A Standard Week of Running and Strength Training

This past week of workouts was very similar to what I have been doing most weeks recently. I followed my plan from last week without changing much, and have definitely been feeling better about my running. Dare I say I am over my running slump? I hope so! 

After Sunday’s rest day last week I was ready to run on Monday. I included some hill repeats which I haven’t done in a while. I switched up my Thursday tempo run after reading Laura’s post on Amanda’s blog about 10k training, and followed one of the workouts described in this post. This had me doing shorter intervals at faster speeds and my legs actually cooperated for the first time in months! I was also able to add a fast finish on to Saturday’s 8 miler, finishing it up with the last 2 miles at 10k pace. 

weekly workout recap

Monday: 4.6 miles with hill repeats at the end, core work, foam rolling in the evening


Tuesday: Strength training (I did Body Pump on YouTube again)

Wednesday: 3.2 miles easy, core work, short yoga routine (about 10 minutes), foam rolling in the evening


Thursday: Hip exercise, 6 miles following this workout:

1 mile warm up,   4 x 3 minutes hard at 10K goal pace, 3 x 2 minutes hard at 5K pace, 2 x 1 minutes faster than 5K pace (jog easy for 1 minute in between), 1 mile cool down

My Garmin was not cooperating at all during this workout. I know where I am when I usually hit the 1 mile mark and my warm up is over, and my watch didn’t beep. I looked down and it said I had only run a 1/2 a mile at a 20 min/mile pace! I stopped it and started it again as I began my workout, and luckily this workout was based off time and not distance, so I was able to just do it based on effort.  It started to show expected paces again about halfway through the run. 

Foam rolled in the evening.


Friday: 3.2 miles, short strength training sessions  (I did this 10 minute workout again), core work (I followed the workout in this post and I definitely felt the burn!!)

Saturday: 8.3 miles with last 2 at 7:30 pace. I figured I would add in a little tempo run into this because it wasn’t very long and I didn’t do long intervals at 10k pace during the week. I felt pretty good considering it was the end of the run, but most of that section was downhill, so that definitely helped! 


Sunday: Easy recovery yoga and foam rolling

Total: 25.3 miles 

Walked:  20.55    Push-ups: 4 days

Yearly Total: 526.8/2016

Last week Meg asked why none of my miles ended on even numbers. This week most of them didn’t either (and the 6 miles was a guess because my Garmin wasn’t working!) I used to always make sure my runs ended on a whole number but then I started to force myself to not worry about it (as long as it was over the number…I would hate ending a run on .95 or something!) So now I don’t really pay much attention to it but I sometimes run a little extra once I hit my planned number if I don’t feel like stopping just yet. 

Do you try to end your run on a  whole number or do you not care?

What was the last workout you did that made your core burn?

Do you sometimes have issues with your Garmin?


Thanks to Holly and Tricia for hosting the link-up!




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44 thoughts on “A Standard Week of Running and Strength Training

  1. Nice week of workouts. I noticed that your runs did not end in even numbers and that is something I always try to do. However, recently my coach has time instead of miles on my training plan, and it definitely has thrown off my brain a bit!
    Pam recently posted…Weekly Workout Roundup: Mar 28thMy Profile

  2. I usually like ending on an even # but I found out it doesn’t matter what I plug in on my Pc for the 2016 challenge that it does the calculations. So every little bit counts. I have trouble w my Garmin 10. It Is old and sometimes takes forever to get a signal. I am currently looking at some other gps watches. And the CX class always makes my abs burn. In a good way.
    lacey@runningoutofwine.com recently posted…The Truth about FableticsMy Profile

  3. Was it really windy the day your Garmin glitched? My Garmin tends to have issues on really windy nights. I think the signal must go in and out a little bit before it gets a solid connection. Like you, I pretty much know exactly where it should click off at each mile marker and on windy nights it’ll take quite a bit longer for the first mile.
    Kristina recently posted…Running, Cats & Adam’s Personal BestMy Profile

  4. OMG BodyPump is on YouTube?? I guess I’ve never thought to look, but that makes sense – everything is on YouTube. I need to check that out!

