Meal Planning and Prep 2/22-2/28

Lately I have felt like I’ve had a better rhythm with my meal planning and prep. I guess it got a little more stressful when I was doing the Whole30 because I really wanted to try different things that required some more work. But now I know what we like, and I try to stick with things that are pretty easy to make. The only thing that’s added on a little time with the meal prep is that I am back to baking- totally worth it in my opinion!

weekly meal planning and food prep

 Meal Plan for 2/22-2/28:

Sunday: Flat iron steaks (with this marinade), roasted red potatoes, asparagus

Monday: Bacon, broccoli rabe and tomato “pasta”

Tuesday: Paleo taco salad with plantain chips

Wednesday: Pork chops, baked potatoes, broccoli

Thursday: Burgers, sweet potato fries, mixed veggies

Friday: Tilapia, roasted fingerling potatoes, green beans

Saturday: Paleo Turkey Chili

Breakfasts: Smoothies, eggs with bacon/veggies

Lunches: Leftovers, salads with chicken, leftover steak, roasted veggies

Snacks/Dessert: Fruit, baby carrots, almond butter, chocolate chip muffins, paleo cupcakes

meal prep

Here’s what I prepped last weekend:

-roasted spaghetti squash

-cleaned and stored berries

-clean and cut veggies

-roasted sweet potatoes and broccoli

-marinated steak

-baked cupcakes and muffins

-made plantain chips

-Rob grilled chicken on indoor grill

This took 1 hour plus cleaning time on Saturday, and about 45 minutes on Sunday. 

If you usually meal prep, how long does it take you?

What are some of your favorite meals that you like to make each week?

I’ll be joining Mommy Run Fast and Jill Conyers on Sunday for their meal planning link-up!


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28 thoughts on “Meal Planning and Prep 2/22-2/28

    • I know that most nights I will want something sweet after dinner, so its nice to have something prepared! If I have extra time I also like to make a healthy muffin or other type of snack to have during the week.

    • No problem! Like I said, the baking adds on the most time, so if you’re really just cutting up fruits and vegetables it could be done in probably less than 30 minutes.

    • I have found that it just depends on how much time you will have during the week to do stuff. If I have a busy week, then I make sure to do alot of prep. Some weekends is nice to skip alot of the prep if I know I will have more time to cook during the week!

    • Sounds delicious! I was planning to make paleo blueberry muffins this weekend but we didn’t have enough blueberries so I ended up subbing chocolate chips in anyway:)

    • I love risotto and haven’t had it in so long! And soup is a great idea- I love meals with lots of leftovers!

    • Thanks! Burgers are usually a go-to meal for me. And I usually like to keep things simple! It’s much easier than always having complicated recipes to follow:)

    • That’s a good meal that I haven’t had in awhile! Thanks for the reminder:)

    • That’s a great start! If I don’t have time to actually meal plan and prep, making a list in my head usually works well enough:)

  1. The flat iron steak looks sounds so good and with the marinade!
    I will have to try it!
    We made burgers and homemade sweet potato fries tonight – so good!! :)
    Really like how you prep on the weekend – great ideas!
    I bake a lot also, healthy muffins and energy bars for snacks.
    Great post!
    Natalie recently posted…1 Sentence Saturday!My Profile

    • Thanks! It’s always nice to have some of that stuff available throughout the week. I always prefer to make my own marinades when possible- and its pretty easy to do!

    • Thanks! The cupcakes were so good- but not sweet (I don’t have much of a sweet tooth) but still a nice flavor with the chocolate frosting. And I always love having steak!

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