Race Recovery and Running Plans

It’s been 10 days since the marathon, and I have “felt” recovered for the past 7. However, even though I don’t feel “sore” it is likely that my body is still recovering from the race, so I have been taking it easy. After a few days off and a few days of cross training, I started adding some easy, short runs back into my routine. Since I don’t have any races planned at this point, there is no pressure to get back into training so I feel like I can really take it slow and make sure I am feeling good.

This is how the week and a half after the race has looked:

Monday 4/14: REST…we few back to Baltimore and my legs were definitely sore. I wore compression tights under my jeans for the flight and I think they helped a lot.

Tuesday 4/15: REST (and a really easy 20 minutes of yoga that evening) I was still a little sore but MUCH better than Monday. I wanted to do something to start loosening up my muscles so I pulled up short yoga routine from Reflexion Yoga and followed it up with some foam rolling. This was also the first day I started adding in my glute exercises again…I do them everyday but I don’t make a note of it in my recaps.

Wednesday 4/16: 30 minutes elliptical, 30 minutes CX works class (a core class at my gym through Les Mills) I didn’t feel any soreness anymore by this point.

Thursday 4/17: 50 minutes elliptical

Friday 4/18: 20 minutes elliptical, Body Pump, 30 minutes run/walk on the treadmill

body pump

Saturday 4/19: 30 minutes elliptical (at my parent’s house, they just bought one!), 3 mile hill run, T25, and a circuit workout. I was at my parents with my family and in-laws, and this workout just kind of came together. After I had done the elliptical and run my sister and sister-in-law talked me into trying T25 with them. After we did it they wanted to do a little more so we put together a circuit that took us about 20 minutes. I guess instead of a long run, this will do!

hillsNo hills in Baltimore city, but plenty in Howard County! 


Sunday 4/20: 60 minute elliptical with strength circuits mixed in

Monday 4/21: 3.55 miles easy

Tuesday 4/22: 4 miles easy in AM, 30 minutes yoga in PM

harborsunriseTuesday’s sunrise run 

Wednesday 4/23: 20 minutes elliptical, Body Pump, CX works

I have been trying to include more strength training and cross training since I am not running as much. Unfortunately, I feel like spin classes aggravate my quad so I haven’t been doing that. Our gym pool opens May 1st, so maybe once it gets warm enough I will add swimming into my routine. (I am a terrible swimmer!)

So, what’s next?

I have nothing on my race calendar at this point, although I am trying to come up with some race plans. I would like to do 2-3 more half marathons this year, one more marathon (try to get that sub-4!), and several shorter distances. My priority is staying healthy, so I haven been trying to make sure my leg is 100% before signing up for anything and then pressuring myself into running more than I should.

It’s hard to tell if my leg is better, because I have been running so little. I think as I start to add some more running in I will have a better idea of how its going. I do have a few races on the horizon:


I think I am going to plan to run the Philadelphia Marathon on November 23rd. This was my first marathon in 2011, and it is a great course at a great time of the year. Rob already signed up for it, so if I do a fall marathon, this will be it. The price goes up after April 30th, so I hope to decide by then.


Philadelphia Marathon, 2011- having way too much fun running 26.2 miles! 


For the past two years I have run in the Maryland Half Marathon, which is really close to where my parents live. Its a very hill course, and each time I cross the finish line I swear I will never run it again. This year its on May 10th, which is the day before Mother’s Day, so I will probably be at my parent’s that weekend anyway. I won’t particularly “train” for it, but I will use it as a great way to practice running on hills. I will probably wait until it gets closer to sign up, since I don’t need to make travel plans or anything.

md half lisa and rob

Maryland Half Marathon, 2012

I will also probably suck it up and run in the Baltimore Half Marathon on October 18th. I have done this race twice (plus when I ran in the full it covered most of the half course) and its another hilly one. It also comes at a good time if I run the Philadelphia Marathon in November. I also live super close to the course which makes it really convenient.


Baltimore Half Marathon, 2011 

Other shorter distances:

I don’t feel like I am at a point where I could PR at a 5k or 10k any time soon. I would like to do some shorter races just for fun, especially over the summer when its too hot for longer races. I am also eyeing the Charles St 12 on August 9th. Last year was the inaugural race and I missed it because I was on vacation. I’m sure it will be really hot, but it will be an automatic PR since I have never run a 12 mile race b

The overall goal is, more importantly, to get stronger and stay healthy.

I am also excited to attend the RCCA training in June and then turn my focus to helping others run better!

How do you usually recover from a race? Do you wait a certain number of days before running again?

How far in advance do you sign up for races?

Also- if you are thinking about planning some of your own future races, you should check out Megan’s blog post!: How To Choose Your Next Race

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8 responses on Race Recovery and Running Plans

    1. I think most of Maryland has hills except Baltimore city! I never realized how hilly Howard county was until I did a half marathon there…I could see how it would be easy to get shin splints if you aren’t used to running there!

  1. You know you want to do the Philly full! I am the crazy person that signed up at midnight to get one of the first 1,000 cheap spots. I try and sign up early because I am the cheapest person alive. Sounds like you have a lot of great tentative plans. Can’t wait to see what the year brings you!

    1. That was really smart to sign up so early! I have a feeling I will sign up. Its so hard to tell how I’ll be feeling so far in advance, but I figure if its 6 months away it gives me time to get ready for training. Hopefully we will get to meet at the race! Even if I end up not running I will still go with my husband there, so I can cheer you on!

  2. I just pulled the trigger on Philly! It’ll be my first time and I was unsure of the course but decided to go for it anyway. I like the late November time and it’s pretty local for me. Glad to hear you liked the course! I am also doing that training in June :)

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