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It’s Wednesday evening and it’s snowing again. I really thought I would make it through a week of Thinking Out Loud without complaining about the weather, but I guess not! At least today’s snow isn’t really sticking on the streets and sidewalks. 

snowI wish that I didn’t have such negative feelings about the snow. The combination of Baltimore not being able to handle snow plus it interfering with my running is not a good one. If it’s gonna snow, I would rather it just snow a lot so we get the benefit of a snow day. 



Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s move on to the good stuff. Just kidding, there isn’t really any good stuff coming so if you were looking for anything insightful you might as well stop reading. Today’s post will be mainly random things that have been going on this week that I feel compelled to share on the blog but didn’t fit in well in any other posts. Thanks, Amanda, for giving me the perfect reason to share this stuff!

1. I decided a couple of weeks ago that as part of my goal to not sit as much/have better posture I would try to stand up while using my laptop at home. I created myself a little standing desk station out of a bookshelf. it works. Except right now I am laying on my bed typing this post…whoops. 

standing desk

2. I’m not sure if I have mentioned this but for the last few weeks my heart rate monitor won’t connect to my Garmin. This is really annoying because I have the HRM run with the 620 that calculates VO2 max and recovery time, along with vertical oscillation. I like being able to use those features and its annoying that it stopped working. I contacted Garmin and the only helpful suggestion I got back was that maybe the battery was dead. So I ordered a new one on Amazon for like $5. It was supposed to be delivered last week and still isn’t here. 


I really hope that this fixes it because it will be $100 to buy a new HRM. 

3. Remember how I was going to start running in the AltrasYea, well I totally stopped transitioning into them. The last time I wore them was the day I got sick, and then I was away for the holidays, and then I came back to bad weather and minor injuries and they’ve been sitting in the box. Maybe one day I’l give them another try, but now is just not the time. 


4. On Monday when I went running I fell on ice…when I was walking. It was really warm out (which is all relative… it was like 35) but I realized a mile into my run that there were some slick spots. Running on the streets and sidewalks was ok (luckily it was light out) but I went to a park area where I sometimes run and it was pretty icy so I ran on the grass. I got to a corner where I couldn’t get out of the park without crossing ice. So I stopped running and very carefully tried to walk over it. Well, I slipped and fell but luckily it was a really light fall because I was barely moving. It freaked me out enough that I decided to cut my run short. Luckily I made it home with no more issues.

no ice

see….looks totally clear and dry!

5. Speaking of falling down, last October when my blog was still kind of newish I broke my finger while I was running. You can read how it happened here. Anyway, I broke it kind of near the knuckle area and it took a really long time to stop hurting. It had felt fine for about a year and then this week it’s started to randomly hurt again. I know some people say that old injuries hurt in the cold so maybe that’s why? I have no idea, and its something I guess I’ll just have to deal with. 


6. I got dry needling on Monday. So far I think its helped a lot. I’m hoping to write a little more tomorrow about what I think is going on but I really get nervous to say I’m feeling better and jinx myself. It’s really crazy the things I am willing to go through to be able to run. I mean who goes to a doctor and requests to have them stick needles in your thigh and butt? And then pays them for it? 

this was from the last time I had it done in April

this was from the last time I had it done in April

Looks like a lot of run, right?

thinking out loud

Have you ever tried dry needling?

Have you fallen while running?

Ever have an old injury randomly start hurting again?

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64 thoughts on “Random Things I Just Have Tell You

  1. The physio clinic I work at does dry needling and the people that see the guy who does it SWEAR by it. And I literally see their transformation. It’s pretty cool. Don’t fall on the ice anymore, lady! That freaks me out. I hope it stops snowing there for you. I hate the damn stuff too.
    Suzy recently posted…Hot and BotheredMy Profile

    • I really think there is something to be said for the dry needling. This is the 3rd time I have had it done and I notice a different every time, so either its in my head or it really works!

    • Maybe the dry needling would help you- you should definitely look into it!
      I wish I had a treadmill at home so I didn’t have to go out in the snow and ice!

