Review of ClassPass (Tried It Tuesday)

For this week’s “Tried It Tuesday” I thought I would share a little info about my experience with ClassPass

Disclaimer: I was offered a free one month trial of ClassPass in exchange for sharing my experience on social media. I was not compensated for this post and all opinions are my own. I am an affiliate, which means that I will receive a commission if you sign up for ClassPass using my link. 


I was notified in late January that ClassPass had arrived in Baltimore and my free trial would begin in a few days! As soon as I got my login information I began checking out which classes were available. It was easy to get started, and there were plenty of classes to choose from! However, I think that everyone’s experience will be slightly different based on location, preferences, etc. So I will break down my views of the pros and cons, but keep in mind that something I didn’t like may be something you do, and vice versa!


-Easy to use website and app, where you can search for classes based on type of class, location, day, time, etc. I am pretty sure you need an account before you can view this feature, but you can still see what studios are available in your area without an account. 

-There are many different studios included, in all different areas. Also, all different types of classes. 

-The studios made it really simple to go to class with a ClassPass membership. I went to a yoga studio on the first day that ClassPass came to Baltimore and they had to manually enter me into the system, but were really nice about it and it didn’t take any extra time on my end. The rest of the classes I took had no issues, I just signed up online and selected the class. 

-Considering how much these “boutique studios” cost on their own, ClassPass is a great deal! (Depending on your city, its $79-$99 per month).

-If you are unsure about signing up for ClassPass, you could also do a $10 week trial! (Click here for more info.)

classpass trial


-There is a $15 fee if you don’t cancel a class up to 12 hours in advance. Typically this wouldn’t be an issue for me, but lately with the weather and my injuries I was nervous about scheduling anything too far in advance. If you don’t show up at all there is a $20 fee. You can read their cancellation policy here

-This isn’t so much a con of ClassPass but more about Baltimore: The studios are all over the city and there were very few that were convenient for me to go to at the times I can work out. If I went to other areas of the city I would have been fighting rush hour traffic either before or after work. 

-Personally, I need a gym with a treadmill or other cardio equipment for when I can’t run outside, so I would be too nervous to give that up for a ClassPass membership. Maybe one day, but not right now, and I can’t afford both. 

-I really enjoyed being able to try different classes, but over time I would probably only go to my favorites regularly, without adding as much variety as is intended for ClassPass. 

Where I Went:

Sid Yoga (1)

Charm City Yoga (3)

Pure Barre Columbia (3)

barre.  (1)

Ojas Wellness Center- Pilates (1)

Rev Cycle (1)

Reflex Fitness (1)

So I took 11 classes over the course of the month. I had planned to take another class during the last week but it was around the same time that we were discovering alignment issues at PT and decided it would be best to hold off from doing things that could set back my recovery. So considering the weather and being in PT, I would say 11 is a decent amount of classes to have attended over 4 weeks. 

I also get E-mails pretty often about deals for ClassPassSo if you are considering joining, at least get on the E-mail list so you can hear about any promotions they are running!

Is ClassPass available if you city?

What are your favorite kinds of group fitness classes?

Do you feel like ClassPass is a good fit for you?

Don’t forget to head over to Lake Shore Runner to see what everyone else has tried lately!


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60 thoughts on “Review of ClassPass (Tried It Tuesday)

  1. I don’t think class pass is available here in sydney…. I’ve never heard of it anyway! For me it actually sounds great, I LOVE classes and prefer to do my running outside! Which in Australia you can pretty much always do because we don’t deal with that little thing known as snow 😉
    Jessica @ kiwiyogirunner recently posted…The one with the yoga Q&AMy Profile

    • That’s great that you will get another chance to try ClassPass again soon! I don’t think I would want it every month, but every few months would be a nice treat!

  2. I’ve seen a few reviews of ClassPass and I really hope it comes to my city! I would love to try it out! I’m not sure if it would be for me because like you mentioned, studios are all over the city here and not necessarily close to me. I would still give it a shot to add some variety for the month.
    Taca @ A Side Of Dessert recently posted…Pasta & Popcorn!My Profile

    • We don’t have public transportation here, so I’m not sure if that makes it easier in some of the major cities. But I can’t handle sitting in traffic just to get to and from a workout!

