Thinking Back And Thinking Ahead

After seeing Billy Joel in concert last Saturday I’ve had his songs in my head all week. Which makes me want to play his songs all the time. Maybe you would like to enjoy some tunes while you read through this week’s random post?

Speaking of Billy Joel songs, I think the only song I know that he didn’t play was “Just The Way You Are”, which happens to be our wedding song!


Do you know that this weekend marks 10 years since Rob and I met? We’ve never celebrated our “dating” anniversary, but I feel like this is a pretty big milestone. We might go out to dinner using the gift card I won at the 5k a few weeks ago.

lisa and rob

The first picture I have of us, from around August 2005. Clearly we were not exactly sober.

So this will be the last weekend without a long run for awhile! (Marathon training starts Monday.) I’m definitely excited to get back to training, but I want to try to enjoy the last few days without any structure. 

Ran 3 easy miles yesterday just to get the legs moving

Ran 3 easy miles yesterday just to get the legs moving

It’s been nice to have more time in the mornings. I’ve slept later, enjoyed an extra cup of coffee, and even made a real breakfast!


It’s kind of crazy that this race is a few days before Thanksgiving, and it’s only 16 weeks away! That doesn’t sound like very long but I am SO not ready for summer to be over!

cold post race

freezing after last years November marathon

But the summer’s not over yet, so let’s not get ahead of ourselves! I’m heading to the beach for a week next Saturday, and I need book suggestions! Any ideas?

sunrise run

Can’t wait for some sunrise runs on the beach!

Alright everyone, we made it to Thursday, one more day until the weekend!!

thinking out loud

Thanks, Amanda!

What song have you had in your head this week?

Married people- do you celebrate dating anniversaries or just wedding?

What are some good books you have read lately?

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57 responses on Thinking Back And Thinking Ahead

  1. That wedding picture is just beautiful!
    I constantly have a song stuck in my head from the songs my kids are singing around the house. Wheels on the Bus is one of them and other one is Dora the Explorer (so hard to shake that down after listening to the show).
    We only celebrate our wedding anniversary, but it’s nice when you think about how long you have been with that person ( that’s the real anniversary). Congrats! recently posted…Almond Cashew Banana LoafMy Profile

    1. Very true! We have only been married for less than 3 years so I feel like its more meaningful to acknowledge how long we have actually been together:)

    1. I usually forget too! I think since I have realized that this one marks 10 years I have tried to make a point not to forget.

    1. It’s crazy to think that fall will be here before we know it! But there is still time. And I don’t mind fall, it’s just winter that I am dreading.

  2. I always liked celebrating the day we met days. It adds some cuteness and gives reason to go out to eat and honestly, keeps the spark going. I don’t know what song was in my head this week but now I have Billy’s The Entertainer in my head and I am not sure why.
    meredith@ Cookie ChRUNicles recently posted…Amenorrhea TalkMy Profile

    1. Anything by Billy Joel that’s upbeat gets stuck in my head so easily. Not a bad thing, and better than some of the songs that are currently on the radio getting stuck in my head!

  3. Beautiful wedding photo, and happy dating anniversary! My hubby and I take note of our dating anniversary every year, which was yesterday! We’ve been together 9 years, and it’s crazy how fast it goes.

    Enjoy your weekend and date night! :)

    As for book recommendations, I highly recommend Maybe in Another Life by Taylor Jenkins Reid or anything by Rainbow Rowell or Colleen Hoover. Would make for perfect beach reads! Enjoy your vacation!
    Brandie recently posted…The 1989 Book TagMy Profile

    1. Happy dating anniversary to you both as well! Thank you for the book recommendations- I will definitely check those out!

  4. I was just thinking this morning about how quickly the summer is going. I woke up and it was still semi-dark yesterday and it hit me that we’re closer to fall at this point. Crazy. Hard to believe Thanksgiving is just 16 weeks away! I’m 10 weeks out from my marathon and that is terrifying considering my longest run so far is still like 13-14 miles.
    Sarah @pickyrunner recently posted…A Year in AdvertisingMy Profile

    1. You still have time! Even if you taper for 3 weeks that still leaves you 7 weeks to build up your long run. But I would really like the summer to slow down a little!

  5. I always have music going on but I have been listening to Billy Joel this week. I had to get the songs on my iPhone because the 6 doesn’t sync up to my iTunes. While I like that I can pick and chose which songs I want, when I want a song that’s not on there, it’s frustrating.
    Lesley recently posted…Allie’s StoryMy Profile

    1. I always have issues with my iTunes. I think I have most of them on my phone now, but it took a while to figure it all out!

  6. I can’t believe summer has flown by so fast – but now is the start of my “real” summer vacation in August/September post-bar so I’m going to make every minute count.

