Monthly Check-In: January 2016

January has been over for several days already and I’m not gonna lie- I was happy to see it go! It went by faster than usual (probably because of my time in Florida and the blizzard) but I always feel like January is the toughest month to get through. As I did last year, I am going to try to recap how I did on my goals each month, in a slightly different format than last year. 


Summary of January: 

This was an interesting month, as it started out with oddly warm temperatures and ended with a blizzard. I felt like I got a strong start on my goals but definitely slacked a bit when I was away and during the blizzard. That’s why it’s important that I keep track of my goals and check in regularly to hold myself accountable. 

I didn’t run any races this month, but did manage to run about 99 miles. (If I had paid more attention I probably would have just run 1 extra mile!)  I made a trip to the Speed Clinic in Virginia and started working on improving my strength and form. (I still have to post more about that!) I also ran on a treadmill more than I would have liked by doing a free trial at a gym. 

I think I fell into a rhythm with my blogging that can work for now. I have been posting about 3 days  week, which has left me enough time to also read other blogs and reply to comments. Here are a few posts from this month:

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2016 goals


  1. Continue to work on staying strong and healthy This month I visited the UVA Speed Clinic where I had a full 3D running assessment and was given specific feedback about my imbalances, weaknesses, and how to address them
  2. Run/Walk 2016 miles 175 miles ran and walked in January…just about right on track for this goal
  3. Work towards a BQ No marathons are scheduled for anytime soon. I’m working on building a solid base right now
  4. Work towards sub 1:40 half I’m starting to think about training for a half, but haven’t decided on one yet
  5. Do at least 10 push-ups 3 days per week I did this except for the week of the blizzard when I was sore from shoveling. (That week I did push-ups 2 days)



  1. Improve posture This one has been tough for me. Posture is one of the things I am focusing on after my running assessment but it’s I still find myself slouching all the time. 
  2. Move more I did well with this in the beginning of the month but have gotten off track, especially when it snowed. I felt like I just wanted to be lazy the whole week! Aside from shoveling, of course.
  3. Focus on saving money I did well with this in January, but now I am starting to think about all the expenses I have this spring and it’s starting to worry me a bit
  4. Get back in the habit of weekly meal prep I think of the 5 Sundays in January I did meal prep on 3 of them. But one week I knew I was off from work for the snow and the other week I had just gotten back from vacation. 
  5. Make time to unplug I haven’t really figured this one out yet. It’s tough to track, and really hard to do when I feel like  am busy and behind on so many things. 

Now we are already several days into a new month, so it’s time to focus on what’s ahead! 

How did you do with your goals in January?

What are you looking forward to in February?


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40 thoughts on “Monthly Check-In: January 2016

  1. I am not a goal setter but I would like to pick my races soon and figure out if there’s a half in my future that I am training for! I don’t total my monthly mileage but if I did, I would probably see that it’s down in the winter because of the weather and dark mornings. The combination just has me running slightly less I think but before we know it, the warmer weather will be here! I say this as it snows right now!
    meredith @ Cookie ChRUNicles recently posted…Super Bowl Recipes & Dinner PlanMy Profile

  2. Really excellent January. I know if I had to deal with ice and snow my January would be super weak!

    “Make time to unplug” I started making a conscious effort to do this a couple of months ago. At first I had to basically schedule the time for myself. I would say”okay from 10:30pm – 12:30am” (my bed time) you will not go on the computer or do any chores. It was hard at first because I felt like “oh no, I still need to blog and comment on blogs and do laundry and ….” but eventually I learned to let go of all that unnecessary stress!
    Kristina recently posted…Memory Lane: Birthdays and Valentine’s Day 2005My Profile

  3. I need to go back and check on mine. Posture is such a good one- I need to work on that too! I sat up straighter just reading it. :) Yes, January is one of my least favorite months too.. now winter feels like it’s manageable, just another month or so hopefully!
    Laura @ Mommy Run Fast recently posted…18 month old updatesMy Profile

  4. Nice Wayne Gretzky miles last month! Ha ha! I’ve been doing planks and a few pushups here and there but I’m also concentrating on stretching out my arms and chest to make sure the pushups aren’t making my slouching worse. I too have bad posture.
    Suzy recently posted…Skin ShallowMy Profile

  5. January seemed to be a good month, and I hope to continue making progress this month. I set some goals a little late in January, but feel like I did well with my post-run yoga. I’d like to continue that as part of my cool down each time I run.
    Lesley recently posted…My Strength TrainingMy Profile

  6. Spring is an expensive time for me too. Taxes (I have a private piano studio so I always owe $$) and my car gets inspected AND we pay our car insurance for the year in a lump sum. Owe and teacher union dues are due and that’s $800. AUGH!!!
    Megan @ Meg Go Run recently posted…Friday 5My Profile

  7. You aren’t kidding that January is the toughest month to get through! This January was particularly tough for me–I couldn’t wait for February. I like the idea of setting new goals or evaluating my goals at the start of each month. I kind of let things go in January, but I’m already back on track. Onward and Upward!
    Wendy@Taking the Long Way Home recently posted…5 new things to love on the run! And I’m giving one of them away!My Profile

  8. I totally get what you mean about not being in the groove in January!! Strength training would immensely help your running – speed, prevent injury, and definitely posture!

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