Thinking About Spring Break, E-mails, And Some Running Stuff Too!

Happy Thursday! It kind of feels like a Friday because it’s the last day of school before spring break. Time to celebrate with a glass of wine!


I usually work over spring break, but this year I am taking off next Wednesday through Friday to finish up packing and get ready for the actual move. Maybe I will even relax a little—> doubtful. I seem to find myself more busy on days off. Spring break just puts me in a good mood because, well, spring. and break. Hopefully it will actually feel like spring!

Easter weekend last year was warm enough for shorts and tank tops!

Easter weekend last year was warm enough for shorts and tank tops!

This picture was from last Easter when my in-laws visited and we all stayed at my parents’ house for the weekend. This year we are waiting on “Baby Shannon” to arrive! She is due tomorrow! 


Um, speaking of babies, does someone want to please explain to me why I suddenly started getting E-mails to “Sean” from Pampers talking about week 26 of pregnancy? I’ve also gotten E-mails from Listerine to “Sean”. Is there really someone named Sean with a similar E-mail address to “Runningoutofwine@gmail? Seems like a tough name to mistaken, but who knows. I should probably unsubscribe but I always forget. There are actually about 15 E-mails I should unsubscribe to but I just allow them to fill my mailbox everyday. Maybe that will be on my “to-do” list on one of the days I am off next week.

Oh, so something I have been meaning to mention but kept forgetting about:

In the process of moving I went through all my clothes and got rid of anything I haven’t worn lately- (no use bringing it to a new house). Just as I was doing this I saw that Sue posted about Thred Up. Have you ever heard of this? I hadn’t until she shared it on her blog. You can order a bag from them, and mail them clothes that you don’t want. They accept certain brand name items and you will earn a percent of their value. I filled my bag with things from The Loft, Gap, and J Crew and earned $22! Not bad for things I was gonna throw out anyway!

Ok and one other random thing that I just need to share….

So lately my iPhone has been doing this weird thing where if I try to put it on silence by moving the little switch on the side down, it jumps back and forth between being on silent and on sound (as if something is wrong with the switch). So sometimes when I go to take a picture and I think it is on silent, it makes a noise. There are plenty of times when I take pictures in public and purposely silence it because I don’t want other people to know I’m taking a picture. It hasn’t make a noise in front of anyone yet, but it’s only a matter of time. 


And finally- let’s talk running for a minute. Because…I ran this week! I think I mentioned that last week I ran 2.5 miles on the Alter-G. Well long story (which I will tell you all another day) short is I started feeling much better on Monday and went out and ran a mile. OMG it was hard. It hasn’t been that long since I ran (3 weeks I think) and I have kept up with some cardio, but I really felt like I was a new runner starting from scratch. I am crossing my fingers that my progress continues so that I can start running again a few days a week and gradually feel normal again. There’s lots more to say about the whole PT journey and I think I will share that next week after I have had some more time to see how things are going.

 thinking out loud

Thanks Amanda!

What’s the weirdest E-mail you’ve ever gotten?

When is the next time you are taking off from work or going away?

What was the longest amount of time you took off from running and how long did it take you to feel normal again?



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52 thoughts on “Thinking About Spring Break, E-mails, And Some Running Stuff Too!

    • Ha! Yea I’m not gonna worry too much about it. I just wonder if “Sean” is missing their E-mails…

  1. I am glad to hear that you felt good enough to go for one mile. I have run twice this week so far (1 mile and 3 miles). My hip is still tight but running doesn’t seem to make it any worse. We’ll see what my doctor says today!

    Have you heard of the site It connects with your gmail and shows you ALL of the emails that you’re subscribed to in one convenient list and you can just tick off the ones you want to unsubscribe from and do it all with one click of a button. I love it!
    Kristina recently posted…I went for a run!My Profile

    • I actually started using that a year ago! But I realized that I never check it so I might as well just unsubscribe from the emails. But maybe thats a good first step:)

    • Or I guess I could just use it to unsubscribe too? (From what you said thats what it sounds like). I’ll need to look into it again!

    • Oh no! That’s really funny. However, what about the people who are really supposed to pick up their child? LOL.

  2. Every pregnancy and post partum I took off from running and all exercise and started back from square one. Each time I came back a bit stronger though once I gained cardio fitness so I think breaks can be a good thing! Yay for coming back to running! The emails are weird, someone must have a nearly identical email address to you! They’re probably not missing the emails too much, I feel like I get an obscene amount of emails every day.
    Michele @ paleorunningmomma recently posted…Back to Those Running Goals…My Profile

    • I think just the cardio fitness will be the hardest part because Im so not used to being “out of shape!” But that’s good to know:)

  3. Yeaaaah those are some seriously weird emails haha! I can’t think of any I’ve gotten that were that bizarre so you definitely win. Hooray for wine and spring break! I hope you enjoy that well-deserved time off and that’s so great that you got to run too! I feel like a new runner after I’ve only missed a couple days so I can imagine that it felt very strange out there!
    Salt recently posted…Running Strong {A Book Review!}My Profile

    • I know that even a few days off feels weird to come back from but I forgot what it was like to come back after a few weeks or longer!

    • I’m sure it was tough to come back after 3 months off, but its great that you had a goal to work towards!

