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Meal Planning And Prep 3/8-3/14

Last weekend was a busy one but I still made sure to get my prep done, especially because I knew I would be busy during the week too! I did half of my prep on Saturday and half on Sunday to make the most of any free time I had. I also started with prepping lunches and saved […]

What I Ate Monday (It Wasn’t All That Pretty)

You know you’ve been blogging for awhile when you sit down to eat dinner and your husband says “what, you’re not gonna take a picture first?” I started to explain my logic behind which meals I take pictures of but it really wasn’t even worth getting into. I think about 95% of the pictures I take on […]

Mostly The Same Meals + Snow Day Food (WIAW)

I’ve been realizing lately that I really get stuck in the habit of eating the same things day after day. Not that it’s necessarily a bad thing, it’s just easier that way. I was all prepared to share what I ate on Monday when I realized its all the same stuff I always eat. Then I […]

Nutrition For Runners: Paleo and Whole30 Tips

I’m so excited to be co-hosting this week’s Tuesdays On The Run with April, Patty, and Erika! This week’s topic is “Nutrition For Runners” so link up your posts below or at one of their sites, and be sure to check out a few other posts as well! We all know that good nutrition is important for […]

Whole30 Breakfasts (#WIAW)

I have a confession: Up until recently, I had completely lost my enjoyment of breakfast. It was actually one of those things that had been going on for awhile but I didn’t realize it was lost until I got it back. For the first 25 years of my life my breakfast involved carbs on carbs on […]

A Fresh Start & A Whole30

Even though New Year’s Day was last Thursday, I feel like it was kind of hard to start making changes in the middle of the week. I decided to take the last few days of the holiday break to enjoy myself and start things fresh on Monday. I try not to go into “self-sabotage mode”before […]

Fruits And Veggies And Weird Eating Habits (WIAW)

Do you ever pay attention to how many servings of fruits and veggies you eat in a day? I usually don’t, but once in a while I like to think about it. For some reason on Sundays I always struggle to eat more than a couple of servings, so Mondays are a good day for […]

What Helped Me Run A Faster Marathon

After the Philadelphia Marathon, a few people had asked me what helped me to cut 15 minutes off my time in 6 months. I had wanted to post about this for awhile, but really wanted to think about what is was that helped me. I realized it wasn’t really just one or two things, it […]

Meal Planning And Prep Week of 11/16 to 11/22

As you may have noticed from Wednesday’s post, the theme of the week was carbs: mostly potatoes and bananas/plantains. I included a night of pasta just to change things up. Everything was simple (no new meals/foods the week before the race) but some of the baking I did added a little time on in the […]

WIAW: All The Carbs

With the marathon coming up in 4 days (eek!) lately there have been lots of carbs happening around here. But unlike past marathons, I’m no longer stuffing my face with bagels, pasta, and pretzels. I realized that those foods don’t make me feel as good so I’ve switched to other sources of carbs such as potatoes, bananas, […]

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