Philadelphia Marathon Training Week 13

This week felt much more like a taper week than last week. On Monday my legs felt fresh and ready to run, but other easy runs over the week felt kind of sluggish. I’ve also been really tired, so running less has been a good thing. 

Philadelphia Marathon Training Week of 11/9-11/15:

Sunday: Rest

Monday: 7.16 miles with 5 @ MGP (ended up being faster) (average pace 7:54) PM: 75 minutes hot yoga


Tuesday: 6.01 miles easy (9:13 pace), core work


Wednesday: 4.2 miles easy (8:58 pace)


Rusty Scupper and Federal Hill are back there somewhere

Thursday: 3.11 miles easy (8:58 pace), core workthursday

Friday: Rest …I started stalking the weather forecast…


Saturday: 8.2 miles (average pace 8:04) This was much faster than it should have been, but it was so cold out and I just wanted to run fast to warm up! I had a downhill on mile 3 and ran it in like 7:43, and from there I just kind of held a faster pace than usual. I definitely felt strong during this run but I know I really should’t be pushing the pace too much this close to the race.

ft mchenry

Total: 28.68 miles

It’s getting really close now! 

How were your workouts this week?

How has the weather been where you are?

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20 responses on Philadelphia Marathon Training Week 13

    1. I’m sure it will change just about every day this week! And the next few days look like there weather will be all over the place, so I have no idea what to expect!

    1. I’m not sure what is going on with this weather! Looks like the next few days will be crazy again, too.

    1. I know that the weather will change a million times between now and next weekend, but I can’t help checking it anyway!

  1. I hardly ever think the first week feels like a taper, it’s the second week where you really start to feel it! We’ve had really cold temps this past week and it’s snowing now….I was hoping to get caught in the snow at the end of my run this morning….but I missed it. Beautiful pictures!
    Beth @ RUNNING around my kitchen recently posted…Friday favoritesMy Profile

    1. We haven’t had any real snow yet here, but I can tell that winter is definitely coming earlier than usual. Snowy runs are so pretty!

  2. I’m constantly stalking the weather even if I don’t have a race on the schedule! I have no idea why since our weather is fairly consistent during the winter (80s during the day, 70s at night), but I always hope that I’ll check the forecast and see something cold on there! 😀

    What time do you go to your hot yoga class? I really want to start taking yoga, but I’m not sure if I should go early in the morning before work, or around 7pm-ish after work.
    Kristina recently posted…Half Marathons & Full Marathons on My MindMy Profile

    1. Its always good to be in the know about the weather:) The yoga classes I go to are at 5:30. I usually get home from work at 4:30 so it works with my schedule, but I am also in bed by 9 so I don’t like going to classes any later than that:)

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