Thinking About Spring And Other Random Stuff

Well hello there! It sure feels like it’s been awhile…but it’s only been two days. Actually I feel like I have no idea what day it is or even what month it is. That’s probably because it still feels like winter outside. 

freezing rain

Next week it will be April…no more freezing rain or snow or any kind of cold is allowed!


But really? What us UP with this weather? 70 degrees and then a low of 25? Winter is really trying to hang on tight I suppose. 


Anyway, let’s catch up. On Monday we closed on our house! We are officially homeowners! It doesn’t feel much different, especially since after we signed everything we dropped off a few things and then came back to our little, tiny, apartment in the city where we will continue to live for a few more weeks. I don’t think it will feel like we really have a house until we are moved in and living there. 


To celebrate, we went to our favorite restaurant, Flemings, on Monday night. No wonder I have no idea what day it is- indulging in steaks and wine and THIS DESSERT on a Monday? Neither of us felt like going to work the next day. 


Totally unrelated, I tried painting my own nails last weekend for the first time in years. They actually looked pretty decent….for about 24 hours until they started chipping. I only have 2 colors- I chose this one because it seemed appropriate for a dreary and cold week of spring. Like “I want to be sunny and warm but I am fighting it and I am going to be gloomy and chilly instead”. Do nail polish colors talk to anyone else like that?


Ok but the truth is that once the weather gets nice I am going to REALLY get the itch to run. It’s easier to turn down a run when its sub-30 degrees, but on those days when we saw a glimpse of spring it was tough seeing all the runners come out of hibernation. Not that most of us hibernate, but we know there are plenty that do.

runners dont hibernateI am probably long overdue for a PT update, but there’s not much to say. Except that not running doesn’t help. So last night my PT put me on the Alter-G for a couple miles. I am meeting with a different PT (in the same clinic) next week who has more of a background in this stuff to see if he has any other ideas as to what is going on. 



And that’s just about all I have for today! Hopefully I can find some time over the next few days to catch up on blogs and reply to comments because I am way behind. I wish I could say it was because I was out doing fun things, but no…I really don’t know where the time has gone that I used to spend blogging. Gotta get back to a  regular routine!

thinking out loud

Thanks, Amanda!

Does it still feel like winter near you?

Do you paint your own nails?

What time of day do you usually blog?


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67 thoughts on “Thinking About Spring And Other Random Stuff

    • I have a really hard time paining with my non-dominant hand too. I managed to do ok this time but it’s really difficult!
      I love coming up with blog posts while I am working out:)

  1. Yay about the house! It’s such an exciting time in your life right now! And of course I want that dessert, the chocolate part on that plate is totally my style! The weather is just ridiculous and way too cold for me right now and I laughed when you said you did your own nails and only have two colors — I have maybe two colors in my cabinet and haven’t even attempted my own nails in forever which is weird maybe to others but as we both know, there’s a nail place on every corner here! It’s what we are used to. Sometimes I wish I could do my own though! I was never very good at painting my left hand not to mention, the cutting and filing and cuticles.
    meredith @ The Cookie ChRUNicles recently posted…Thinking Out Loud – I Keep ForgettingMy Profile

    • If manicures were cheaper I would always have my nails done! It’s just way too expensive here.

  2. Congrats on your house! And yum to that celebratory dessert! I’ve been feeling the same about spring even though it’s still pretty cold here, I actually did a tempo run yesterday for the first time in months, probably since philly training! So I guess that means I’m excited. I bite my nails sadly so never paint them, I probably should to keep myself from biting.
    Michele @ paleorunningmomma recently posted…I Can Laugh At Myself As Long as It’s Me Making the JokesMy Profile

    • It just seems like we have been waiting for spring forever! Hopefully it will be here for good soon!

    • Whenever I do that I need to get a manicure to clean them up. Somehow I have managed to keep them in decent shape since my last one, probably 2 months ago?

  3. Congrats on the house! Spring has been the exact way here, we went from the 70s to snow in one week. I always paint my own nails and love the Essie colors—right now my nails are pink because I want spring to come back! I own like 10 or 12 colors for whatever mood I’m in, it’s my little indulgence.
    Laura @ This Runner’s Recipes recently posted…Resilience and PerseveranceMy Profile

    • If I am going to continue doing my own nails I will definitely need some more colors!

    • I definitely prefer to get my nails done over doing them myself! They seem to last a little longer that way.
      You need to go to Flemings!

  4. Congrats on finally getting your keys to the house! Whenever I move, I’m so anxious to leave where I’ve been living & go to a fresh space where I can change things up. I’m never motivated to redecorate, so moving is usually when it happens :)
    My nails totally advertise my emotions. I used to paint them all the time, but got tired of the chipped look (in addition to just being plain terrible at painting them), so now I get gel manicures ever 2 weeks. The past few months it’s been mostly dark blues, reds, even black- because winter just sucks. But yesterday I got bright blue in anticipation of some warm weather & a visit to the beach this weekend. Come on Spring!

