Meal Planning And Prep 3/8-3/14

Last weekend was a busy one but I still made sure to get my prep done, especially because I knew I would be busy during the week too! I did half of my prep on Saturday and half on Sunday to make the most of any free time I had. I also started with prepping lunches and saved things like baking for last in case I ran out of time. 

weekly meal planning and food prep

 Sunday: Crunchy Cashew Thai Quinoa Salad with Ginger Peanut Dressing

Monday: Leftovers from my parents’

Tuesday: Burgers, sweet potato fries, green beans

Wednesday: Easy chicken bake

Thursday: Tacos

Friday: salmon, salad, side of pasta. I was going to use Sara’s recipe for the salmon, but I couldn’t get the webpage to load on Friday night! Silly internet. 

Saturday: Veggie Crockpot Lasagna with ground turkey added

Breakfast: smoothies, eggs with bacon and veggies, paleo cinnamon blueberry breakfast cake

Lunch: salads with grilled chicken or steak and veggies, leftovers

Snacks/Desserts/Other: fruit, baby carrots with almond butter, fudge brownie bites

meal prep

 Here is what I prepped:

-roasted the sweet potatoes and broccoli for lunches or breakfasts

-cleaned, cut, stored berries

-made brownie bites (super easy- they’re no bake!)

-cleaned, cut, stored, cucumbers and bell pepper

-Rob grilled chicken for lunches and made extra for Sunday’s dinner

-baked blueberry breakfast cake

-cooked steak

-prepared the quinoa salad- it’s served chilled so I made it at the end of my prep on Sunday and figured I would put in in the picture


I was happy that I made some different meals this week, but nothing too elaborate since I had something to do after work almost every evening!

How do you handle food prep on a busy weekend- skip it or still get it done?

Are there are any foods that you make a priority to prep because you know you won’t have time to prepare it during the week?

I’ll be joining Mommy Run Fast and Jill Conyers on Sunday for their meal planning link-up!

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15 thoughts on “Meal Planning And Prep 3/8-3/14

  1. I made my fudge brownie bites again the other night – batch #3 or 4 at this point! I really love them and what I love is how easy they are to throw together at any point of the week. It’s rare that I keep making something over and over but when I run out, I remember it’s nothing to make some more, one bowl, no mess and no bake. I should try out another variation for fun this weekend maybe.
    meredith @ The Cookie ChRUNicles recently posted…Pro Compression Fun & Upcoming RacesMy Profile

  2. I definitely always try to get meal prepping done, even if it’s busy- at least SOMETHING. This weekend, however, is spring break- so there is no prepping, just getting things together for the trip. Kind of weird not to be prepping (although if I was super organized I would since we will be in an RV- but I’m just not organized. I am ALWAYS waiting until the last minute when going out of town lol!).

    You have a race today right (RnR DC) ?? If so- good luck!!
    AJ @ NutriFitMama recently posted…Absolutely Delicious Blueberry-Lemon Cake {Gluten Free, Vegan}My Profile

    • I always enjoy those weekends when I can skip out on the meal prep.
      I was signed up for the DC half but didn’t run it because I’m still working on recovering from some injuries.
      Have a great trip!

  3. You are so organized with all of your food! My week of food was nothing special, same old same old. Chicken, broccoli, sweat taters, salad… ooh and ground turkey! That was an extra surprise. Oh and Paul randomly made pasta one night. Last night we went out for sushi, which was DELISH. Tonight we are going to a Cinco de Mayo party (I know it is March, we are just being silly) so we are going to have all kinds of yummy mexican food. I guess my reward for eating really healthy dinners during the week is having something fun on the weekends!
    Megan @ Meg Go Run recently posted…“Weekly” Workout Recap!My Profile

    • Oh ok I thought it was my internet being difficult! I’ll just have to try the recipe next week!

    • There are some weeks like that for me too…lately I have made it a priority, but I think as we start to get even busier with preparing for the move that meal prep won’t be happening for a bit.

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