5 Springtime Runfessions

It’s been way too long since I have shared my runfessions, but as I have been running more and starting to race again it’s time to do some sharing. Be sure to join the link-up and share your own!

5 springtime runfessions
1. Every year around this time I struggle with my hair getting in knots when I run in the humidity and/or rain. Before my race last Saturday, I decided to try a trick that I read about in Laura’s post a few months ago: I put coconut oil in my hair and then braided it. Usually when I braid my hair it shrinks up into a huge ball of knots before I am even done running, but this time it stayed in a  braid and was easy to comb through before my shower! I am definitely going to continue doing this, although I did feel kind of gross greasing up my hair with coconut oil. 


2. Other embarrassing facts about my race a few weeks ago: the smelling and the chafing. I don’t deal with these issues as much in the winter, but it’s like spring comes and I am reminded that I can’t escape them. How many times have I swore I would never skip using body glide again? Well once again I am making that promise. 


3. I have to admit that my recent appreciation for running is definitely tied to being outside in the daylight. I don’t think I realized how much all those dark, cold mornings affected me. Now I just need to appreciate the spring/summer months (despite the heat and humidity that will be here soon!) knowing that my motivation will probably decrease once again when the days get shorter. But let’s not think that far ahead just yet. I always prided myself on being a year-round runner so I feel a little guilty admitting just how rough the winters can be to get through.


4. This time of year is my “sweet-spot” for running I think. I notice that my easy pace is faster than the colder and warmer months. I know there are alot of runners that run faster in the cold, but I feel like my body doesn’t want to move and never really warms up. When it gets too hot I slow down too. These 40-60 degree temperatures are perfect.


5. There is a hill in one direction from my house that I have been avoiding for months. It’s about a mile long and descends on the way out, so the way back is really a struggle. Last Sunday I finally got over myself and ran that way for my 9 mile run. The last uphill mile was really tough, but I did it, and it’s those kinds of runs that make us stronger.


What do you have to runfess lately?

Do you avoid a certain route due to hills?

Have you ever tried using coconut oil in your hair?



I’m linking up Marcia for Runfessions and with CourtneyMar, and Cynthia for the Friday Five!


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47 thoughts on “5 Springtime Runfessions

  1. Running that hill really will make you stronger. My neighborhood is the opposite – I have to run up (a much shorter hill) to get out.

  2. I definitely avoid the hill in my neighborhood for the same reasons! I need to get better at running in the morning or at night because it’s already in the 90’s and humid in Charlotte! That’s really neat about the coconut oil, I’ve never heard that.
    Sarah @ BucketListTummy recently posted…Friday Favorites #3My Profile

  3. This time of year is totally my favorite too! Mornings in the 40’s-50’s are ideal, and I don’t have to wear ten layers to feel comfortable. There’s a pretty big beast of a hill near the Capitol and I used to avoid it like the plague, but lately I’ve been including it in my easy runs once a week.

  4. I can’t really avoid these 2 monster hills in my area. I have to choose path 1#- hard on the way out, somewhat easy on the way back or hill #2 very hard on the way up, and very easy for about half mile on the way back. haha. I used to dread them, but the more I avoided them the harder they were. I run them several times a week now and i accept that i’ll be a little slow, but the days i crest the top are the best! Huge confidence builder!
    Cori @ She’s Going the Distance recently posted…Last week of the Taper!My Profile

    • Most directions from where I live have hills but I just have to pick my poison. This one is long (takes over a mile to get to the top) so it’s my least favorite. I would rather do a short, steep one that is over faster. But yes, they are definitely confident boosters!

  5. I got a huge chaffing rash on my lat during the race on Saturday. It was super disgusting but now has scabbed over. So gross.

    Don’t feel guilty to admit winters are hard- that’s one of the reasons you should be proud of running all year! You know I run through winter too, and now when I am out on my runs I see soooooooo many people. Everyone in my neighborhood is out enjoying the weather and I’m all like “Where were you guys 2 months ago???”
    Megan @ Meg Go Run recently posted…Runfessions!My Profile

  6. Congrats on tackling that hill! Who knows, you may be in love with it one day!

    Yes, coconut oil is amazing for the hair, I love to use it. It’s a great conditioner too!

    Though fall is my favorite running season, I do enjoy running in the spring before the weather gets too hot! I just wish the weather could be more consistent, it’s been all over the place!
    Janelle @ Run With No Regrets recently posted…Runfessions – April 2016My Profile

  7. I’ll have to try the coconut oil/braid trick! Thanks for sharing, and glad it worked! Running confession: I get the smell thing. I used my hydration pack for the first time in months last weekend and realized that even though I washed it, it still smelled awful. = (
    Hilary @ Embrace the Neon recently posted…Runner’s HighMy Profile

  8. I do avoid hills if I can. Sometimes they aren’t bad, and I don’t mind them, but if it’s either a long hill or steep hill, I try to go around it. I’ve never heard of the coconut oil trick, and your post reminded me I need to buy some more body glide. I ran out a couple weeks ago.
    Lesley recently posted…Friday Five: Completely RandomMy Profile

  9. I will be the first to admit that I HATE winter running! It was nice this year though because we really didn’t even have winter weather until AFTER my marathon (in January). I just feel it is harder on the body in general and plus I am never motivated to run outside in the cold! Enjoy your spring running. It’s the best!

  10. 40 to 60 degrees are my favorite temps. I don’t like running in the heat, and am generally an early morning runner, so it rarely an issue. I ran all winter in the cold and dark. SO GLAD spring in here ! now I just need to re-find my motivation.
    Karen @ Fit in France recently posted…April RunfessionsMy Profile

  11. Yay!!! Congrats on conquering that hill! My house sits about halfway up a hill. It’s not a big hill, nor is it steep…but it’s a hill none-the-less. Every run either starts (or stops) on an incline. Not a fun scenario, but it’s my reality. As a result, though, I don’t have a fear (or dread) of hills to the extreme that a lot of others do. Glass half full 😉

  12. Oh I love this! I use coconut oil in my hair before I shower just to make it easier to comb through. I guess it’s the same principle. And I totally avoid certain routes around here because of the hills. We live around so many steep ones, though. They’re unavoidable.
    Suzy recently posted…The DragMy Profile

  13. Congrats on finally conquering that hill!

    I’ve used coconut oil on my hair at night before going to bed as a mask but never tried it for eliminating knots from running. I’ve been getting some really bad ones lately so I’ll have to give this a try. It just always makes my hair look so oily so I’ve been hesitant to do it when I’m not just sitting at home!

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