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As you probably already know, I have a slight obsession with my PRO Compression socks. I can be seen wearing them before and after runs, during long runs, sleeping, and under my boots during the day. So basically I wear them all the time.

baltimore half

They were especially helpful over the weekend when I took 4 flights to get to and from Arkansas for my SIL’s baby shower. (Well worth it of course!) I’m always grateful to be able to wear my compression socks while flying to reduce swelling and promote blood flow to the legs. I know that everyone who sees them while I go through security is secretly jealous. 

socks2I’ve also found that my favorite trick to keeping your boots down under your jeans/pants is to wear compression socks under them. I used to wear long socks that I would pull over my pants and then wear my boots but I felt like my made my pants puff out around the knee or get pulled down too low. Somehow the compression socks under my pants magically keeps my pants nicely tucked inside my boots, while providing all the benefits of compression at the same time. 

socks with boots

I’ve also been wearing the calf sleeves under my running tights lately for some extra warmth. This works on days when I need warmer socks but still want to wear compression while I am running.


According to the PRO Compression website:

PRO Compression socks deliver maximum comfort and speedy recovery times. The science is complex, but benefits such as improved blood flow, stability and comfort are universally understood.  The moment you put these socks on your feet, you will feel the difference.

True graduated compression promotes circulation by squeezing fluids away from your feet and ankles toward your knees and core. This design reduces swelling and inflamation and provides critical support to muscles and tendons.

Sounds pretty good, huh?

And now, PRO Compression giveaway time! PRO Compression will send one lucky winner a pair of marathon socks or sleeves of their choice! Enter using the rafflecopter below. I’ll be selecting a winner next Monday!

In the meantime, head over to PRO Compression and treat yourself to some marathon socks or sleeves using the discount code BLG14 for 40% off! Might I suggest these cute Valentine’s socks which are February’s sock of the month?

Image 1

a Rafflecopter giveaway

When are you most likely to wear compression socks?

This giveaway is sponsored by PRO Compression. I am a PRO Compression Ambassador, but all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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99 responses on PRO Compression Giveaway And Discount Code

  1. After long runs! I have a pair of old compression sleeves from a different company that help a little bit, but I’d love one of these super cute pairs.

  2. I wear the socks any chance I get! By accident I wore them on a flight once and what a happy accident that was! I am always wearing them for my workouts and love to recover in them!

  3. I would wear Pro Compression socks after a long run. Much needed with marathon training starting now!

    1. That’s so strange! I believe you can sign in using either facebook or E-mail. Did you try both?

  4. Brilliant on the boots/jeans trick! I need to try that next time. I have a few pairs of compression socks and while I don’t wear them for running very often (I overheat) they are staples for post-long run and post-race.
    misszippy recently posted…Inflammation 101My Profile

  5. I love to wear compression socks when I run. Not only do they feel very supportive of my calves, I like that they’re tight and don’t bunch up or fall down when I’m running.

  6. I would wear them to sleep after long runs. I’ve done this once (borrowed some from a friend) and my legs felt GREAT the next day! I’ve been drooling over the pink heart ones since I saw them here on your blog! :)

  7. I wear them after my long runs. I didn’t think of wearing the calf sleeves when I need warmer socks. Lately I have been wearing my long ski socks (wool) which have some compression to them, but really aren’t as good.
    Cheryl recently posted…Back on track…My Profile

  8. Ok Lisa I’m a little salty about this because I just bought a pair of Pro Compression socks on Saturday. Haha just kidding but good call supporting this brand! They’re awesome. I love wearing them to recover. I’m not the best at recovering (ice/stretch/foam roll, etc.) but with these I can be lazy and still treat my body well after a run.
    Lauren @ ihadabiglunch recently posted…Weekend Happenings: #diningin update, Swift-level 10, and Sweat ChicagoMy Profile

  9. I’d probably wear these socks during my long runs, because I recently had to a take a break from running due to inflammation in my ankle, and these would really help prevent future injuries!

  10. When am I likely to wear them? More like when aren’t I wearing them ! I pair them with my compression tights for races , under my jeans after morning workouts and during any of my runs/ bike seshs. Obsessed with procompression !

    1. I think so! That is one of the reasons why I prefer the socks to the sleeves. I was having some foot problems last winter and I felt like they helped to speed up recovery after hard runs.

  11. I’d definitely wear compression socks when I run…haven’t tried them yet, but I so want to! And I’d try your trick about wearing them under jeans and boots, too!!

  12. I love Pro Compression socks. I wear them running mostly but I also wear them when I may have done too many stairs that day and have sore calf muscles. I also love wearing my PC socks under my boots it is funny how they keep your pants from riding up. Love that!

  13. I just recently got a pair of Pro Compression socks and love them! I have no idea if they actually help, but I wore them on a plane ride and during/after long runs. I actually am planning on wearing them to work tomorrow to see if it helps my sore feet at all (why not).

  14. I wear compression socks after long runs and during hard training cycles I wear them constantly. Yesterday, after a super speedy and taxing track workout, I wore my ProCompression socks to play golf. Yup, I am that girl! I would love another pair as I train for the Boston Marathon!
    Pam and Christine recently posted…#runnerlove, 5 favorite thingsMy Profile

  15. I’ve been wearing compression socks as I get back into running from a calf injury. They help me recover from my runs and hopefully avoid another injury!

  16. I’m new to running, and I’m working to increase the mileage. Pro Compression socks would offer greater support; moreover, the fun designs provide motivation on cold morning runs.

  17. I’ve had trouble with shin pain in the past and would love to wear the compression socks during my day-to-day runs to prevent pain + injury!

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