Thoughts from the Halfway Point

As I mentioned on Monday, I recently passed the halfway point in my marathon training. With 8 weeks down and 8 more to go, I thought I would take a few minutes to reflect on what I have learned so far- thinking out loud style.

thoughts from the halfway point

1.BODY GLIDE!!!  I have been running for over a decade but still had to learn this lesson the hard way. Last week I did my long run in a  pair of shorts that I don’t wear very much and I guess I got a little sweaty because around mile 12 I knew I was in trouble with chafing. Let me just add that it’s extra rough to wear a dress to a wedding all night following this. I am ordering lots of mini body glides to bring with me on all my runs and I will be putting it on every inch of my body that could potentially chafe from now on.

2. Recovery- I’ve figured out a good balance of what works best for me, which has been a little different than other training cycles. I have actually preferred to be more active following long or hard runs.


3. The Other Stuff I wrote a post last year about how other factors impact our training, and this is still true. I notice how things like sitting too much or wearing uncomfortable runs will impact my running or make my muscles tighter than usual.


these are my preferred shoes..I only wear heels at weddings

4. Stress- Over the past few months I have had times that were extremely high stress, and when I looked back on the peak of that time it is when I got really sick. Running is a type of stress on our bodies along with emotional stress. When we have too much of one or both (or something else) it can cause our bodies to break down. I’ve been working on managing my stress but I am also aware that I may need to cut back on running when I am feeling outside stress.

5. Eating- I think this time around I have been more laid-back with my nutrition, but I have still incorporated when I have learned in the past works that well for me. I’m aware of what doesn’t make me feel great so I can avoid those foods as I progress with my training.


6. Sitting- I mentioned this above, but it deserves a bullet point of it’s own. Sitting makes my hips tight. In particular, sitting the same way all day long makes my hips tight. I’ve been making it a point to sit differently throughout the day and get up whenever I can.

7. Working with a coach- I am already so glad that I made the decision to work with a coach for this marathon. I haven’t had to question what I am doing or worry about making changes on my own. When I was sick, Kristy was able to modify my training whereas that would have been one more thing for me to worry about. It’s also allowed me to focus on coaching others without having to think about my own training.

8. Running in the dark- It is dark out here in the county. I don’t think I ever realized how well lit it was when I lived in the city! It’s gonna be a long winter of dark runs and I guess I will need to get used to wearing my headlamp every single day.


8 weeks down, 8 weeks to go, and 8 thoughts about my training so far. That’s a good place to stop, I think!

What are some things you have recently learned or been reminded of while training for a race?

Is it dark where you run? Or do you run indoors/during the day to avoid the darkness?

thinking out loud

Thanks, Amanda

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53 responses on Thoughts from the Halfway Point

    1. Do you wear the same headlamp as me? I think I picked mine out because I saw it on your blog, but I cant remember. I find it moves around quite a bit and I was wondering if you had that problem. I also feel like it only lights up one small area. Really, I just wish we had better street lights in my neighborhood!

  1. I hate how dark it is. I try to only run when it’s light out but I find myself out there when it’s still slightly dark before the sun rises. My neighborhood is well lit but still, it’s dark! Agreed on sitting, even if I am tired after a long run, I do much better overall if I don’t lay around afterwards. Moving and staying busy feels much better.
    meredith @ The Cookie ChRUNicles recently posted…I do not run so that I can eatMy Profile

  2. Great post and all so true! I’m at the halfway point in my training now, 9th week of 18. Hope your training continues to go well. I’ve enjoyed following you in the Weekly Wrap.
    Debra recently posted…Weekly WrapMy Profile

    1. I’m actually in a transition period right now between projects, so I’ve been stuck in an office all summer which isn’t where I will be working permanently, so I can’t do any sort of standing desk yet. But hopefully when I get situated I can make some adjustments!

  3. My hips tighten up from sitting as well. I’m grateful I don’t have a desk job. It’s very dark here. No street lights at all except on the road that’s too busy to run on. I rarely run in the dark for that reason.
    Marcia recently posted…Tapering is my PassionMy Profile

  4. I recently discovered Ruby’s Motion Potion thanks to Stridebox and it’s been a godsend! I think I will be using a gallon of it this weekend with all the rain!

