Thinking Out Loud #19

Is it Thursday already? Well that’s good because this week has been a crazy one and the sooner its over the better. After a couple weeks away (or maybe just one? I can’t keep track) I’m back for some Thinking Out Loud! Please ignore any underlying tones of frustration in this post. That’s just the kind of week it’s been:)


So now that it’s October it seems like it’s “officially” fall. I’m trying to get excited about this awesome running season but I can’t help but dread the winter. I think I am going to wear shorts and tank tops for as long as possible. I don’t even want to think about wearing layer upon later again. Ugh.

Bundle up!

This is what I imagine all those layers must feel like

While I’m not really into all the pumpkin stuff that seems to be all over the place lately, I do enjoy baking with pumpkin from time to time. Last weekend I made Paleo Running Momma’s Honey Pumpkin Pie Muffins. They were a total win. Easy enough to make, and can be eaten at any time of day. Well done, Michele:)muffinsYes I eat off plastic baggies at work, don’t judge

So if you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen that I encountered several rats while running Wednesday morning. This doesn’t happen very often, so to see 3 during one 5 mile run was pretty crazy. And gross. I was trying to have a nice relaxed run, but can you really stay relaxed with rats running around your feet? To be fair there is really just one area that I have ever seen them in plus it was trash day so I should have known better. But still. Gross.

sunrise At least the sunrise was pretty

I have been practically living in my compression socks lately. I should probably get a couple more pairs and then I could just have one for each day of the week. I have been wearing them when I get home in the evening, then sleeping in them, and running in them in the morning. I just don’t wear them to work (until I start wearing boots). The other day I wore a skirt and noticed that there was a line under my knees, probably from wearing the socks for so long. I guess that means I’ll have to stop wearing dresses and skirts.


I’m back to falling behind on reading blogs again. If I have one day where I don’t have any time to read them then I feel like the rest of the week goes downhill and I just fall way behind. I went back and forth between writing this post or reading blogs, but I had a feeling if I read blogs my comments would be totally random or not make any sense. At least thinking out loud posts are supposed to be random and not make sense:)

Thanks for sticking around through that! It was a real true thinking out loud post in which I had no idea what I was going to write until it was on the screen.

Who else is as ready for the weekend as I am?

How often do you wear compression socks?

Are you a pumpkin fan?


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42 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud #19

  1. Rats on a run? Man, I”ve never heard of that happening to anyone before. If you don’t mind me asking, where is your run taking place? Glad your feet haven’t been attacked yet. Haha!

    • It was pretty gross! I am in Baltimore, and there are a few dark streets in one area that I have seen them a few times. I need to remember to stay away from there, especially on trash day!

  2. A lot of times I feel like my comments make no sense, but even worse are my replies back to comment on my blog! I genuinely try to be thoughtful and relevant but I feel like sometimes I ramble! I thought this post made perfect sense :) also glad you liked the muffins – very simple indeed!

    Okay one last thing, what compression socks do you like? Not that I need to spend another dime on running but this is actually something I’ve been meaning to research.
    Michele @ paleorunningmomma recently posted…The Time Spent on Meals – What I Ate WednesdayMy Profile

    • i’m gonna jump in here and say that i love pro compression socks for after running. the socks are too thin for me to run for a long distance (although i have ironically worn them for a marathon before) but afterwards – delightful! for race day, now i wear zensah compression sleeves and my regular balega socks :)
      Courtney @ Eat Pray Run DC recently posted…September Blog Income & StatsMy Profile

      • I don’t really mind wearing my compression socks while I am running, but I do prefer certain other running socks over them. I just feel like I really benefit from wearing the compression during long runs! That’s a good idea to wear your compression sleeves with regular socks!

    • My favorite are pro compression! I have also worn CEP and they are good too but I think that pro compression are more comfortable. As for the benefits, I think that the 2 brands are about the same. You can probably get a better deal on pro compression because they are always running 40% off sales.

  3. Hah that ecard :)
    I feel the exact same way about Fall & Winter. This cooler weather is nice and all for running, but in the back of my mind I know that Fall is just the pre-cursor to Winter, and Winter is the WORST.
    I was just telling one of my friends a few days ago how tired I was of seeing pumpkin everything, everywhere. I love pumpkin just as much as the next person, but this obsession everyone has is overkill.
    Amber recently posted…Positive TuesdayMy Profile

    • Haha enough with the pumpkin, right?! It really is overkill. I am so scared of winter! And they are saying its gonna be another bad one! At least this year I don’t plan to train for any early spring marathons like last year. But I am signed up for the DC half in March so I will need to get some training in!

  4. Okay remind me not to run when it’s dark out in fear of stepping on a rat. I think I’d scream and someone would think I was being killed. So freaky. This week seriously needs to end. It has been absolutely insane. No other way to describe it.
    Sarah @pickyrunner recently posted…Just A Number.My Profile

    • I am so glad this week is finally over!
      Luckily I have never seen any rats in the more well-lit areas or along the promenade. I was just on some dark streets in federal hill and was running on the sidewalk and they must have been eating the trash and I scared them or something. But it is so gross and my heart rate definitely sky rocketed!

