Remembering Boston 2013

I can’t believe its been a year already since the Boston Marathon bombings. That will go down as a day I will never forgot, even though I was hundreds of miles away. I remember hearing about the bombings and being so shocked and confused. Who would set off a bomb at a race??!



Once I had heard about it I was glued to the TV and social media, hoping for answers. I remember checking in with my friend who lives in Boston, and hearing about how crazy things were around the city. The hours to follow were awful, and I turned to running for comfort at such as horrible time.

I posted this on instagram the day after the bombings:

Running should always be this peaceful #prayforboston

I had a 10k to run the following Saturday, and at first I was worried that it may be cancelled. As that week went on I was reminded of how strong and resilient runners are. My race would go on without question, with a moment before the start dedicated to remember Boston. Other runners across the country would do the same. I ran a PR that day, giving everything I had for those who couldn’t. I was never so proud to be a runner.

While I am still preparing to write about the marathon I ran on Sunday, I couldn’t let today pass without acknowledging the events that occurred last year. By reflecting on that day I am reminded of the bigger picture when it comes to running…and life- neither should be taken for granted. I feel more motivation to reach my goals while also appreciating what I have been capable of accomplishing already.

I can tell that this upcoming Boston Marathon will be like no other. I hope that anyone who will be there- running or spectating- has an amazing time, although I am sure it will be a very emotional day for all.

Will you be at the Boston Marathon this year? If not, will be you be watching the coverage? (That’s what I’ll be doing!)

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10 responses on Remembering Boston 2013

  1. I wouldn’t miss watching the marathon this year for anything – your tribute and that photo agree so touching. This hit us at the core, and I will never forget.

  2. I’ll be there for the first time, I had planned to watch this year before the tragedies happened and now it couldn’t be a more perfect year to watch it. I almost went last year but ended up visiting someone at another school so I couldn’t go home. It has been quite the year for Boston, but I think they have more than proven that we are strong, we are resilient, and we are Boston. Nobody can take that away.

    1. Wow that’s pretty crazy that you were planning to be there last year. I’m sure it will be an unbelievable day next Monday. I hope you have a wonderful experience there, although I’m sure it will be filled with many different emotions.

  3. I will definitely be tracking the race coverage while at work, and it will all be in my thoughts during my run Monday morning … I still remember the feelings of panic and dread making calls and texts and emails to friends in the area last year …

  4. I will be watching the coverage from my office that day for sure and heading out for a run on my break with the race on my mind. Last year was so frightening. I had several people to account for up there as well and was so relieved and lucky to find them all safe.

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