    • We didn’t get as much snow as they predicted yesterday. I heard there may be a storm coming through this weekend, but now it looks like mostly rain around here. I still may try to do a longer run on Friday rather than risk not being able to run over the weekend because of the weather!

  2. Eeeeegad. Seeing the picture of your thigh with needles in it just gave me the biggest involuntary shiver. This girl canNOT do the needle thing. And posture is something I have to keep reminding myself of as well. I’ve found it helps to replace your chair with a stability ball if you need to sit for a while… the fact that you actually need to balance on it helps keep your core engaged.
    Amanda @ .running with spoons. recently posted…. thinking out loud #114 .My Profile

    • Luckily needles don’t bother me too much, and especially this kind! They are so thin that you don’t even feel them go in. But when they hit a tight spot then you really feel it!
      Sometimes I do try to sit on a stability ball! The problem I have is when I put my computer on the table and sit on the ball I’m a little too low. So I need to figure out a better place to use it.

  3. to say I’m over this winter is an understatement. It takes everything in me to get out the door in the morning,ceven to run. I’m starting to look for other routes that don’t go along the docks since they’re starting to get slippery. My cousin tried dry needling for her shins and it helped so I’ve been thinking about giving it a shot next if my calf problems flare up again. I’m interested in hearing what you think!
    Sarah recently posted…I like to ramble.My Profile

    • I am a true believer in dry needling, especially for chronically tight areas! I really think there is a good chance it would help your calves. I can recommend my chiro if you’re interested, but he is in Columbia so not very convenient. However, their goal is short-term treatment so hopefully you would only have to go for a few visits to see results!
      I hate how slippery the docks and promenade get in the winter!

    • I used to get a lot of chafing too, but I started putting vaseline on where the HRM strap goes and that helped alot!

    • That’s a good idea to go to the running store. I got them online on sale and chose them just based on what I read. They never felt great but I’m not totally giving up on them…maybe when I am running completely pain free for awhile I will give them another try!

  4. I hate ice!!! and falling on ice! And winter! And days that snow that AREN’T snow days!!!!!! I’m glad you didn’t hurt yourself..I had a similar experience last week when I got to my track and realized it was iced over. I had the bright idea to gingerly walk over the ice-covered grass to see if the track was *really* frozen over or, was it just my imagination? Miss Bright Idea fell on her butt (no injury, obviously) But ice can really be a killer…careful out there!!!!
    Nicole@TheGirlWhoRanEverywhere recently posted…AdaptionMy Profile

  5. Looking at those Altras reminds me of my old merrels which makes me cringe because I ran through horrible tendonitis in them! I’m about to start complaining about weather too because it might impact my race this weekend, which surprisingly is making me realize that I actually want to run it! I agree that if it’s going to snow, let it snow on the weekdays and enough to keep Adam home too!
    Michele @ paleorunningmomma recently posted…Scoliosis, Oven Cleaning, Yoga, and What I’m WorthMy Profile

    • I wonder what it would take for them to cancel your race?! Hopefully the weather isn’t too bad and you get to run!

  6. The first pic. in this post is incredible, it looks like a carefully crafted scene from a movie! I suppose the snow is beautiful to look at but a totally pain in the butt to deal with. I can’t imagine having to shovel snow, wait for my car to warm up or worry about slipping on ice… glad to hear that your fall wasn’t too bad and I hope you get a snow day at work soon!!! haha
    Kristina recently posted…Grocery Shopping for the Good StuffMy Profile

    • Thanks! Days like yesterday are ok because they are pretty but don’t cause too much of a mess:)

    • Exactly! At this point I am open to most things. And I have had dry needling before so I knew there was a good chance it would help!