  3. Class Pass is coming to Miami, but not to Fort Lauderdale. I LOVE the idea of ClassPass but my commute to work is one hour each way, so that leaves me very little time for attending classes – especially since I wouldn’t give up my running! haha
    Kristina recently posted…Questions on my mind!My Profile

    • Yea, it can be tough to follow a class schedule especially around a busy day. And my weekends are usually filled with early morning runs, so it would be tough to adjust around that too. I think it would be good once in a while to cut back on running and take more classes, but I don’t think I would choose it long-term.

    • I think that as time goes on there will be even more studios included. Who knows, maybe they will even figure out a way to give access to a gym with a treadmill a few times a month too! So maybe by the time you are ready to give it a try it will be even better:)

  4. As much as I hate treadmill running, I also need that option since I don’t have one at home, so a gym membership would make more sense for me too. I would also never know if I’d be able to make it to a class, I think the whole thing would wind up stressful! Very cool that you got to try so many classes though.
    Michele @ paleorunningmomma recently posted…Yoga Home Practice GuideMy Profile

    • It was definitely nice to try out some different classes. Maybe if I eventually had a treadmill at home it would be a better option for me!

    • It seems like Fayetteville has some nice studios (I remember passing a barre studio when I was there) so you could get class pass soon!And maybe if you tried it you would find some other workouts that you liked to go to regularly:)

  5. I love the idea of ClassPlass, but I live too far outside the city to make it worth it for me. I think that’s one of the hard things about living in the suburbs. The options are more limited. The studios close by are easy to get to, but there isn’t a whole lot of variety around me.

    • Yea that makes sense. It seems like a better option for cities- especially cities that are easy to get around!

  6. I like the idea…however the cancel in advance rule would get me in trouble. I schedule last minute clients or sub classes on late notice which would possibly get in the way of me trying out the new classes (which is why I have a list a mile long still of classes I have been wanting to try). I always just say…I’ll go another time. Maybe this would push me to commit and do it! I don’t think we have it here though, in Pgh. I am going to look into it! Thanks!
    Stacy @ Sweating Tulipz recently posted…Why Meal Prep should be part of your schedule!My Profile

    • The cancellation fee was a bit annoying, but for the first few weeks of the month their policy was that it was a $20 fee if you didn’t cancel before 24 hours in advance! So I think 12 hours is more reasonable, but still a bit of a concern.

  7. I love the idea of Class Pass and they have it in Boston but the schedules just never work for me 🙁 I really wish it did because being able to put that much variety in my workouts is so appealing to me. Maybe someday my schedule will be a bit different and I can take advantage of it.
    Sara @ lifebetweenthemiles recently posted…Weekly Wrap UpMy Profile

    • It can be really difficult to work around set class schedules. The variety really is great, though!

    • Yes, definitely! I think if your main form of exercise is taking a bunch of different classes, then it would be great. But if you are only taking 1 or 2 classes a week and always do the same things it may not be worth it.

  8. I’ve moved away from scheduled classes for now because they don’t work for my schedule. I’m doing yoga at home because it works for me, and I can unwind after dinner without having to drive to a studio.
    Lesley recently posted…Like A Woman PlaylistMy Profile

    • I know what you mean, its so much easier to do classes on your own time. And not having to leave the house is really nice too!

  9. Lately I have been loving Barre at Mountain Yoga, I got a Groupon deal for $29 for one month of unlimited classes, but after that a monthly pass will be $79 a month which is expensive but I have been really liking this studio and I love the way regular yoga practice has been making me feel.
    Brooke@runningonchange recently posted…Barre-Pilates and Bikram yogaMy Profile

    • I think its all about weighing your options and figuring out what works best for you. There is similar pricing for the yoga studio I like, but they have packages that are available so I can buy 10 classes for $120 and that works well for me because I can spread them out and go when I have time.

    • Hopefully you can give it a try soon! It really was a great experience to try some things I never would have tried otherwise!