    I had some serious Garmin issues last week. It made me so mad when I wanted to do a tempo run, but it wasn’t cooperating. Luckily I restarted it after my warm-up and I think it was working fine.
    Colleen @ CSmith Run recently posted…Training 3/21 – 3/27My Profile

  5. That’s so awesome that you’re feeling like you’re out of your slump! Great week of training! I’m glad you liked that workout also. I always end on round numbers, it’s probably a bit of a quirk of mine but I just like ending on a mile exactly. I run out and backs often and will just do a cool down walk once I get over the last full mile.
    Laura @ This Runner’s Recipes recently posted…Mile Markers: Win Some, Lose SomeMy Profile

  6. The release of the running slump is the best feeling ever. I hope I’ll get there soon! I’m pretty sure just about any core work would make my abs burn. I’ve pretty much only been able to do plank for the past month, and that is after months of NADA

  7. I like ending my weekly mileage with a 5 or a 0. But it’s good that you force yourself to not have to do that, and that’s what I do too, just to show my quirky brain that it’s not always in control and that I will survive just fine if it ends in a 3. 🙂 I’m still doing crunches and situps, thanks to you! I used to do them every single day but now it’s probably around 5 times per week.
    Suzy recently posted…Mileage MondayMy Profile

  8. My core was burning during Pure Barre Saturday. There are a few instructors who get my core burning like that, and while I hate it during the workout, I know I get results. Some parts of my core is stronger than others, so I need it to burn.
    Lesley recently posted…Monday Musings 3/28My Profile

  9. I would say Lisa you have gotten your Mojo back! This week was a great week for you! Good job on the speed work too! Last core work that had my abs burning was lots of planking and side planks especially. My trainer even did them with me and she said hers were sore too. I’m looking for a new running watch as I type this! Thanks Lisa for your continued support in our Weekly Wrap link up!
    Tricia@MissSippipiddlin recently posted…Weekly Wrap 34 EasterMy Profile

  10. ugh watch issues! i stuggle with the lap function on mine. i dont worry so much about ending on even numbers during a run but hitting the time/distance my coach gives me. i used to have to end on an even number though, i think its a weird runner thing lol

  11. Nice week of running! I’m glad to hear you’re feeling as if you’re coming out of your “slump”. It’s the best feeling and how I felt last week too. Hitting 20 miles for the first time since July was a big confidence boost to me!
    I prefer to always end on .00 or .50 (or on an even Km point for a 5K or 10K). Sometimes I’ll keep running if I’m on my street, but I’ll stop my garmin anyway!
    Sam @ See Sam Run recently posted…Back on Track: 3/21 – 3/27/16My Profile

  12. Sounds like a solid week of training to me! I’ve been adding short strength sessions into my weekly cardiofests and what a difference it has made! I don’t care if my week ends on an even or an odd number, just as long as I get my workouts in. And usually the only problem I have with my garmin is finding a signal (but don’t we all have that problem once in awhile?) and that it loses signal during open water swimming.

  13. I don’t care if I end my run on a whole number or not, but it has to be over the whole number I’m aiming for. There’s definitely no stopping at 5.95 if I’m aiming for 6 miles! If anything I like going a little over in case my Garmin is off to make sure I get my mileage in. I do a fair amount of trail running and I wonder if this means I’m often running quite a bit more than I mean to, since Garmins are often very inaccurate in the woods.
    Meagan recently posted…Montvale 10 Miler – Race ReportMy Profile

  14. You had a great mix of runs and workouts this week. Once I stop running my halfs, I’ve got incorporate weekly speed drills. I’m a whole numbers kind of gal! I usually reach the specified number before I get back to my house, stop my watch and walk the rest of the way as a cool down. This morning, my Garmin was acting weird. It must not have found the satellite when I started. It said I was running a 14 minute mile. I’m not quite that slow! Thanks for linking wit us Lisa!
    HoHo Runs recently posted…Rain, Rain (WW # 34)My Profile

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