Monthly Check-In: March 2016

I would have to say that March was kind of an interesting month for me. I struggled with my running for most of the month, and was frustrated each time the cold weather would come back. But we made it to April, which will hopefully bring some (ongoing) spring weather!

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Summary of March:

This month I started adding back in some harder workouts after a few months of only easy runs. I guess I started “training” for a 10k I have in April but I’m not following any sort of plan, just structuring my workouts to include 10k pace. I was reminded to focus on recovery after pushing a little too hard one week, and then felt like I was in a running slump for a few weeks. I’m sure the two were connected, but after reassessing a bit I felt like I was back on track. 

long run

I was able to blog a bit more this month- sometimes 4-5 days a week! I think I just got into a routine of drafting my posts on the weekends and then keeping up with my reading, commenting, and replying to comments after work. 

I got to see my friends in Boston for a baby shower

baby shower

And Easter came and went, which meant the return of coffee!


I also really enjoyed linking up with the Coaches’ Corner this month, with SuzLoraDebbie, and Rachel!

upper body strength

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2016 goals


  1. Continue to work on staying strong and healthy  I’ve continued to do my core work and strength training, and focused on arranging my workout schedule to allow for this.
  2. Run/Walk 2016 miles This month I ran 120 miles and walked 90 miles. I’m at 552 total miles for the year. (I track my walking using my Vivofit but subtract a mile each day for what I consider just getting around the house.)
  3. Work towards a BQ No marathons are scheduled for anytime soon. I’m working on building a solid base right now.
  4. Work towards sub 1:40 half I’m still starting to think about training for a half, but haven’t decided on one yet.
  5. Do at least 10 push-ups 3 days per week Most weeks this month I did 3-4 days of push-ups. I’m really trying to focus on form...they never get any easier:)  



  1. Improve posture I switched out my chair at work and I think that has helped a little.
  2. Move more I think overall I am very slowly making improvements with this- it’s all about the little changes you make and start incorporating into your habits each day!
  3. Focus on saving money Could have done better this month, too many trips to Target… 
  4. Get back in the habit of weekly meal prep I did meal prep all weekends expect the one that I was away at a baby shower. So I just planned all quick/easy meals for that week and sent Rob to the grocery store with a list while I was gone- same as last month when I was away for a weekend.
  5. Make time to unplug I think as I have gotten on more of a consistent blogging schedule I have been able to finish up early enough in the evening to unplug for a bit. I also try to make time to unplug on the weekends. 

meal prep

Overall I think I turned a corner at the end of March, and hope that I continue to see improvements in my running through April! 

How did you do with your goals in March?

What are you looking forward to in April?

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27 thoughts on “Monthly Check-In: March 2016

  1. Gahh target gets me EVERY time. It’s impossible to be thrifty there, I’m convinced. How are you doing now that coffee is back? I’m curious after a month+ away. Thanks for the posture reminder – I remember seeing that as your initial goal and I need constant reminders to do this too. Have a great weekend, Lisa!
    Sarah @ BucketListTummy recently posted…Top 3 Friday FavoritesMy Profile

    • I am loving being back to coffee but I have definitely been a little more aware of keeping it to just one cup a day. And I really savor that one cup:) However, yesterday I traveled all day and woke up super early so I had a few extra cups to get me through the day.

  2. Love that pic of your two mugs. :) Such a pretty face! I mean, even if you weren’t pretty, your personality is great so there’s always that too. I can’t believe it’s already April! Watch your back out there this morning!
    Suzy recently posted…Would You Rather…My Profile

  3. I get my bulk groceries at Target, so I’ve been so many times, I don’t go overboard when I’m there. If I need something in a non-grocery aisle, I can find it without other stuff jumping into my cart.
    Lesley recently posted…Oldies WorkoutMy Profile

  4. Yay coffee! That first sip must have been magical, haha!

    What a great month for you! I haven’t set monthly goals in a very long time but you’re making me think I should get back to it. I remember it being really motivating! I’m going to do it for April!

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