Thinking Out Loud #3: Focus on the Positive

I am linking up again this week with Amanda from Running With Spoons for “Thursdays are for Thinking Out Loud”. I am actually writing this post a few days early because on Thursday I will be in Florida!

Lately I have been in a really good mood. Maybe it’s because spring is FINALLY here, but there have also been many other positive things happening. Sometimes when things aren’t going well, its hard to remember the positive. It can also be easy to just move through life when things are going well without stopping to appreciate what you have. The goal of this week’s Thinking Out Loud post is to share some of the things that are going well and try to pause and be grateful!

1. The weather is finally warm! I know this will probably not be such a good thing in a few more weeks when it is HOT, but the warm weather just makes me happier. Besides a few days of torrential rains, we have had a lot of sunny days over the past few weeks. I am loving being able to run in a shorts and a t-shirt.


2. Work is going well, and the school year is almost over! I don’t get the summers off, but it is definitely a break without seeing kids all day long. There have been some positive things happening with my job, and when I reflect back on my journey to get to this point it makes me feel like it was all worth it.

3. I will be trained to be a running coach next month! I am getting really excited about this. Just the idea of getting to learn about running for 2 full days makes me happy. Yep I’m a runnerd.

4. My leg/hip has been feeling SO much better. Since I switched chiropractors and there is a different treatment focus, I have definitely noticed improvements. I can’t wait to start doing races again!

5. I had a relaxing but awesome weekend. I ran 9 pain-free miles on Saturday at a fast-for-me-lately pace. I got a bunch of “chores” done on Saturday early in the day (uh that’s what happens when you wake up naturally at 5am). I went to church and dinner with my sister and we shared a bottle of wine. On Sunday morning I went to yoga and then got a mani/pedi (my feet needed some love before going to Florida!) and then went out for pizza and beer.  Finished the weekend by eating some birthday cake for Rob’s bday a few days early. 



What positive things have been happening in your life lately?


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14 responses on Thinking Out Loud #3: Focus on the Positive

    1. Sounds like a great night! I love girl time.
      I can’t wait for the training and to meet you! Have you connected with any other bloggers who will be there?

  1. Aww love this! 😀 It’s so great to see people in happy moods, and I agree that the changing seasons probably has something to do with it. I’ve been feeling a lot lighter lately as well, and while nothing super-huge-and-great has been happening, I’ve been noticing all the little things and really realizing how blessed I am. It’s a pretty great feeling to have :)
    Amanda @ .running with spoons. recently posted…. thinking out loud #79 .My Profile

    1. Glad to hear that you have been in a good mood also! It really is a great feeling, especially when you can take the time to appreciate the good stuff in life:)

  2. So happy you’ve been in such a good mood lately. No need to be down about anything if you ask me :) I can totally see why you’d be smiling – especially after your sunday. Hello I’m jealous of your mani/pedi, pizza & beer day! Haha
    Jessie recently posted…Nude Food Review & GiveawayMy Profile

  3. I don’t get the summer off either … I actually get one week to prepare in between saying goodbye to my 5th graders and getting my new group in so I completely get what you’re saying. I’m excited for the switch though… it’s always nice to start fresh.
    Cori @ recently posted….currently.My Profile

    1. Yes I think the fresh start is always nice. I have a couple weeks to do paper work, trainings, and home visits, and then we have a summer school program for the month of July. I think its just nice to switch things up a bit. I think the kids also need the break!I hope that the transition between your classes goes well! It must be hard to leave them after being with them for so long. I know it will be hard to say goodbye to some of my 5th graders who are going to middle school who I have worked with since they were in 1st grade!

    1. That’s nice! I know I always enjoy fall here when it starts to get cooler.

  4. oh my gosh, my face broke into a HUGE smile when i read that you’re going to be a coach!!!! you’re perfect for it! can’t wait for you to get the process started…can’t wait even more to watch you lead and inspire runners very soon! :)

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