Total Body (30 Minute) Strength Circuit

Last week I came up with a strength circuit that I though I would share today! I was getting bored with all of my usual routines and felt like I was rushing exercises when I did them on my own, so I decided to create this circuit based on time. If I know I will be doing a move for a full minute, then I am more likely to slow down and focus on form!

strength circuit

Each round has 8 moves (although one interval has more than move, which you will see below). Complete each exercise for 1 minute, and move on to the next exercise. After completing each round, rest for about 1-2 minutes. Complete the entire circuit 3 times total. It will take about 30 minutes with 8 minutes of exercises for 3 rounds, plus transitions, and rest intervals. 

Total Body 30 Minute Strength Circuit
1. Squats with weighted bar or dumbbells

2. Plank row and push-up: Start in a  plank position with hands on light dumbbells. Pull one arm up into a row, back down and repeat on other side. Then do 1 push-up. Repeat this pattern for the 1 minute intervals.

3. Deadlifts with weighted bar or dumbbells.

4. Bicep curls (30 seconds) and Tricep extensions (30 seconds):  Try to work on balance during these exercises by standing on a bosu (or other unstable surface) or balance on one leg. 

5. Lunge with rotation: Hold a weight or kettle bell in both hands in front of you. Step back with one leg into a lunge. While in the lunge position, rotate the weight towards the direction of your front leg. Rotate weight back to center, step out of lunge and repeat on other leg. 

6. Stability ball tuck: Start in plank position with feet on stability ball. Slowly pull legs in while keeping back flat, slightly lifting the hips.

7.Front plank: Make this more challenging by lowering one knee to the ground at a time, then raising back up again. 

8. Side plank (30 seconds on each side): Make this more challenging by raising and lowering hips. 

Let me know if you give this a try! A was definitely feeling it in my legs the next day. I plan to continue incorporating this routine into my strength training sessions, especially on days when I want to get my workout done in 30 minutes!

Do you prefer strength training routines based off time or reps?\

How long do you usually spend strength training each week?

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35 thoughts on “Total Body (30 Minute) Strength Circuit

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever strength trained based off of time unless I was in a rush and needed to get home in X minutes! I like going by reps while still making sure I don’t take too long between sets. I mean, I don’t want to be at the gym lifting weights for three hours, I save that kind of time for running haha! 😀
    Kristina Running recently posted…Day in the Life + Endorphins at 7:45pm!My Profile

  2. I usually do strength training based off reps, mostly because routines I’ve found use those vs. time, but I do like the idea of going based off time. I love strength training and try to do it at least twice a week, although sometimes it takes a backseat when I’m half marathon training!
    Jen B. recently posted…Transitioning Into Spring RunningMy Profile

  3. Oh man, I always avoid strength training, because I never know what I’m doing, even though I know I shouldn’t. This looks doable and really efficient (which I like!) I’m going to need to try this haha

  4. This is great – thanks for taking the time to write this up! I definitely struggle with the motivation to do strength workouts, but when I finally do muster up enough inspiration I have to write down a plan or circuit to actually follow through. I love the plank row with push-up exercise you listed – I may have to include that in my own routine too! 😀
    Charissa recently posted…My Boston dedicationMy Profile

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