    • The move is definitely a chance for a fresh start! It will probably take me months to do any decorating:)

  5. I don’t really paint my fingernails because they chip almost immediately, and Jamberry doesn’t stay on. I’ll file my nails and try to make them look pretty, but mostly I paint my toenails once spring hits. Spring is here at the moment and I have a pedicure scheduled for next week.
    Lesley recently posted…Thinking Out Loud #2My Profile

  6. Congrats on closing! That’s super exciting, but yeah — my excitement didn’t really hit me either until it was a few days before and I was packing all my stuff in a mad rush. And I’m currently trying to find my routine again after being on vacation, so I can definitely relate to wondering where the heck the time went. Hopefully we both find it!
    Amanda @ .running with spoons. recently posted…. thinking out loud #123 .My Profile

    • It’s never easy to adjust back from being on vacation! Good luck with getting back on schedule!

  7. I attempted to be a bit more girly lately–I bought earrings and nail polish. But whenever I paint my nails, it takes so much concentration and then so much time to dry that the fuss is NEVER worth the result: chipping and peeling the next day. I say FORGET IT. Congrats on your homeowner status! SO exciting.
    Suzy recently posted…When Jesus Writes Explicit LyricsMy Profile

    • That is the exact reason why I usually don’t do my own nails! But somehow it worked out this time. I definitely prefer to get them done!

  8. Congrats on closing on your house!!! So exciting and absolutely worthy of a celebration at Flemings :) I’m with you on the nail polish thing- it lasts less than 24 hours for me so I’ve started getting gel manicures at a pretty cheap place ($25) once every 3-4 weeks which is how long it generally lasts. I used to just leave my nails bare but now I kind of like having polish on them. I just can’t do it myself.

    And I’m with you on being injured when it’s nice out vs. when it’s cold. It’s so much easier to be at peace with not running when there’s snow and ice all over the place, but it makes it that much harder when it’s spring/fall/summer. I know you’re going to be back out there soon though! You’ve been working so hard at getting healthy!

    • $25 isn’t bad for gel! I just feel like I can’t do gel all the time or my nails start to get really weak. I like to alternate between gel and regular manicures, but it definitely adds up to have them done all the time!

  9. The weather here is so weird too — it snowed Monday but of course it’s 50 today and I currently hear birds chirping outside, teasing me that is should be spring. I’m with ya on the April thing — I’m giving winter until Easter and then if it pops it’s head back here after that, I’m gonna be MAD. I’m sure mother nature will care if I’m upset about it haha.

    Congrats on the house! A weeknight celebration is definitely called for!
    Lauren @ ihadabiglunch recently posted…WIAW: day in the lifeMy Profile

  10. I can’t wait to see the house!! yayyy!!

    also funny.. I just painted my nails, like exactly the color you have above. I’ve been painting them myself 90% of the time for awhile. I’ve gotten a lot better at it over time. It doesn’t last quite as long, but I tell myself I’m saving lots of money, so its worth it.

    • We can be nail twins when I see you in 2 weeks! Just kidding, I will definitely get sick of it by then and probably cave and pay to get them done. Can’t wait to see you!!

  11. I’m in Indiana and the weather cannot make up its mind–we have had several 60+ days, but now it is back to being in the 30s. This weekend it’s supposed to be in the 50s, so hopefully it will continue to warm up after that. :) I paint my toe nails but not my fingernails, they just chip so quickly that I don’t bother.
    Denise recently posted…Back to Los Estados Unidos!My Profile

    • I really love getting a pedicure, so I’m usually willing to pay for those. But I am waiting for it to warm up to get it done!

  12. Congrats on the house!!! That is just fantastic news and love the pic of you guys and the yummy dessert :)
    April has got to be the month of spring for the east coast, right?!! It is certainly taking its sweet time…
    I can’t paint my nails. I do a horrible job and I have too many kiddos for it to be quiet enough to concentrate.
    There is a nail shop that does wonderful manicures for $8!!! Yes, $8 and they are super clean and nice.
    It still doesn’t last long , but its nice every blue moon for a special occasion.
    Have a wonderful day!
    Natalie recently posted…6 Essential Marathon PrinciplesMy Profile

    • I would definitely pay $8!! That’s how much it was where I grew up (in NY) but in Baltimore it’s like $15! It’s pretty ridiculous.

  13. The weather here has been nuts! Snow, then sun…it’s insane and I am totally ready to skip the rainy part of spring and head to the sunshine part!

    I started painting my nails again about a year ago after I got my nails taken off because I literally hated sitting for an hour + inside doing nothing. Now it frustrates me, because as you do definitely get better the more you do it, it just doesn’t last. They need re-done every week in order to look shiny and nice…the upside is I can do them late at night while watching tv instead of in the middle of a beautiful Saturday afternoon. Right now, they are naked though!

    Congrats on the closing! So super exciting!
    stacy @ SweatingTulipZ recently posted…Eat your Spinach to complete this Back and Biceps WorkoutMy Profile

    • I would love to skip the rainy part of spring too! But I’ll take the rain as long as its warm.