  4. I can’t think of overly weird e-mails, but strange phone calls definitely come to mind. I once got one at 2 AM from some strange guy who thought he was calling his friend and left me a voicemail saying they had to go bail their other friend out of jail. He even left all the deets and everything 😆
    Amanda @ .running with spoons. recently posted…. thinking out loud #124 .My Profile

    • Oh wow that is so weird! I wonder if they were ever able to contact their friend:)

  5. I unsubscribe to a lot of the spam emails, but the random ads I see on Facebook take the cake. Their algorithm for me must be broken. I don’t click on the ads anyway but when I see things pop up I’m thinking “not even close!”
    Lesley recently posted…Open for SuggestionsMy Profile

  6. Hooray for spring break, days off, and running again! This must feel like such a great week. Good luck with all of the moving-related chores that you need to do, and I’m sure that your running endurance will come back quickly.
    Lizzy recently posted…March in reviewMy Profile

  7. Yay for a run! I agree running is SO hard when you get away from it. That said with this chest gunk, I haven’t run in a week. Yikes. WHile injured, I’ve been off totally for 6 weeks. It does come back so keep the faith. Yay for time off! I’m bracing cuz the in laws are in town. My MIL is a prize.
    Marcia recently posted…March Recap and a GiveawayMy Profile

    • I’m sure the running endurance will come back, its just weird to feel so out of shape! I hope that you can enjoy your spring break!

    • Unsubscribing to a few emails a day is a good idea! I should try to get into that habit!

  8. Weird. Because when I was pregnant, my sister got free formula samples delivered to her house! Talk about a sympathy pregnancy. The weirdest emails I have ever received are the overdone penis enlargement ones. NO THANKS. I’d rather stick with my non-existent penis. Glad you got to run again. I hate not running. I hate even reading about not running just in case it’s contagious through the screen. Ha!
    Suzy recently posted…“Like”My Profile

    • HAHAHA both of these things are too funny. And hopefully none of my non-running last month was contagious!

  9. Woohoo! Running again! That’s awesome. This maybe wasn’t that weird, but the most startling spam email I got was after I pinned a bunch of bridal shower and bridesmaid shoes pins on Pinterest for my brother’s wedding – I got an email from a bridal gown store with the subject “Congratulations on your engagement!” I was like, excuse me? No. Lol.
    Hilary recently posted…Can February March?My Profile

  10. I don’t really get weird emails, but there is a girl in Philadelphia that has my same first & last name, except she spells Sara with an “h” on the end. So her email address is essentially the same as mine, but with the “h” in there. I get emails meant for her all the time. The best one was a group email from one of her friends that was a Bachelor or Bachlorette Pool. It was obviously meant for a group of people that knew eachother – lots of personal jokes.

    I had to take 6 weeks off of running last fall and it actually took me a few months to get back to normal. I did my initial build up to run/walk the half marathon, but I had to make the effort to get back into a routine and be prepared to train again. I was also a newbie runner, so I’m sure you’ll fall back into it, no problem.
    Sara recently posted…Frederick Half Marathon Training – Week 8My Profile

    • That’s funny about the emails! I wonder how long it took them to realize the wrong person was seeing them!

    • I am so excited to have discovered ThredUp…Hopefully it will keep me motivated to go through my clothes every few months!

  11. Other than spam and regular emails from companies I should really unsubscribe from, I don’t remember a super strange email. But your story reminds me of the fact that a few years ago, Parenting Magazine (or something along those lines) started sending a free subscription to me at my parent’s house! (I still use that as my permanent address a lot of the time because I tend to jump around). I guess once you’re in a certain demographic (aka “25-year-old female”), society expects something of you?! Good thing my parents are good sports – we laughed it off. (And I promptly throw away those magazines as soon as I get them!)

    Hope you enjoy your time off!
    Charissa recently posted…March Miles + Pac-man fun!My Profile

    • Ha! That’s funny…when I was engaged I signed up for “The Knot” and now that I am married I automatically get emails from “The Nest” and “The Bump”…society definitely has certain expectations!

  12. I took 2 weeks off of running and walked. I felt normal as soon as a started running, but it wasn’t like I was like in the best shape of my life when I took my break, so it’s not like there were high expectations, you know what I mean? Then there are days like yesterday where I went for a run and ran 30 seconds per mile slower than normal! For no reason. My legs just felt like lead. So the days I don’t feel like I am performing well are pretty random, but they are there. Ugh.

    That is really cool you could send your clothes to that company and make a couple bucks! I will keep that in mind when I clean out my stuff for summer.

    Emails I get… lots of viagara, a girl named “adrianna” wants to talk with me… emails like that haha. You would think I was visiting raunchy websites or something but I swear I am not!
    Megan @ Meg Go Run recently posted…Thinkin’ bout REST DAYS.My Profile

    • Running is so weird like that. I’ve been running on the alter-g this week so hopefully that will help me running fitness come back a bit!
      Haha your emails sound ridiculous! Shouldn’t those go to spam or something?!

  13. Ugh spam email for IHABL has been thru the ROOF lately! Not pleased.

    Yay for running!! I miss the excitement about knowing spring break is coming up…but you’re right, breaks are usually filled with getting other things done anyway haha. I really need to take a note from you and give away some clothes. I probably only wear 25% of my closet and yet I still keep it all….
    Lauren @ ihadabiglunch recently posted…So, that happened #100milemarchMy Profile

    • I feel like its really hard to part with clothes for some reason- even when I don’t wear them anymore!

    • A beach vacation with running in June sounds perfect! It will be here before you know it!

  14. I haven’t received many weird emails, if so one about being the winner in a Bill Gates Association contest… hahaha! Let’s better talk about running 😉

    • Ha! I actually get emails from them too, but I think its because I bought baby shower gifts on their website before.

  15. Love Thred up! i need to go back to them! They had a .99 sale a few months back….I raked up!!!

    Taking off for my sister’s 40th bday…one trip to NYC and one to MIA!! Can’t wait!!

    I took off for a week after RnR DC …..HATED IT!!!

    • Sounds like you have a lot to look forward to! I think time off running is definitely a good thing from time to time, but I don’t like it either!

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