How To Spend A Rainy Day At The Beach

We knew Monday night that the forecast for Tuesday wasn’t good. When I woke up at 6 Tuesday morning I could tell it was darker out than usual, and when I stepped out on the balcony it felt like it was drizzling already. I headed out for my run and it was cloudy, humid, and a light rain. Fine for a run, not ideal for a day at the beach. cloudy I just did 4 miles and then went to the gym to do some strength training. Surprisingly, it was empty when I got there, perfect for taking a mirror selfie. gym By the time I was finishing up a few more people had come in and it is a very small gym so I was happy to be done. Knowing that there was no sun to be rushing outside for, I took my time with these guys:

roller It is really difficult to foam roll on hard floors rather than carpet.

I sat outside reading blogs and eating breakfast. Typically I wouldn’t really read blogs on vacation, but again, no reason to rush to the beach meant time to do whatever else I wanted.


It was rather chilly and windy out so I bundled up and headed to the pool area. warm clothes I think I was down there for about 45 minutes before it started raining and we packed it up. reading I made myself lunch in the room… lunch And then moved myself to the couch to continue reading. nap Which lasted for about 20 minutes before I passed out and took a 2 hour nap. Life is tough. And when all else fails, start drinking. drinks What do you do when you have bad weather on beach/pool vacations?

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20 responses on How To Spend A Rainy Day At The Beach

    1. It was still a very relaxing day! And luckily we are here for a week so one raining day isn’t a big deal at all:)

    1. Hahaha competitive much? We did bring a couple board games, but everyone kind of did their own thing during the rainy day. We played some board games at night but it was a very friendly competition:)

    1. I must have really needed it! It usually takes me a few days to truly relax while I am on vacation but after that day I felt great!

    1. I think it ended up being nice to just lay around that day- plus we are at the beach for a week so one rainy days isnt a big deal at all:)

  1. Hahaha yes! When all else fails start drinking is right 😉 rainy days at the beach are some of my favorite. Reading, napping, and movie watching are perfect, especially when you can see the ocean outside the windows 😉
    Caitlin recently posted…Run For Gold 26.2KMy Profile

    1. Yes, it ended up being a great day! I always get disappointed when I see rain in the forecast when we are at the beach, but considering we are here for a week there are still plenty of sunny days to enjoy as well!

    1. Mirror selfies at the gym only happen for me when there is no one in sight:) And yes, it ended up being a perfectly relaxing day!

  2. Nearly every year I would go to the beach there would be rain. My family would play cards and board games, and normally would catch a movie. Wine and a movie on the couch sounds perfect though. While you didn’t spend time on the beach, it looks like you still had a relaxing time!
    Sam @ The Running Graduate recently posted…Beers in MarylandMy Profile

    1. That all sounds great! Luckily we only had one day of rain, so the rest of the week we got to spend enjoying the sun!

    1. Haha I was thinking I would be a little scared to play Suz in any board games! We did bring a couple of games, but now its been sunny out so we have been enjoying the beach and pool:)

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