    • Yes, that makes sense that we would have “dreary” colors to use when we need a winer activity:)

  14. CONGRATS!!!

    Nail polishes talk to me like that too. I’ve been wearing Essie Fashion Playground for about a month straight now because it reminds me of the warm spring weather we’ve been having. I’m going to have to switch to a brighter color soon though because it’s been getting HOT! haha

    Which color is that one you’re wearing? I’ve never been a tan/beige/neutral color girl, but I’ve been eyeing up a couple of colors lately. Does that one go o kind of sheer, or is it pretty dark with just two coats?
    Kristina recently posted…5 Things on My MindMy Profile

    • It pretty much looks how it looks in the bottle. Not sheer but not super dark either. It’s called “Merino Cool”.

  15. Congrats on the house!!! That is so exciting. It’s finally starting to feel like spring here in NC. We are supposed to get chilly weather this weekend (50s) but it is 75 and sunny today! I pretty much always do by own nails, but a gel manicure every once in a while is so amazing. The gel doesn’t chip for weeks and stays shiny and pretty :)

    • Thanks!
      I think its worth doing your own nails if they come out decent. I get so frustrated when I can’t get them to look good when I do them on my own!

  16. Congrats on closing on your new house! How exciting!

    It WAS finally starting to feel like Spring around here, but this past week it’s been in the 30s/40s and it’s going to be like that next week too. I’ll still take it over the sub-20 weather we had for months, but I’m just soooo ready for 50s, 60s and 70s, aka REAL Spring!

    I rarely have my nails painted because I keep them really short, plus the base of my nail is really high on my finger so they look like little stubs, haha. But when I do I always paint them myself. Seeing all the pretty colors of polish does make me want to paint them more though!
    Hanna @ TheMillennialNextDoor recently posted…Thinking Out Loud: It’s almost half marathon time!My Profile

    • I agree that this weather is certainly better than the “winter” temps..but at this point I feel like its spring and should be starting to warm up by now!

  17. Congrats on the house! That is so exciting. And that dessert…….yum. But boo for PT update. I hope they can figure out what’s wrong. I know when I can’t run and I see other people running in nice weather I get irrational hatred for them.
    Sarah recently posted…Upheaval Dome hikeMy Profile

  18. I haven’t painted my nails in years either. I get frustrated because I feel like it always either chips the same or next day or I mess it up and just give up from trying to get it to look good. I do paint my toes in the summer though because, well no one wants to see those in sandals and not painted ha. I feel like we’re skipping spring over here and going straight to summer. We’re supposed to be low 80’s and we’re hitting mid to high 90’s this weekend. Yikes. Makes me a little nervous for the summer :). I hope you guys warm up though soon!
    Hailey recently posted…Monday morning newsMy Profile

    • I feel like I need to get pedicures during the summer because I really need someone else to work on my feet to make them look decent:) Also, foot rubs are pretty awesome.

  19. So excited for you! Congrats on closing!! Just a big exciting step!! I very rarely paint my nails unless I go to a spa and have them painted. I’m terrible at it! I’m with you on the weather, warm one day, cold the next. Mother nature has become bipolar and is playing an evil trick on us!! I hope you get everything worked out at PT soon! Oh, and I usually do my blogging at night after the kids are in bed! Have a great weekend!
    Sue @ This Mama Runs for Cupcakes recently posted…Solidcore Review: THE hardest workout you will EVER do!My Profile

    • Thanks! I definitely prefer having my nails done for me. I just wish it didnt cost so much!

  20. I get so caught up in life that lately its taken me a few days to reply to comments…i hate it but there really isn’t anything I can do about it either. I try to respond at night ….which leaves me asleep on my laptop, haha.

    I’m so excited for you! Moving in slowly sounds like a terrific idea. I’ve heard of FLemings before…I think there might be one in Boston!

    Fingers crossed that a new PT can figure out WHAT the heck is going ON for you!
    Nicole@Thegirlwhoraneverywhere recently posted…It’s owning me& five things I loved about this week!My Profile

    • Usually by 8pm I need to put my laptop away because I just need to unwind. So if it doesn’t get done before then, its not getting done that day!

  21. Looks like a super yummy celebration – congrats on closing on the house!! The weather sucks just as much around the NY/NJ area. It’ll be warm and rainy and then cold and windy on weekends :/ It’d sure be nice if it would stay in the 50’s/60’s for awhile!
    Charissa recently posted…Obsessions LatelyMy Profile

    • Thanks! I wish I could share a picture of the outside of the house, but ya know…stalkers and creepers are out there.
      I’ve never tried Jamberry but I have heard mixed things about them- glad to know that they have worked well for you! I might need to give them a try at some point.

  22. Congrats on the house – that is so awesome!! I’ve tried a handful of times to paint my nails, but I’m horrible at it and my nails are generally a mess, so most of the time they’re just bare (and broken and mangled…). I think I have the same polish though (chinchilly?) – it’s really pretty!
    Hilary @ Embrace the Neon recently posted…Where did March go?My Profile

    • I think the one I have is called “Mocha cool” but I think there are alot of really similar shades! My nails are typically a mess but usually if I keep them painted they stand a better chance at looking decent.

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