  5. Seeing rats would freak me out and probably get me to run faster than I ever have before. That is just awful…I totally love my Pro Compression sleeves more than even the socks and put them on after my long runs and really don’t want to take them off. I am not at all excited or ready for fall or cold running weather which is completely not like me but after last winter, I have zero interest in bundling up in the four layers, hat and gloves to run!
    meredith @ The Cookie ChRUNicles recently posted…Thursdays Are For Thinking Out LoudMy Profile

    • I need to get some compression sleeves. I do love the compression on my feet but sometimes I think it would just be easier to slide the sleeves on. I am not at all looking forward to winter running, either! At least this year I don’t plan on training for any early spring marathons. I don’t think I could survive running in so much snow/ice/cold again!

  6. You know what’s crazy? We don’t have rats up here in Alberta — they’re even illegal to keep as pets. I don’t know how we managed it, but I’ve never seen a rate before. Mice yes, but not the bigger guys. And while I wouldn’t say that I’m squeamish when it comes to those kind of things, finding myself in a PACK of them would probably freak me out 😯
    Amanda @ .running with spoons. recently posted…. thinking out loud #98 .My Profile

    • Wow that is pretty awesome. You guys are really lucky! I mean its not like I see them all the time but 3 in a day is way past my limit.

    • I turned to the treadmill a handful of times last winter and I HATE the treadmill! But its better than falling on ice!

  7. Girl, you absolutely read my mind today. Crazy weeks make me beg for a weekend. I came home last night thinking today would be Friday, but nope. I wish they made compression sleeves for thighs, because if my ITB is the problem, I need all the compression I can get.
    That is so gross about the rats! I haven’t experienced actually running with rats yet, but there was one week where I kept almost stepping on dead rats/squirrels on my runs. They definitely woke me up!
    Sam @ The Running Graduate recently posted…Thinking Out Loud #14My Profile

  8. Raises hand to the ready for the weekend question haha. I’m always ready for the weekend, though 😛 Gross to the rat thing! I would freak out with that one and never run in that area again, but I can stand stuff like that since I’m a pansy cake. My legs are permanently grooved from compression socks, too, haha. Whenever I get funny looks, I just say, “I’m a distance runner. I wear compression socks a lot,” and then people nod, smile, and still give me funny looks as I walk away 😛
    Caitlin recently posted…Since We Last Spoke…My Profile

    • Non-runners just don’t get runners, do they?:) I will definitely be avoiding that area where I saw the rats! It makes me wish I didn’t have to run quite so early in the morning- I never saw them during the summer when it was light out earlier!

    • My problem is I can’t stand commenting from my phone or iPad. So it really only happens when I sit down at my computer. When I get busy I just can’t find the time for that! Maybe if I had a commute involving public transportation I would just get better about commenting using my phone:)

    • I know, and I’ve heard its supposed to be another bad one! Crossing my fingers that whoever said that is wrong!

  9. Totally ready for the weekend – which for me will start at noon tomorrow! During my morning runs this week I had to wear long sleeve shirts and was wishing that I had my gloves too. It was 90F last week WTF? I’m meh about pumpkin although last year I made a delicious pumpkin pasta bake from skinnytaste. Great way to carb load.
    Sarah recently posted…Reflections on training for my first marathonMy Profile

    • That weather sounds pretty crazy! We are supposed to get some cooler weather this weekend too. I hope you have a great race this weekend!!

  10. I am simultaneously ready for the weekend and scared for it — my marathon is finally almost here…. just a couple more days to go! AHHH!

    When I am slowing down I will just have to pretend the rats have popped up on my street because they surely would motivate me to speed up!
    Kristina recently posted…J’adore Paris! (Day 1 of Vacation)My Profile

    • I can’t wait to hear all about your first marathon!! You are going to do great!! That rat imagery could be a good way to motivate yourself to go faster! Haha!

    • I am in compression socks all the time…I think my husband wishes I would forget about them for a couple of days:) Hope they help with your recovery from your long run!

  11. i laughed so hard reading all of this and i felt like i was writing parts of it! I LOVE fall but i am also dreading winter. it’s so hard. You know its coming. There is no escaping it. i dread it!!

    I have been living in my socks too-i was so sad that my work outfit for today did NOT include me wearing my christmas compression socks so therefore i had to take them off. (((SIGH))) I have been sleeping in them too and i wake up NOT sore at all, its like the little compression fairy heals me over night and its lovely.

    I do love pumpkin everything but i’m not good at baking the pumpkin things, i’m way too lazy to bake!!
    Nicole@TheGirlWhoRanEverywhere recently posted…Running & Weight LossMy Profile

    • I love that you wear your Christmas compression socks in October. That is true dedication:) I am glad you told me about the compression fairies because I was wondering how the socks magically made my legs feel better!!

    • Hope the compression socks helped! And I think I definitely ran faster for a few blocks after seeing the rats:)

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