The Blizzard and Weekly Workout Recap

Before I even begin to talk about my workouts from last week I need to just vent about this weekend for a bit. Or really just about the blizzard that we got on Saturday. First of all, if you’re going to get a blizzard Saturday is pretty much the worst day for it to come. No long run and you’re not even getting to miss work. (Although it’s looking like most businesses will be closed on Monday as I am writing this Sunday night…)

Baltimore snowfall record

On Friday I said how I would be snowed in for a few days and have plenty of time to look like my running analysis and blog. I had every intention of doing that, but then tried to change one little formatting thing on my blog on Saturday and totally screwed up the site. Which led to me spending the whole day trying to fix it/completely changing the layout. It wasn’t my intention at all, but by Saturday night I was happy enough with how it was looking. However, no blogs had been read and nothing else had been accomplished.


Other than baking muffins, measuring the snow, and drinking beer. 

snow beer

Fast forward to Sunday when we figured we would get the shoveling out of the way first thing in the morning. HA! Little did we know that shoveling out our driveway and the part of the street that was blocking our driveway from the plow would take us ALL day. We took little breaks here and there for meals (and beer) and didn’t finish until after 3:30. We didn’t even clear everything and definitely didn’t do the sidewalks. 


So far this weekend I have almost bought a treadmill AND a snow blower. We also questioned our decision to buy  house. Specifically one in a place where we get snow. I also spent most of the day wishing that I had actual snow boots and not just an old pair of Uggs that I have gotten away with wearing when it snowed over the last 5 years. During those snowstorms all I had to worry about doing was digging out my car. 

Anyway, remember when this week started out in Florida? At this point I feel like that was months ago. So, here is how my workouts looked this week:


Monday: 6.15 miles with 8 x 1 minute at 5k pace and 3 minute recovery (with 1 mile warm up and 1 mile cool down)

Walk: 1.5 miles


Tuesday: 5 miles easy

Walk: 2.5 miles

Wednesday: Strength training and about 1 mile (or less) at UVA Speed Clinic

Walk: 2 miles Push-ups: 30

snow run

Thursday: 3.3 miles in the snow (we got a little less than an inch on Wednesday night- just a little teaser a few days before the real storm!)

Walk: 2.7 miles

Friday: 6 miles easy

Walk: 2.5 miles Push-ups: 20

Saturday: Rest- Blizzard Day!

Walk: 1.5 miles

Sunday: Lots of shoveling which TOTALLY counts as cross-training. I will be sore for days. 

Walk: 5 miles (just from shoveling)

Total: Run: 21.45 Walk: 17  

Yearly Mileage: 143.11/2016

I only did 2 days of push-ups this week but I am giving myself a break because my arms are jello from the shoveling!


And now I am off to lay on the couch and maybe have some wine, while crossing my fingers that I don’t have to go to work tomorrow!

Did you get snow this weekend? How much?

Do you get sore from shoveling?

Which should we invest in first: a treadmill or a snow blower? (I probably won’t be able to run outside for weeks because of the all the ice we are gonna get from this mess…)


Thanks to Holly and Tricia for hosting the link-up!

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47 thoughts on “The Blizzard and Weekly Workout Recap

  1. So much snow, I know! We got way more than forecasted. I am not so tech savvy so I commend you making the changes to your site – it looks nice! As much as I like a little shoveling every year, this was just too much! I am glad I don’t have my giant driveway anymore. It was a monster to the point where we would have to cave in and have it plowed. I think you should get the treadmill over a snow blower – and some boots, just in case :)
    meredith @ Cookie ChRUNicles recently posted…blizzard weekend favoritesMy Profile

  2. Yup, having a house and lots of snow takes the fun out of it! I was happy it was on a weekend so the kids didn’t have to miss school. I remember one week there was an ad code messed up on my site and it literally ate up all my time – these things are terrible! Glad it’s fixed!

    • Technical blog issues are the worst! I feel like they can take hours to resolve and make me want to pull my hair out.
      It’s funny that parents prefer the weekend blizzard so the kids don’t miss school…although here schools were closed today and already closed for tomorrow too.

  3. I hope you have the day off today! That is definitely a lot of snow to shovel! We live in Maine but didn’t get a flake of snow from this storm. I don’t have a treadmill because I’d really rather run outside. Last winter when we had tons of snow we used our Yaktrax a lot and they worked great. Good luck!

