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5 Things to Love about Fall

Back in June I shared my 5 favorite summer activities which was the Friday Five theme that week. I seriously can’t believe that it’s time to talk about fall activities and that summer is over! I was reading over that post and I feel like I wrote it yesterday. As I have said, I have […]

5 Things On My Home Gym Wish List

Lately I have been thinking about how I would like to begin adding some things to my “home gym”, so I thought I would share some items that I am looking at for this week’s “Friday Five”. I probably won’t get most of these for quite some time, but it’s more of a long-term wish […]

5 Race Day Surprises

This week’s theme for the Friday Five is “Race Day Surprises”. Have you ever been caught off-guard (in a good or a bad way) before, during, or after a race? I thought I would reminisce about a few of those moments that come to mind.  1. The perfect finish line treat I remember that after the […]

June Runfessions & 5 Things I Was Doing 10 Years Ago

Since it’s the last Friday of the month, I thought I would start off by sharing some runfessions with Marcia! -I love summer running. I may complain about the heat and humidity, but all I want to do in the summer is run outside. I’ve had to keep my miles in check because I just […]

5 Favorite Summer Activities

There are about a million things I love about the summer. While I may complain about the heat from time to time I really don’t mind it all that much, and I would rather be hot than cold. (Ok, when it comes to running a marathon being hot isn’t good, but that’s a different story.) […]

5 Reasons To Run

5 reasons to run

I guess you can say that after National Running Day on Wednesday, I have definitely had running on my mind. So why not continue the trend by talking about some reasons to run! This week’s theme for the Friday Five Link-Up is “National Running Day” which works out pretty well. It will be hard to […]

Five Things About My Day

When I saw that the topic for the Friday Five this week was “Five Things About My Day”, I started laughing at the irony as I was trying to put this together on Thursday. It was quite a day! Unfortunately I can’t share too many details about my day at work…partly because of confidentiality and […]

Friday Five: Things That Make Me Happy

This week I came across four different blog posts with the title “Things That Make Me Happy”. I was inspired to make my own list of what makes me happy these days, especially after yesterday’s depressing “I hate winter” post.  And what better way to do that than in “Friday Five” format, since this week […]

5 Baltimore Races to Run in 2015

Today’s theme for the Friday Five link-up is “5 Races to Run in 2015”, so I thought I would share my 5 favorite Baltimore races! We will go in order from shortest to longest distance; I tried to include some variety in this list!: 1. Run to Remember 5k (9/13/15) I haven’t done too many 5ks that go […]

Friday Five: Fitness Snapshots

Happy Friday, everyone! Today’s Friday Five topic is “Fitness Snapshots”, so I’ll be sharing snapshots of my five favorite fitness activities…well actually I cheated a little and made them into collages, since it was hard to choose just one picture for each! 1. Running– obviously this is my #1 fitness activity and I have about […]

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