Runners are a Little “Different”

Lately I have been saying how I never want summer to end, but I think this week the weather has led me to possibly change my mind. It feels like we are having some of the worst weather of the season lately. I’ve felt thirsty all day long (which may also have to do with still getting over this cold…more on that later) and I have found that drinking Nuun All Day in the afternoon has helped with this alot more than just water. I don’t like it as much as Nuun Active, but it is definitely helpful with staying hydrated throughout the day even when not exercising. 


I worked up a sweat just cutting these sweet potatoes. 

sweet potatoes

And you know its hot when your take a shower and then your hair dries in less than 5 minutes.

wet hairAnyway, let’s talk about how I was reminded this week that runners are definitely a little crazy different.

you know you're a runner when


I finally made an appointment to see a doctor as I reached week 4 of still being sick. (I had gone to an urgent care clinic when i was on vacation, but at the time I only had a sore throat and tested negative for strep.)

So I go in there and tell the doctor how I have had this lingering cough and congestion for weeks. Of course, during my appointment my nose was clear and I didn’t cough at all. (This wasn’t my regular doctor- she was on vacation.)

When I was asked more about my symptoms, I explained how I can run at an easy pace but when I try to run hard that’s when my chest hurts and I start coughing. His response? “Oh, so you are able to run? You don’t feel too bad then”. 

I went on to explain how I run all the time, but have had to modify my activities due to this prolonged illness. He definitely didn’t understand and went on to tell me about another 70-something year old patient who runs and wins races all the time. 

runners are a different breed



So I walked out of there feeling silly for even going to the appointment, but I did at least get a prescription and an inhaler. I guess that mean’s he didn’t completely think I was just whining about a tough run.

I’m back to coughing again today, so hopefully these meds will help before Saturday’s race!

What are some things have you told a non-runner and they look at you like you’re crazy?

Any similar stories about not being taken as seriously because you are a runner?

Non-runners: What do you think makes runners “different”?

Is it super hot where you live?

thinking out loud

                                   Thanks, Amanda

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54 responses on Runners are a Little “Different”

  1. So, this past spring my running partner had the same lingering type cough, let it go on for a few weeks before checking with the doc because she was coughing on runs. Turns out it was a mild form of pertussis! So yes, I get that runners are a little wacky with the things we put up with! I had my own bad experience running through a sinus infection a couple of years ago. I can only hope I’ve learned not to do it again?
    Michele @ paleorunningmomma recently posted…First Day of School Nerves Plus Seeing Yourself in Your KidsMy Profile

  2. People think I am nuts when they ask how many miles I ran in the morning and I say, only 5, just 8 or shock them with oh, 15. lol. I hope you start to feel 100% already! I don’t get colds often but I will say, the times I have, i am now remembering that I think running brought out more of the congestion and it lasted a little longer but did I stop running? No. I felt okay, it was just the constant and relentless nose blowing that I would occur during and after that was annoying….And yes, it’s very hot and humid, I have had enough.
    meredith @ The Cookie ChRUNicles recently posted…Thinking Out Loud September 3, 2015My Profile

  3. I hate when doctors don’t take me seriously. Over a month ago, I went to the doctor because I had diarrhea for 2 weeks. Because I felt totally fine otherwise, she told me to start taking probiotics and she was sure it would clear up. That was July. It is not September and nothing has changed! She said she wasn’t concerned because I feel fine otherwise, but such a SIGNIFICANT prolonged change in bathroom habits was worrisome to me, yet she didn’t think it was a big deal. I want my co pay back.
    Megan @ Meg Go Run recently posted…Cigarette butts RANT! (Two in one week!)My Profile

  4. I swear it takes a special kind of doctor to understand us runners! My PCP seemed utterly unconcerned about my foot too! Also I think there’s something going around this summer with the cough. A couple of people at my work have had lingering coughs and chest congestion! Hope you feel better soon! There’s nothing worse than a summer cold!

