasted good anyway!


How were your workouts last week?

Have you ever grilled turkey tenderloins before? (I googled it and apparently it’s not all that uncommon)

Who else has a compression sock tan lines?

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68 thoughts on “Weekend Things and Weekly Recap

    • When you wake up at 4:45 every day during the week its hard to sleep much later than that on the weekends! Its also bright out so early now that the sun definitely wakes me up naturally.

    • With all my traveling I have just realized my weeks will be off for a bit and I’ll have to work around it. We have a Friday wedding this upcoming weekend so there will not be a long run on Saturday morning!

    • When I have the time I definitely enjoy it…plus I know its worth it to make my week easier. I always feel so accomplished when its done!

  1. That frozen pizza looks really good. (wish I could do it, need GF)

    I haven’t had turkey tenderloins in ages, used to eat them all the time. Hadn’t considered grilling them. We’re trying to work through our stock of frozen already-grilled meat before our house move in July, so not grilling much these days.
    M @readeatwriterun recently posted…Weekend Update June 13-14, 2015My Profile

    • Since I run so early I really didnt think the compression sock tan would happen, but I guess it did. I haven’t even been running all that much in my socks so I am kind of surprised by it!

  2. I got a little thrown off by Ragnar, but often my throw-off days come in the middle of the week! Well, I say that, but I never really know what day it is. I have a feeling that Alex and I are going to have to pay someone to clean our real life house. Because if it takes longer to clean than our apartment (which it will), then that will REALLY not happen because we don’t put enough energy into cleaning this place!
    Susie @ SuzLyfe recently posted…Ragnar Chicago Relay Weekend Recap! #mimmMy Profile

    • I would love to get someone to clean for us. I don’t even feel like I do a good job when I do clean! Luckily since our house is new its pretty easy to clean, but I really want to keep everything looking new!

    • We feel that way when we go to church on Sunday morning instead of Saturday night:)

  3. Strong workout week as usual! I used to make turkey tenderloins but haven’t in ages. My training totally changes now that the tri is over it’s all about the Twin Cities Marathon!

    • That is so exciting! Hopefully you will get a little break before you jump back into training again:)

  4. I think the cleaning option is meant for when there are caked in things in the oven, or at least that’s how my mom always used it for. Like once or twice a year she lets it run, then uses an oven cleaner to wipe off the grease and everything. It makes the oven look brand new! :)

    • We did have some stuff on the sides that seemed like it would be hard to clean by hand, and that stuff did come off. I think I would also do it a couple times a year but also clean it on my own a bit.

    • Races like that can definitely mess with our schedules! I think I have figured out how to plan around it, but I am typically such a creature of habit with my workout routine!

  5. I was able to run Saturday which was a nice change of pace from needing to take time off. I have some pretty bad racer back tan lines but no sock tan lines yet. Hope you have a great start to your week and I can’t wait to hear about the 5K!
    Jamie recently posted…Guess Who’s Back, Back Again..My Profile

    • So glad you were able to run on Saturday! I am gradually seeing that my arms and neck are darker than everything else from being in the sun more.

  6. Oh, can’t wait to hear about your race. I love egg sandwiches. And yes, 5k races are hard because you’re pushing so hard! I get hungry like crazy too after shorter races because my body is a furnace all day after running so hard.
    Suzy recently posted…Mileage MondayMy Profile

    • I really love bagels, but I don’t eat them that much anymore and I no longer like them with butter/cream cheese so egg sandwiches are the perfect treat. Glad to hear I’m not the only one who is starving after a short race!

    • I don’t know how I got so crazy but my body rarely lets me sleep past 7 anymore. I am also in bed by 9:30 most nights though:) Sometimes its good to get alot done on a rest day!

    • Good luck with the 5k! I keep telling myself that racing in the heat will only help me when fall comes around.

    • Turkey tips sound really good, I may need to make them sometime! I think even with sunscreen its impossible to avoid some sort of runners tan:)

  7. It’s always interesting to me to see other runners “routines” when it comes to rest days – some take none, some take two a week, some take one, and it’s never really the same day! Mine are Monday and Fridays and when that gets thrown off out of necessity/scheduling, I always feel so weird, so I get how you feel after two Sundays in a row of running when you usually don’t!

