Thanksgiving in Cape Coral 2014

I’m back from a great week away in Cape Coral, Florida! I spent Monday through Saturday with Rob’s family there celebrating Thanksgiving and relaxing. There was no running, lots of food, and a few glasses of wine. 


Drinks at the airport

We left Monday evening, and we were both exhausted from the marathon the day before. I seriously feel like the whole day was a blur.

plane wine

I really wish they had better wine options on planes.

We spent most of our time relaxing at Rob’s parents’ house. They got a boat a few months ago so we took it out around the canals on Friday!



lisa rob boat


one of the many amazing homes along the canal

 We ate one night at a BBQ place that they guys have been dying to try every time we’ve been down there. I don’t like ribs but I was able to get a glass of wine for $3.50. 

rib city

 We went to Rob’s Aunt and Uncle’s house (also in Cape Coral) for Thanksgiving. They recently had a new home built and it was gorgeous! 


lisa rob thanksgiving

 Other than that, we spent the rest of the time relaxing. I did yoga 4 of the days I was there, plus 2o minutes of pool running on the day it was warm enough to get in the water. I’m not about to complain about the weather, since I know up north it was much worse, but it was definitely on the cooler side!



this happened

As always, we had a wonderful time! Now its back to reality for 3 weeks until the holiday travels begin!

What did you do over the weekend?

Do you like to drink before/during a flight?

’m also linking up with Erin for the Weekend Snapshots Link-up and Katie for Marvelous in my Monday!


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39 thoughts on “Thanksgiving in Cape Coral 2014

    • So beautiful! I didn’t want to be a weirdo and take a million pictures of their house but the inside was amazing too!

  1. It’s always weird to go to Florida and it’s cold because their cold isn’t our cold but it still feels cold. I am hoping Disney in a few weeks doesn’t get colder than 50’s at night and is in the 70’s during the day. I don’t drink before or during flights. I can barely tolerate it even when not flying lol – low blood pressure. Total issue for me when drinking, especially when around flying. I can barely overeat and get on an airplane without having a dizzy issue. don’t ask. lol
    meredith @ The Cookie ChRUNicles recently posted…Oatmeal Raisin Chocolate Chip Cookies – Dairy FreeMy Profile

    • Wow thats pretty crazy. Ive gotten in the habit of having a drink before a flight (and sometimes on the flight) because Rob always does- helps to calm his nerves:) For me it just helps to pass the time.
      I hope that you have good weather in Florida- last week we had sun most days which was nice but it wasn’t really warm enough to swim. One day is was like 50 and rainy so we were inside all day.

    • I was expecting the wine to taste pretty bad but it was actually decent! Its so not fair that beer is usually cheaper than wine.

    • Thanks! I hope to keep up with the yoga. Although I will probably avoid the studio for awhile because of my gross post-marathon toes…

    • If you have to travel for the holidays, you might as well try to go somewhere warm!
      Knowing that the wine is $3.50, they may have a chance at getting me to go back to Rib City, even though Im not a fan of the food.

  2. When I read the start of your 3rd sentence, I couldn’t believe you said no running! Awesome for you that you got in all that yoga time! I bet it was so tranquil and serene in that beautiful area. We had a quiet weekend. I’ve been running a little bit each day. The weather was pretty mild too. When I’ve flown in the past, yes, I do drink before and during the flight, unless it’s an early morning flight. Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving!

    • Rob has gotten me in the habit of having a drink before and/or during flights. He is a nervous flyer and for me it helps me to relax and passes the time!
      It was really weird to not run for a whole week, but I know I needed a break! It was nice to spend more time than usual doing some easy yoga.

    • Yea I heard that some areas got hit with snow last week! Its too soon for that! But today was 60 degrees in Maryland so I really can’t keep track of what the weather is doing!

  3. The pictures look gorgeous! We had great weather over the weekend here, and I would’ve run outside but Saturday was quite windy. Now we’re back in the 30s and I’m making soup tonight.
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    • So my husband is actually from Cleveland and his parents still live there but got their house in Florida last year. We all decided to spend Thanksgiving in Florida which was a great (and easy!) decision! Otherwise I probably would have been off to Cleveland as well! We heard they got hit with some bad weather over the past few days- yuck!
      I hope you had a good trip and at least got a good glass of wine on your flight!:)

    • Not sure what Ill be doing over the next month or so, but Im signed up for the DC half in March so I might just focus on that until I decide when my next marathon will be. Some shorter distances will be good for a bit!

    • Thank you! Yes complimentary drinks are the best- on our way back we had a coupon but even though we weren’t really in the mood to drink we couldn’t turn it down!

    • That sounds like a lot of work! I hope that you had a good holiday and can relax a bit now!

  4. Wow – it looks so pretty and glad that you were able to relax although I kinda want to go on vacation somewhere warm right now. I love crow pose too. The last couple of times I’ve flown I’ve had a beer beforehand mainly because my husband is a craft beer enthusiast and wants to try everything. But I only had my first in flight glass of wine when we flew back to Ireland in September – gotta love the free alcohol on those international flights.

    • I think its sort of required to drink in first class:) I mean, its free so you might as well take advantage!

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