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Now that I am back to marathon training I am trying to be more aware of what I am eating and how it makes me feel. Over the past year I learned about paleo and did a Whole30 but I don’t eat paleo 100% all the time. I try to focus on eating unprocessed, natural foods but it doesn’t always happen. I do notice that certain foods bother me if I eat them too much, so I think it will be important to pay attention to the foods I am eating since I got pretty lax about it while I wasn’t training. 

My first day of training started with the usual coffee/banana/water combo.

banana cofee

After my run I grabbed some nuun and heated up a frittata. This was alot like the bacon and sweet potato frittata I shared a few weeks ago but instead of mixing it all  up I cooked it in layers so it basically had a bacon crust. 


Morning snacks at work were berries and oatmeal blueberry chocolate chip muffins




Lunch was leftovers…On Sunday night I made this sundried tomato and spinach pasta bake. I added ground turkey and only used mozzarella instead of all the recommended types of cheese.

pasta bake

We are running low on Lararbars (waiting for our amazon prime shipment) so I ate a Clif bar instead on my way home from work.

clif bar

Dinner was meatloaf using this recipe: Beast Meatloaf with veggies and baked potatoes on the side. 


Dessert was some dark chocolate and some of Michele’s fudge that I attempted to make over the weekend- however, I must have made it wrong because it didn’t really stick together. I guess I’m bad at following directions and all it involved was mixing things in a bowl… It still tasted delicious even if it didn’t look very pretty!


Do you ever mess up really simple recipes?

Do you eat differently when you are training for a race/running more?


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42 responses on Marathon Training WIAW

    1. Oh the fudge is delicious- I am just tempted to eat it out of the container with a spoon! But I want it to last more than a day:)

    1. Yes more of everything sounds about right! Which is why I need to eat relatively well…because eating extra junk is not the answer. When I cook the end results never looks the way it did online but I don’t care as long as it tastes good!

    1. I guess I don’t really pay attention too much to carbs but I do eat tons of potatoes especially when the mileage gets higher!

    1. I haven’t been liking how dairy makes me feel, so I have mostly cut that out except for occasionally eating cheese:)

  1. I don’t usually eat differently when training, but when I go for my first marathon I think that will change. Mostly because I do notice a sugar crash after I eat a lot of high sugar foods, but know I will need to get in a good mix of complex carbs, protein and fat that I don’t pay attention to really at all.
    Alyssa @ Renaissancerunnergirl recently posted…WIAW #21: Sandwiches to SashimiMy Profile

    1. I think that you will be able to adjust accordingly. I just noticed when I started running more that I had to make sure I was eating enough the day of a long run because typically I wouldn’t have much of an appetite. But its also good to make sure you’re eating satisfying foods that will make you feel good:)

    1. Oh the fudge was delicious! Not ideal for posting pictures online, but the perfect snack:)

  2. The easiest recipes are the hardest for me to follow. Probably because I have a false sense of confidence. I definitely eat more meticulous while training because I try to avoid the “must find a bathroom ASAP” feeling as much as possible.
    Jamie recently posted…WIAW Random Foods EditionMy Profile

    1. I think that its the false sense of confidence that gets me too! Like I feel like I don’t have to worry about measuring stuff and can just eyeball it…which is usually a terrible idea!

  3. I eat differently during the school year than I do in the summer. In the summer, I am more likely to eat something that takes longer to make than cereal because I have the time. During the school year, it’s cereal. Lunch during the school year is always chicken, sweet taters, and broccoli. In the summer, there is always much more variety to my lunches! I tend to eat the same amount of healthy/junk as I do whether I am racing or not. I think for the most part it is healthy stuff and whatever junk I eat it is junk my stomach is used to eating. I don’t know if that’s good or bad. 😉 Prob a little of both!
    Megan @ Meg Go Run recently posted…What’s In My Bag (VLOG!)My Profile

    1. I also eat differently when I am busier at work during the school year. I make sure to bring food that I don’t need to heat up because sometimes there is a long line for the microwave and I don’t have time to wait around!

  4. I’ve been trying to eat more protein and veggies, as well as making sure I get enough iron during my training. The iron is hard, as I don’t care for red meat (nor does my stomach). I can never seem to eat my spinach before my bag starts to go bad. Thankfully I don’t normally eat too much junk as long as I eat at home, so I have that going for me! I’ve been hooked on Z bars lately, which are basically just smaller clif bars.
    Sam @ See Sam Run recently posted…Montreal Monday, Eh?My Profile

    1. If you ever use spinach in smoothies you can freeze the bag…thats what I do, or if I open a bag and I know I won’t use the rest before it goes bad I put it in the freezer.

    1. I look forward to hearing what you decide to do! Its alot of pressure to decide on a race, but also exciting when you do officially sign up!

    1. You definitely should! I was really happy with all the recipes I tried last weekend:)

    1. I think its tricky because when you start running alot more you want to eat more…so its important to make sure you are eating relatively well:)

  5. Bacon crust?!? That’s a great idea, Lisa! I need to try this variation; thanks for the idea! I certainly try to stick to unprocessed foods as much as possible during training; I let myself splurge a little on really long run days but, other than that, I try to do pretty well. That sun-dried tomato and spinach pasta bake looks amazing!!
    Tara @ Running ‘N’ Reading recently posted…2015 White River 4 Mile ClassicMy Profile

    1. Long run days definitely deserve a splurge! The bacon crust is so good- definitely better than just mixing the bacon pieces in.

    1. Exactly..its nice to sometimes eat whatever you want but not really worth it when you are doing log runs and other tough workouts!

    1. For a while I was trying to do spaghetti squash instead. But once in a while its nice to do regular pasta. Spaghetti squash can be alot of work!

    1. Ooh that spinach/mushroom lasagna sounds really good! I loved one-dish meals like that.

  6. Mmmm that pasta sounds delicious. I LOVE sundried tomatoes on anything and evening, but especially pasta dishes. I can eat them all by themselves too though, haha. It’s a bit weird since I don’t like raw tomato or even chunks of cooked tomato!
    Kristina recently posted…IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!My Profile

    1. I like SDT more than regular tomatoes I think! And believe it or not I don’t think I have ever had them in a pasta dish until this week:)

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