  7. The snow in your picture is quite pretty. That’s the snow I like. Enough to make things look like winter, but not be the ugly gray or brown snow, and not interfere with my day. I have not fallen on ice while running, but I did do it while walking in my parents’ driveway. My feet went out from under me and I sprained my wrist.
    Lesley recently posted…HIIT TrainingMy Profile

    • Ouch! Ice can be so dangerous!
      I like how the snow looks but not everything else that goes along with it:)

  8. I busted my butt on ice last Monday while attempting to salt my driveway. I could not believe how much I hurt for the next few days. As a grown-up, there is NOTHING better than an adult snow day. Believe it or not, the military installation we live on will give you delays – code red in their talk! Talk about amazing. So, I pray to the snow and ice fairies for delays on a regular basis. This year has been disappointing… by this point last year, we had quite a few delays and days off. Hope you are recovering from the ice and that your finger doesn’t give you too many problems! And, I would love to hear more on the dry needling!

    • The melt-refreeze is what always causes us the most problems here! And with the really cold temps we have had lately nothing seems to dry up!

    • The picture I shared was from April, but this time was pretty similar but in a slightly different spot.I didnt think it hurt too much except when he hit a knot! I have had a lot of relief in my piriformis but my left front hip is still a little tight- but better than before!

  9. “I really get nervous to say I’m feeling better and jinx myself” THIS this this this. It’s exactly where I am at right now with my hip flexor injury. Being pain-free seems too good to be true and I am scared if I say definitively that I’m feeling better it will jinx it and I’ll be back in pain. I recognize it’s irrational but I can’t help it!
    Brenda @ Don’t Lose the Trail recently posted…The silver lining of injury: learning to slow downMy Profile

    • Exactly! I don’t think its irrational because I always feel like once I say I am better some kind of pain comes back!

  10. I don’t even know what dry needling is….I’ll be interested to hear more about it :) And I have definitely fallen while running! It hasn’t happened in a long time…I’m probably over-due, but I went through I spell one time where my running partner and I each had several bad falls in a short timeframe.
    Beth @ RUNNING around my kitchen recently posted…Friday FavoritesMy Profile

    • I have also fallen several times in a row! I’ll try to include a little info about the dry needling tomorrow!

  11. Oh my gosh, I am so over this winter already. Yesterday’s snow was so gorgeous, but the trail still hasn’t thawed out from the last snow! I’m so ready for sunshine and warm temperatures and clear running paths.

    I had a stress fracture last year and whenever it rains it still aches – I’ve never experienced that before! It’s so weird and was really disconcerting when I was coming back to running after it because I could never tell if it was sore from the run or from the weather!
    Stephanie recently posted…Resolution Check-inMy Profile

  12. Ugh stupid snow and ice! I didn’t go out Monday because it was all ice around here. I’d much rather have snow because you can see it! I hope you’re feeling alright after the fall.
    The only time I ever fell while running was during a high school XC race. I hit my head pretty hard and blacked out. BUT I didn’t come in last after that! Sometimes old nagging injuries bother me, but like you said, it’s normally when it’s cold. My plantar fascia started hurting out of no where the other day, and that hasn’t bothered me in years! The next day on the treadmill it felt 100% fine.
    Sam @ The Running Graduate recently posted…Pushing Through ExpectationsMy Profile

    • Wow that fall sounds pretty bad! Nagging injuries are so strange- glad that your foot didn’t turn into anything major!

  13. Can I ask a possibly silly question? What is dry needling and how does it differ from acupuncture?

    I hear you on the sitting thing. At my old house I had a kitchen bar counter that I would sometimes stand and work on my laptop at. It helped a little. Unfortunately I don’t have anything comparable in the new house (yet?). It might be time for me to just suck it up and invest in a standing desk since I work from home on my laptop all day long.
    Lizzy recently posted…Training Tuesday – all over the city!My Profile

    • I’ll write a little about dry needling tomorrow, but its basically putting really thin needles into the trigger points in your muscles to help them relax! If I worked from home I would probably want a standing desk or at least try to figure out a way to make one for myself!

  14. I can no longer run, but when I did (which I miss so dearly), I fell A LOT. Always like at a main intersection or something super embarrassing or 6 miles away so I had to run 6 miles back injured. I always thought I wasn’t too clutzy but writing this comment is making me second guess that…HA! Did you ever see those treadmill desks? Super celebrities like Vicoria Beckham have them and I soooo want one! I, too am so sick of the snow…and I feel like everything starts to hurt in the winter…could be because I am old, or from all of those mid-run falls…hmmm???
    Stacy @ SweatingTulipzwithStacy recently posted…Fat Burning Interval Workout…Push yourself!My Profile

    • Treadmill desks sound awesome but I dont think I am coordinated enough to do anything else while I used a treadmill! Maybe I would learn though. It sounds so beneficial!