    Good luck as you begin your marathon journey…can’t wait to see how you go!
    Alyssa @ Renaissancerunnergirl recently posted…July Flew ByMy Profile

  7. Congratulations on 10 years together!

    Our dating anniversary is the same month as our wedding anniversary so whenever our wedding anniversary is coming up we go the whole “Can you believe we’ve known each other for x number of years!?”

    Our 7 yr anniversary is coming up which makes 10 yrs total for us as well! I can barely remember what life was like before PauL!
    Megan @ Meg Go Run recently posted…7 Mile Run: The bad, the good, and the cake!?My Profile

    1. Thanks! That’s how I feel about 10 years ago- I was a much different person back then!

  8. Happy 10 years of knowing each other to you and Rob! That seems like something special that should be celebrated :) I’m excited to hear about your marathon plans! And I recently read ‘Girl on the Train’ and couldn’t put it down but I think you already read that, right? I’m still just making my way towards becoming a reader so I don’t have other suggestions yet. I wish I could be more help!
    Charissa recently posted…Steamtown Marathon Training Week 1 (7/13 – 7/19)My Profile

    1. Thank you! And yes I did read that one. Hopefully I will have some good books to share after my vacation!

  9. Your wedding photo is gorgeous!! I’m not married (yet, but will be in one year)…so right now we celebrate the anniversary of our first kiss (we had known each other long before that and were romantically “hanging out” so we agreed on first kiss). I hope that after we get married we celebrate both still….mostly because I love to celebrate:)
    Good luck on your marathon training!!!
    Annette @ Sweating Through Life recently posted…Basketball Tournaments and too Many BoxesMy Profile

    1. Thank you! And congrats on your engagement! I think its awesome to continue celebrating both milestones:)

  10. I’ve been married for so long, we’re LUCKY if we can remember when we started dating! All I remember is it was in October. So, that means we should celebrate all month, right? 😉
    I love Billy Joel and his songs always pop into my head. Lately though, they’ve been random. For the longest time, Taylor Swift’s blank space was in my head every time I ran and I usually listen to CDs or the 80s on Sirius so I know I haven’t been hearing a lot. And, I don’t wake up to music so I don’t get it. But, I guess it’s better than the chicken dance, right?
    Good luck on your marathon training! I’ve got a half coming up in November. My first race back since injury last year!
    Jennifer @ A Hungry Runner recently posted…Uplift each other, Uplift the worldMy Profile

    1. For a long time all I knew was that we met at the end of July, I had to do some research to figure out the actual day.
      Good luck on your half this fall!

    1. Thanks for sharing that link! And maybe I will (cautiously) give Shantaram a try.

  11. ah you’re running Tulsa! I think about it every year, but haven’t run it yet. Maybe we’ll finally get to meet when you come out this time :) What beach are you going to? We’re in Brigantine (near AC) right now. I just started reading the new Harper Lee book and just started listening to Beautiful Ruins on my runs…but am not far enough along in either of them to know if they’re worth recommending. Happy 10 years! We don’t celebrate the date we met, but I have it in my calendar and I always mention it :)

    1. Any chance you would do the half in Tulsa?? Our Fayetteville plans aren’t definite yet but I will keep you posted!
      We are going to Wildwood crest when we go to the shore.

    1. I don’t think its lame! Its tough to remember those things. And we dated for 7 years before we got married and never celebrated our dating anniversary.

    1. I don’t think I know that song! I hate when I get songs that I don’t like stuck in my head…happens all the time when I listen to the radio!

    1. I am kind of grateful that I don’t have to do a long run in this humidity. I would think that parents are ready for their kids to be back to school around this point in the summer!

  12. Please don’t hate me for kind of wishing the summer away. It’s just that I love fall and wish it could stay that way all year long 😛 And slower mornings and all sorts of amazing, eh? I actually think that’s one of the reasons my brain wakes me up so early — I need to start my day peacefully or I get a little loopy.
    Amanda @ .running with spoons. recently posted…. thinking out loud #141 .My Profile

    1. I love fall too! Its just that I know that once fall is here, winter is right around the corner. So I guess I just want to slow it all down:)

  13. Whaaaat? Thanksgiving is THAT close? Wow!

    I love the pic of you and Rob from 2005. Adam and I met and started dating in 2004 which honestly doesn’t feel all that long ago. It’s only when I think of all the things we’ve done together over the last decade that it really sinks in how long ago that was!

    You two should definitely go out to dinner and celebrate 10!
    Kristina recently posted…Shaking Things UpMy Profile

    1. Crazy, right?
      And I definitely feel like we just met, but then I think about what I was doing at 21 and I feel like I was a completely different person!

  14. We basically celebrate the day we started to see each other, because it was Thanksgiving Eve, (40 years ago!), so we can’t forget!

    Please read The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton. Katie referred this book to me and it was so good!!! Currently reading her book The Forgotten Garden, also very good.

    1. That is a great day to celebrate your dating anniversary!
      I started reading The Secret Keeper today thanks to your recommendation!!I will also have to check out her other book. Thanks for the suggestions!

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