  5. I’m with you on sitting being horrible for our muscles. I always thought that because I ran in the morning, my legs would rest and recover by sitting all day, but really all that happened was my legs would get tight, stiff, and feel more fatigued than when I stand all day. Sometimes I feel lazy and just want to sit all day, but having a standing desk option really makes me break the day up to keep my legs loose. It’s so dark where I live… missing summer sunrises already!
    Jamie recently posted…#TOLT Rabbit RabbitMy Profile

  6. You’re brave for running in the dark. Do you see little rodents scurrying around the road? YUCK. K but seriously, you’re pretty hardcore there, Lisa! I’m impressed.
    Suzy recently posted…Boob JobMy Profile

  7. I don’t know that I could ever run in the dark like that — kudos! I’m a wimp and usually only run when it’s light outside, or I’ll hit up the treadmill if I’m really craving a run but the sun isn’t cooperating with me. Or the weather. We have pretty hardcore winters up here, and I can’t really see myself running in all that snow and ice.
    Amanda @ .running with spoons. recently posted…. thinking out loud #150 .My Profile

  8. I always get up and stretch at intervals, walk down the hall or go to the bathroom. I really feel it the day after Pure Barre workouts because my muscles are sore and I’m more in tune to how they’re doing. It’ll still take a little effort to stand up because they’re so sore.
    Lesley recently posted…Mumo JumboMy Profile

  9. We recently moved to the country too and it is SUPER dark! I miss my well lit running trail and streetlights! But I do enjoy running on gravel and seeing deer and turkeys – so I guess I have a better deal here!

    My favorite running shorts caused chafing on my 12 mile run too. I’m blaming the balmy weather, but I feel your pain – ouch!
    Megan recently posted…Thinking Out Loud: My Week in PicturesMy Profile

  10. Yes, yes and yes, Lisa!! I’ve noticed many of these things myself (sitting is horrible, which nutrition works best, staying active after long runs) lately and I’m glad that I’m not alone! I think it’s wonderful that you are aware of these positives (and negatives) and are using them to your advantage as your training progresses. And, even though I often run in the city, it is just plain dark out there in the morning; I wear my headlamp most days of the week now…long winter of darkness, for sure – ha! Great post!
    Tara @ Running ‘N’ Reading recently posted…The Heart Goes Last by Margaret AtwoodMy Profile

  11. is this your first time using a coach? i have been toying with the idea lately just because i dont feel like im making any time improvements and its frustrating. i totally need to get a headlamp, its not really dark where i am but crazy drivers dont really pay attention so that would probably help out a lot!

  12. I end up running in the dark a lot in the winter, just because there are so few hours of sunlight! My in-laws got me this insanely bright, light-up vest which I wear at night, and I have a head lamp so I can see where I’m going. I try to stay in populated areas though because if I go run out where there aren’t many houses/cars, I start to freak myself out. :)
    Denise recently posted…September RecapMy Profile

      1. Hmm I do like the one I have because it is SO bright, but it might actually be a little too bright haha. Also, I got it last Christmas, so for the first few months that I was wearing it, it was over several other layers…when I wore it in the summer with just a tank top on, it wasn’t super comfortable! Not sure if that would be true with all vests or not though, so if you want to check it out, here’s the link:
        Denise recently posted…September RecapMy Profile

  13. I’m already noticing how soon it is getting dark out. Oh the days are shortening as we speak. I need to get used to running in the dark again….I at least feel better now about doing it because I don’t live in the city anymore. Shady things can happen anywhere, but it was a constant worry in the city.
    Happy halfway point!!
    Annette @ Sweating Through Life recently posted…What I Like to Run WithMy Profile

  14. Oof, I’m sorry to hear about the chafing situation! No fun. I think about once a year I get a painful reminder to be more aware of chafing, either because I ran longer than I meant to or I didn’t realize how hot or rainy it would be, or I just was feeling rushed/lazy and thought I could take a chance. It never ends well.
    Lizzy recently posted…Training Tuesday – LA marathon training week 1My Profile

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