  4. I can’t believe how much snow we got! I’m just happy that we live in the city and could find some restaurants/bars that were open Saturday, so we at least got out for a little bit. We shoveled Saturday morning and by the time we were done it was already recovered, so I poured myself a mimosa and said forget it! I walked to the gym yesterday for my recovery run, and I’m hoping I’ll be able to walk over Tues-Thursday for my training runs–otherwise, I’m screwed! recently posted…Weekend Wrap-Up+SnowzillaMy Profile

  5. I too will be stuck on the treamill for weeks due to this storm! My neighborhood is always messy for so long after snow- and it doesn’t even have to be a BAD storm for it to be messy for awhile.

    My neighbor saved my ass with a snowblower on Saturday night. I still did a lot of shoveling both days and lifted both days due to not being able to run. So now I am SORE!!!!

    Okay, here is my take on the snowblower vs. treadmill thing. Do the treadmill. For one, it’s not like we get this much snow every year or anything. Second, our running gets screwed up way more often by just a little bit of snow and ice than with a huge storm. So I feel like you would have many more opportunities to use a treadmill than use a snow blower. :)
    Megan @ Meg Go Run recently posted…Weekend Wrap Up!My Profile

  6. You definitely need a good pair of boots! Snow boots, or wellies with breathable ski socks, or that shoveling will be the end of you…I thought the same thing about a Saturday snow day, but it turned out to be so much fun, even though heading back to work this morning was a drag.

  7. wow that is an insane amount of snow! yall did an amazing job shoveling though that looks like some professional work! very appropriate to be drinking winter lager during a snow storm, you are doing blizzards right! those muffins look delicious, hope they tasted as good as they look

    • Thats a great idea! I need to check out Craigslist. Part of me wants to get a good one that will last a long time, but I also know I won’t use it too much (but who knows, if I have it I might use it…) so not sure if it makes more sense to get one that is less expensive but gets the job done.

  8. Hey Hey, first things first! Congratulations is in order for making the top 100 Running blogs list! That is freaking awesome!!!
    If I were you I would look into that treadmill for sure! No snow for us in the deep South, but we did get some freezing temps that were not fun to try an feed animals in!
    Thanks for linking and have a great week Lisa!
    Tricia@MissSippipiddlin recently posted…Weekly Wrap #25 Back in the Saddle AgainMy Profile

  9. So much snow!! Ugh I’m with you on the whole being sore from shoveling. I definitely spent a good 3-4 hours yesterday shoveling our driveway out. My whole body hurts today. And Saturday definitely is the worst day for a blizzard. I still got a run in (being that I have a treadmill – I’d definitely vote you get that first! :)), but I’d much prefer my weekend long run with friends that’s for sure.
    Charissa recently posted…Why I don’t need a coach…yetMy Profile

  10. No snow in Dixie. I must say, I’m feeling a little left out of the Snow Shoveling Workout Routine. It seems to be a common theme this week. I like to play in it, make a snowman, and ski on top of it — but pass on the shoveling! Would you believe I gave my treadmill away? Yep. And it took me forever to find someone who wanted the “like new” thing. I hope you don’t have ice problems this week and can get back to your runs. Thanks for linking with us Lisa!
    HoHo Runs recently posted…A Look Back (WW # 25)My Profile

  11. We got a snowblower this year and I can’t imagine ever shoveling again. I’d vote snowblower and winter gym membership. I also got a pair of Sorel boots this year and they are amazing. Great traction and keep your feet nice and warm in up to a foot of snow.

  12. There is nothing worse than snow on a Saturday! Why can’t it just snow from Monday to Friday?? I don’t think I’ve ever seen snow like you have got at the minute..

    Yeah I’m just starting to add push ups to my weekly training, but it’s been so long since I’ve done them, I suck at them now.

    Oh, and we have started to get Samuel Adams beer here in Northern Ireland, although it’s pretty expensive..
    James @ HalfMarathonJames recently posted…My First Parkrun 5K Race Of 2016My Profile

  13. Holy moly is shoveling tough on the arms! I think I’ll be skipping Body Pump for the rest of the week. The area between my shoulder blades is killing me.

    I really need to get myself some Yaktrax.

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