    • That’s a really great deal! And 3 months sounds like a good amount of time too. I feel like that will really give you a chance to experience all it has to offer!

    • Yes exactly! And I think its something that you need to try and decide if it works for you. Hopefully it will come to your area soon!

    • Great point! It can be really expensive to “shop around” for the perfect yoga studio. The one I like offered $30 for the first month, which was perfect I thought, and now I can buy packages of 10 classes to use when I can get there.

  10. Thanks for sharing your experiences! I have been thinking about doing it for LA once my travel schedule eases up in May. I’m afraid that I’ll run into a similar problem as you had in Baltimore where you ended up somewhat limited because of distance and traffic concerns. Still, I think it would be a good motivator. I only go to new classes when a friend drags me along, but I always enjoy them when I go.

    • Hopefully you can find a way to make it work for you! I also end up enjoying new classes when I step out of my comfort zone and give them a try.

  11. You tried a lot of different classes! The cancellation fee is one of the biggest turn-offs for me. Things can come up last minute that you didn’t expect!
    I think that at this point in my life too, my primary exercise activities are running/biking/yoga and trying to add more into the mix would just cause me more stress than its worth.
    Charissa recently posted…Marathon Training Week 1 (3/2 – 3/8)My Profile

    • I understand why they have the fee, but it does make for a challenge when you are a busy and have alot of other things going on.

  12. I am so happy you posted about this, because I will definitely use it in Portland sometime when I visit there! And I will use your affiliate link for sure! I live in Eugene, but visit Portland occasionally, and a unique class ALWAYS appeals to me. Really, it could be a highlight of the trip. I am hoping to live there someday : ) You are making me so excited about it! Thanks Lisa!
    Jessica Joy @The Fit Switch recently posted…5 People I Want To Workout WithMy Profile

    • Glad you found it helpful! I hope you get a chance to try it out soon- it really is a great opportunity to test out alot of different fun studios and classes!

  13. This sounds like so much fun! I’ve heard about Class pass from another blogger (I think she’s in the DC area.) I’m the same as you and need a gym that has a cardio option. That’s why I love my gym- it offers cardio plus tons of fun classes, and it’s extremely affordable. I might try out the $10 offer if it ever comes to Pittsburgh!

    • I think the $10 deal is definitely worth a try! But if you need cardio equipment, I agree that a gym that also offers classes is a good option.

    • That’s too bad! Even though I am in a city, its not a major city so the classes are pretty spread out and its difficult to get around. But I would imagine that it can be really tough to live really far away from everything!

    • It seems like that can be an issue for alot of people. Its unfortunate, but thats just the nature of taking group fitness classes guess!

  14. I can imagine that trying to have ClassPass in a city where you have to fight rush hour traffic would be super tough. That’s awesome you got to try it though! It’s so true that, for the cost of dropping in to a studio, ClassPass pays for itself.
    Lauren @ ihadabiglunch recently posted…I can’t stay awayMy Profile

    • While I think I could still get some good use out of it just by going to the nearby studios I think I would feel really disappointed that I couldn’t take full advantage of the studios. But it was definitely great to be able to try it for a month!

  15. Nice! It’s awesome how fast ClassPass is expanding. Since I love mixing it up and am a workout variety junky, I really enjoyed collaborating with ClassPass San Diego for my blog a few months ago! I also had a problem of a lot of the studios not being too close to me since San Diego is big and I live in the northern area of it, but I was able to mostly fit in classes when I thought traffic wouldn’t be too bad.
    Nicole @ Foodie Loves Fitness recently posted…5 Tips to Avoid Overeating + MealEnders Giveaway!My Profile

    • Glad you had a good experience with ClassPass! It really is a great program if you can make it work with your fitness preferences and schedule!

  16. Classpass is here in Dallas, but I have not been great at using it. I had a membership for a month but Dallas got some weird ice/snow action during that month so I didn’t get much use out of it. May have to try it again in the future.

    • I felt like the weather definitely interfered with some of my opportunities to use ClassPass as well. Hopefully you will get another chance to try it out!

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