  5. When I went to the doctor about a month ago and was talking about my leg pain, my doctor (acutally, a PA) said “Maybe you’re just not meant to run”. I was so mad! Running keeps me healthy, even if my leg was hurting. She gave me the XRay to keep me happy but didn’t want to do anything else with helping me finding out the cause to my pain, probably because it was from recreational use.
    I’m glad they gave you an inhaler, hopefully that helps you breathe better. I can’t believe you’re still sick! Maybe you’ll sweat it out during the race this weekend. 😛
    Sam @ See Sam Run recently posted…September: Things I’m Loving (Thinking Out Loud)My Profile

  6. Oh, I HATE it when symptoms disappear the second we go to the doctor! What a pain. I got referred to this dermatologist who is known as a complete jerk. His Rate Your MD reports are horrific, and they were right. He was a jerk. BUT as soon we started talking and he found out I was a runner, he started being super nice to me! Because he’s a triathlete. It’s discriminatory but at least it worked in my favour.
    Suzy recently posted…A Slow FadeMy Profile

  7. I know you’re suffering from the heat, but I kind of wish we could have one day of that over here in Scotland. People say it’s “roasting” here when it’s 71 with a breeze. It’s ridiculous. Your doctor experience, unfortunately, sounds really common. I’ve been told that before, “oh if you’re doing things as usual, you must not be too sick” like, yeah I just came here to pay you to make me feel crazy. Hope you feel better soon!
    Erin recently posted…How To Stop Allowing Your Struggles To Define You (Part 1)My Profile

  8. Cutting up sweet potatoes are no joke! That is some serious cardio!
    It’s super hot where I live too. It made packing up the car today a hot one!
    I think runners are different simply because we have different priorities and are really head-strong about reaching our goals. I remember my friend and I both had a similar cold last winter and she could just not understand how on earth I was heading to the gym for a run while she was heading home for a nap. Just different mindsets I guess!
    Grace @ Diary of a Runniny Snail recently posted…Thursday Things + Guacamole RecipeMy Profile

  9. Not sure if this really counts, but I did have a PCP flat-out tell me that people shouldn’t run marathons because “they’re just bad for your body.” She went on to tell me that I could get just as good a workout if I spent a half hour on the elliptical a few times a week…
    Hilary recently posted…Life Outside Marathon TrainingMy Profile

  10. I hate it when doctors don’t take symptoms seriously. It’s like, if you’re not flat on your back and unable to move, then you must be okay. Not cool, doctors, not cool.
    I’m glad they gave you some medicine; fingers crossed that it knocks it out fast!
    And it is in the 90’s here this week with like 50% humidity! If I were running right now, I would only be able to do it early in the morning (or on a treadmill…) because I am a wimp when it comes to the heat.
    Heather@hungryforbalance recently posted…The Liebster Award: Who am I?My Profile

  11. OMG, I feel your pain. I am in my forties, If I go to the doctor because something must be wrong, good luck. The doctor looks at me and says it is because I am getting older. WTF seriously. So it is usually a wasted trip. At least they gave you something..

  12. I’m so sorry you’re still feeling icky! I hope the new meds work and your system clears up soon.

    I had a cut-back week this week and was so excited because I *ONLY* had to run 11 miles hahaha. I don’t think my non-runner friends appreciated how happy I was about that 😀 Also, the heat is definitely killing my motivation to run. It’s a 90+ degree week here :/
    Charissa recently posted…Steamtown Marathon Training Week 7 (8/24 – 8/30)My Profile

  13. I feel like I avoid the doctor until I absolutely have to go because I never think they take me seriously. I’m totally a self diagnoser. Sorry that this thing is lingering for you!!! And the weather…ugh. It’s back up to the high 80s low 90s again. Whyyyyyyyyy!!!

  14. Runners are different because we talk in miles vs time which most non-runners don’t get. While staying with my parents recently I would tell my mom that I’m going for a 6 mile run and she gave me a confused look…so I started telling her how long I expected to be gone.
    Sheena @ Paws and Pavement recently posted…Giveaway Time!My Profile

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