Oatmeal Walnut Muffin Recipe

Almost two weeks later, I am finally getting around my posting the recipe for Oatmeal Walnut Muffins I created on a whim. This was one of those recipes that I came up with just by using what I had in my kitchen (which wasn’t much- we hadn’t gone grocery shopping) and lucky enough I wrote down the ingredients because they came out great! 

oatmeal walnut muffins

These are made with whole wheat flour, coconut sugar, and coconut oil, along with other healthy ingredients. None of the flavors are overly powerful, and these muffins can be described as slightly sweet with s subtle hint of cinnamon. While I added walnuts and raisins, you can add any nut or dried fruit that you choose!
oatmeal muffin

This recipe makes 12 muffins, and they lasted about a week. I kept a few in the fridge so I knew they would last a few more days. 

baked muffinsThey are perfect for breakfast, a snack, or a sweet treat at night!
oatmeal muffin

Oatmeal Walnut Muffins
Yields 12
A sweet and savory muffin with a subtle hint of cinnamon, perfect for breakfast, or a snack at any time of day!
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Prep Time
10 min
Prep Time
10 min
  1. 1 cup whole wheat flour
  2. 1 cup oats
  3. 1 cup coconut sugar
  4. 2 tsp baking soda
  5. 1/4 tbsp salt
  6. 2 tsp cinnamon
  7. 1/2 cup coconut oil (melted)
  8. 1/4 cup honey
  9. 3/4 cup apple sauce
  10. 3 eggs
  11. 1/2 cup walnuts
  12. 1/2 cup raisins
  1. Preheat oven to 400. Grease a muffin pan or use muffin liners.
  2. Mix all dry ingredients together in a large bowl. Mix all wet ingredients in another bowl. Add wet ingredients to dry until everything is well combined. Pour batter into 12 portions of muffin pan.
  3. Bake for 18-20 minutes or until inserted toothpick comes out clean.
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Have a great weekend!

What are your favorite kind of muffins?

What is one thing your will be baking or cooking this weekend?

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