Philadelphia Marathon Training Week 12

Another training week down and only two more to go! This was my first week of taper, but didn’t necessarily feel like. I think since I was just coming off my 22 miles and still did two workouts this week, it wash’t drastically different from previous week. However, a “long run” of 12 miles doesn’t sounds very long compared to what I’ve been doing!

Sunday: Rest

Monday: 7.01 miles easy (9:13 pace), core work


Tuesday: 7.1 miles steady state. Plan was 7:55-8:15 but ended up being faster. (7:43 pace) PM: 60 minutes hot yoga


Wednesday: 5.1 miles easy (9:08 pace), strength workout


Thursday: 8.18 miles with 5 at MPG and 1 mile of hills (8:05 pace overall) in the gross, pouring rain and wind. Core work.


Friday: Rest. I was planning to rest anyway but woke up with a super stiff neck like I slept on it weird, so I was glad it was a rest day.

Saturday: 12 miles with last 4 at MGP (8:23 pace overall) My legs felt really fresh at the start of the run, but it was 38 degrees so took a couple miles to warm up. I didn’t bring any water or fuel and started to notice by the end. Still hit my goal paces, although my garmin had some crazy satellite connection around mile 5 making that split significantly slower than the rest. 


Total: 39.39 miles <–isn’t that kinda cool?!

I think that this upcoming week will feel a lot lighter as the real taper begins!

How were your workouts this week?

Anyone else go running in the rain/wind this week? 

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18 responses on Philadelphia Marathon Training Week 12

    1. Thanks!The neck has been improving but I think Im gonna switch pillows tonight. I used some icy hot and that helped! I think there is a big difference between warm wind and cold wind! Although any wind is annoying, in my opinion!

  1. Seriously strangest thing but I had the same neck issue Friday morning! And that never happens to me! I attributed it to being exhausted since I had been up with sick kids for a few nights and sleeping on it strangely as well. But coincidence much? That was also my rest day :)

    Your running looks awesome this week! You are all set for the race!
    Michele @ paleorunningmomma recently posted…Marathon Training Week 14 Update – CutbackMy Profile

    1. That is so weird!! And I think Thursday night was just a rough night because my husband woke up with 6 bug bites (he is thinking spider but I am hoping mosquito). So this weekend I washed our sheets and switched around the pillows a bit, in case that had to do with the neck issue. I also used some icy hot when it was really bothering me and that helped a lot. It felt fine when running except when I went to cross a street and tried to look left- I basically had to turn my whole body!
      Hope that your neck is feeling better!

    1. Hi! I actually ran Philly 3 years ago as my first marathon, also! Such a great race! What year did you run it? This was my first ever 22 miler, and I had actually set out for 20 but felt good enough to keep going. I’m hoping that the taper starts to feel more like a taper this week:) Thanks for following!

    1. A little rain doesn’t necessarily make me run worse, but when its pouring rain I end up pretty miserable!

  2. High-Fives to you for running in the rain! I have a hard time motivating to run outside when it is cold and wet. I did run the Nashville 1/2 marathon in pouring rain and it was insane, but thank goodness it was a fun race otherwise I would have been seriously cranky.
    She Rocks Fitness recently posted…Learning To Say “NO”…My Profile

    1. I ran the Houston marathon in the cold rain a couple of years ago, and I would prefer to not have to race in those conditions again! There were lots of blisters and chafing!

    1. Thanks! I agree- just looking at my schedule this week I can tell it will feel like a lot less.

    1. I don’t have a goal that’s too specific because I feel like the marathon has SO many factors and I don’t want to feel disappointed. My training plan was based on a 3:30 but that is probably faster than I plan to run. I would be THRILLED with a 3:44 because my PR is a 4:01! That is great to know that your training was similar to mine and you ran that time! Honestly my biggest goal is to break 4 hours, but I know I can run faster than that, so we will see what happens!

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