  15. I’ve not had dry needling but I’ve heard good things! I kind of covet your snow. It’s so ugly and grey here. Cold enough to snow but it hasn’t So just dirty, depressing snow laying around. Blech.
    Knock wood the only time I’ve fallen running was in the final 400 yards of a 20 miler. I caught a root on a trail and did a nice belly flop. Thank heavens that run was done!
    Marcia recently posted…Are You Your Own Troll?My Profile

    • I think this is the prettiest snow we have had all year!
      Wow that fall sounds rough- Im glad it was at the end of your run!

    • It just feels so much more relaxing to lay down while Im on my computer!
      I think the dry needling really helps with tight muscles, but if its not too bad you could also try ART (if you haven’t yet)!

  16. Hello from the Baltimore suburbs. I’m from Ohio, so it’s totally funny to me how the world shuts down around here for a dusting of snow. There is something really nice about the crispness of the air as you run through the streets of snow dusted trees. Sorry to hear you fell…I feel like I run a little different on snowy, wet streets because I’m always afraid of that.
    Cassandra @PoweredByBling recently posted…Thinking Out Loud ThursdayMy Profile

    • I am from NY, so I agree on not understanding how Baltimore shuts down from snow! But I get it more now that I have seen how terrible Baltimore handles the snow…nothing ever seems plowed or salted! And the sidewalks are a mess for weeks. I also think I change my stride when its slick out….definitely not ideal for running!

  17. Oh man, I am happy the fall didn’t hurt that much. Tis the time of year, unfortunately. And how odd that your finger is hurting again! I bet you can blame that on the weather!

    I would LOVE to try dry needling. Or acupuncture. I hope it continues to help!
    kilax recently posted…Mind your own timeMy Profile

    • I was very grateful that I had decided to slow down and walk where it ways icy or it could have been really bad!
      I’ve done acupuncture also, and I think thats more relaxing…dry needling is definitely more roused on trying to release tension on one specific area!

    • The black ice is definitely scary!
      I shared some links about dry needling on my blog yesterday. Let me know if you have any specific questions. Basically it just releases trigger points in muscles that are causing pain and tension.

  18. Yes to the falling and old injuries hurting. Just last week, my foot hurt in the same spot as it was hurt last year around this time. Not when I ran or anything just at a random time during the day. It was the weirdest thing, but it’s completely find now. I trip and fall way too much while running ha. I’m reallllly clumsy though:)
    Hailey recently posted…This…or that: Endure then recoverMy Profile

    • That is really great! Although I do think it takes some time to transition to standing more. I notice now that if I sit down after I run that my muscles get so much tighter right away.

  19. Hi Lisa!
    I’m a physical therapist, and several of my colleagues dry needle. I’ve had it done for some IT band issues and it helped tremendously! The put needles in my quad, IT band, and calf, and though it can be intense, it got the job done! I hope that your dry needle session goes well, are you doing it with a PT or an acupuncturist?

    • Hi Amanda, I did the dry needling with my chiropractor. This was actually my 3rd time trying it! The first time was for my piriformis and it completely got rid of the pain I was having there! The second time I had it in my quad and helped a little but I think there was a lot of other stuff going on. This time I had it in a different area of my quad and again in the piriformis which had flared up again a year later. Once again, I noticed that it helped much more in the piriformis than the quad! I do think it helps a lot, but Im learning that there is usually no one simple answer for an injury:)

  20. My husband broke his femur in a car accident several years ago and it aches during the cold too.

    I fell once while running. Scraped my knees and palms and embarrassed the hell out of myself but luckily have never broken anything! Which is truly amazing as clumsy as I am…

    • Sounds like a rough fall but its good that you didn’t break anything! I am pretty clumsy as well. Im surprised that I don fall more often when I am running!

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