    I tend to get a tan from my shorts and my compression socks so basically like 18 inches of my leg is tan only. This weekend I wore spf 50 the whole time I was out in the sun/running so the only tan I got was a “dirt tan line” left when I took my socks off after trail running.
    Brenda @ Don’t Lose the Trail recently posted…Vermont 50 miler training week one – week of 6/8/15-6/14/15 recapMy Profile

    • I also enjoy hearing about how other runners schedule their rest days. For me it always felt natural to rest on Sunday after a Saturday long run, and then if I take a second rest day it will be mid-week. I think we all have a schedule that works and its tough to change that around!

  8. The latest I usually sleep in is 6:30, which means I need a nap both days. I used to hate taking naps but now I love them! And I don’t have compression tan lines but I used to have soccer leg tans all the time.
    Lesley recently posted…Monday Musings 6/15My Profile

  9. It’s funny–I am so opposed to changing my long run day from Sat to Sun that I will jump through hoops to make it work out! I just love knowing on Sat. night that I can relax a bit with food/wine and not have the burden of a long run the next morning. Your weekend looked nice and relaxing, speaking of…
    misszippy recently posted…I make poor marathon choicesMy Profile

    • I feel the same way about the Sunday rest day! However, on the rare days when I do run long or race on Sunday I try to arrange for some relaxing/wine on Sunday night and pretend that the weekend isn’t really ending:)

  10. Lisa, I’m so glad you were able to enjoy some time at the pool – what a great perk to take away some of the stress of cleaning a bigger place – ha! I despise house cleaning…ugh. It doesn’t feel like much of a “rest day,” does it? I love compression socks but, when it starts getting really hot/humid out (like now!), I have to reserve them for recovery. Thanks so much for linking up with the blog today, Lisa; hope your week is off to a great start!
    Tara @ Running ‘N’ Reading recently posted…Weekend UpdateMy Profile

    • Now that its so hot out I have also been wearing my compression socks for recovery, I just cant handle any extra clothes in the summer! I guess the tame lines were already there from a few weeks ago. Thanks for hosting the link up:)

    • Over the past week or two its actually been too hot to run in my socks, so if my calves or feet are sore I just wear them when Im inside.
      My body just doesn’t let me sleep past 7am anymore!

    • Thanks! I always enjoy the Sunday runs when they are happening (and its a nice end to the weekend) but then I feel lost when trying to plan the rest of my workouts for the week!

    • I love grilling! (well, actually I love eating the food that my husband grills, haha).

    • I had to stop running in compression socks this week as it started to get so hot out. Honestly i don’t think I would have been able to peel them off after some of those hot and humid runs!
      5ks are so hard and the heat only makes them a million times worse!

  11. I haven’t gotten the sock tan yet but I have a pretty intense tank top tan going on right now. THB is the absolute best. I eat it every day pretty much ha thanks to my job… It was a HOT weekend for racing so awesome job :)
    Sarah @pickyrunner recently posted…Some weekends…My Profile

    • The egg sandwich was delicious! And I wasn’t putting sunscreen on my legs (I also run super early in the morning) but I guess I need to!

  12. Trader Joe’s frozen pizzas are a staple in our house for days when we get home late and don’t feel like cooking. We recently tried one with kale, sweet potato and butternut squash and it was delicious!

    • The TJs pizza was a great option for a quick lunch- the one you had sounds delicious; I will need to look for that next time!

    • Haha yes I definitely take advantage of my rest days and get as much done as possible! 5ks are so hard but they force me to run faster than I ever would on my own!

  13. The struggle of “sleeping in.” Ha. I know I had woken up over the weekend a little before 6:30 on my rest day and by 8, I was like wow it’s still so early!! At least it leaves more time to do things? :). I don’t think I’ve ever had turkey tenderloins, interesting! And I don’t think I’ve worn my compression socks since my last race, so I don’t have a compression sock tan line, but I do have a pretty nice regular sock one though, along with the trademark Garmin one ;).
    Hailey recently posted…National running day 2015My Profile

    • Not sure how I have avoided the garmin tan line so far this season! I love all the extra time I have from waking up early on a rest day:)

    • I actually had to stop wearing them for running over the past week because of the heat. I still wear them indoors for recovery though! Hope you can get your hands on some TJs pizza:)

    • Thanks! It was a pretty good one, especially since we got to spend some time at home:)

    • Well theres only one lane and its only open from 10-7, and there were LOTS of kids there. So that will probably be my excuse although it would be good to get some swimming in:)

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