Lots of Questions and Random Ramblings (TOL #23)

I have to say that I feel a little more put together/on top of things than I did at this time last week. Perhaps my Sunday of relaxation helped, but I also feel like I’ve just been finally able to catch up on stuff and it feels good. 


wine always helps

So let’s just jump right into what I’ve been thinking about because the first thing is related to getting things done. I finally got around to replying to comments from last week (sorry for taking so long!) and I realized about 20 comments went to spam. But there were like 3,000 spam comments and once I realized that a bunch of real comments had gone to spam I decided to go through to find them. This took forever. I used to randomly skim my spam and delete them, but I had clearly fallen behind on that. I’m wondering if other bloggers check their spam folder every day? It seems like a lot of work but its kind of inevitable that occasionally a real comment will go to spam. Also, a few of the same people’s comments are still going there all the time! Any tips on what to do about this?

While we are on the topic of blog comments, I have another question for all of you experienced bloggers/commenters. If I am commenting on a blogger blog, what is the best way (if any) to enter my information so that I can see the reply without going back to the site? Is there a way? I think I have been using google account, but I’m not able to see the replies without going back to the blog. I know there are a bunch of options but the only ones that have worked for me are google or name/url. 

Anyway, one thing that has made my week easier is crock pot/freezer meals. It’s so nice to not have to do anything for dinner after work and it has given me some extra time to do blogging stuff. There’s also minimal clean-up. I am definitely still learning how to master it because if I put everything in before I leave for work around 8 (and the food is frozen) and we want to eat dinner at 6 or 7pm, that’s 10-11 hours on low and I think that might be too long.  I guess we will just suffer through slightly overcooked meals if it means less work in the kitchen. 

beef stew

In other news, running has been much better this week although my legs are feeling the peak of training for sure. Monday I ran 9 easy miles and felt good. Tuesday I did a 7 mile steady state run (7:55-8:15 pace) and then Wednesday I did 7 easy and my legs were so heavy. Thursday I have 4 @ MGP and hills for a total of about 7, and then a rest day on Friday before Saturday’s long run. 


By the way, as I was just typing that out I thought today was Tuesday (I’m writing this Wednesday night) so it was a pleasant surprise to realize that the week is more than halfway over!

Well that was plenty of nonsense for you today, and if you made it through all of that, good for you and I am sorry if I made your head spin. It’s time for some yoga now so namaste. 




Thanks Amanda for hosting Thursday’s are for thinking out loud!

If I didn’t already ask enough questions above, tell me how you’re week has been going so far?!

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37 thoughts on “Lots of Questions and Random Ramblings (TOL #23)

  1. Glad your legs are feeling better this week! I’m taking double rest days before my long run this weekend because me left knee started hurting somewhere between Monday and tues. Not happy about it, but I feel like it’s a two days of rest will solve it kind of thing. Not really surprised either! I think extra speed work plus switching around my days last week set me up for it.
    Michele @ paleorunningmomma recently posted…A Runner’s Brain During Peak Training – Thinking Out LoudMy Profile

    • That’s really smart of you to take an extra rest day! That was what I ended up doing last week and I think it helped to prevent a bigger problem. Speedwork always challenges my body in a totally different way!

  2. I don’t check my spam folder often at all but I do have random issues with it. Like lately, I have phases where I am getting a ton of spam as real comments. Half the time they can’t even fix it and it just works itself out. Or, the comments go to my site but don’t come to my gmail account and instead end up in my gmail spam. I hate technology…I am glad you are running better this week, I think I am too! I had a great run yesterday. Let’s see what today brings.
    meredith @ The Cookie ChRUNicles recently posted…TOL-Build-A-Bear, Maoz, Playing HookyMy Profile

    • I’ve had comments go to gmail spam to and I don’t really get it. I just reply to comments through my wordpress account so I think I can see them all there. I also hate technology- or at least the technology stuff that I don’t understand!

  3. It’s so funny to me that my legs are feeling so DEAD one day and then WHABAM the next. During training, I pretty much knew what to expect! How’s the TFL btw? Also, after a good warm up, the horizon’s lunch from yoga is excellent for stretching that out, but only after warming up–don’t do it cold.
    On the subject of spam, I think that is just how it is, unless you put something up that they have to check or whatever when they post a comment. Otherwise, I just know that there are certain people who literally always go to spam, lol.
    Susie @ SuzLyfe recently posted…NYC, Running Late, Autumn, Sproing, $13m Condos, Thinking Out LoudMy Profile

    • TFL is actually a little sore I think from all the deep tissue work I got on it, but I do think its helped to loosen everything else up! I also think I figured out how to roll out the glute medius. I think every muscle in my hips is just super tight!
      So “horizons lunch”- is that a typo? I actually googled it because I was like wow maybe its really just something in yoga that i never heard of, but then I thought maybe something was autocorrected. Now I am dying to know what this awesome mysterious yoga pose is!

  4. I have trouble with real comments going to spam, too, but it hasn’t happened a lot lately. I try to go in periodically to check them. Never can figure out why some reply comments come back to my blog and some don’t. At first I thought it was other WordPress blogs but then realized it wasn’t just those. If you figure it out, please share. Have a great day!
    Fran@BCDC recently posted…Thinking Out Loud #3My Profile

    • Others have commented and said that the blogger has to set up for the comment reply to be E-mailed. I knew that about self-hosted wordpress, but I wasn’t sure what the deal was with blogger. I guess they also need to set it up to be E-mailed if they want. For awhile I didn’t have too much of an issue with the spam so I’m not sure why all of a sudden its been happening all the time!

  5. I used to check my spam folder regularly, but it just started building up way too fast and I don’t have the time to go through it anymore. Sometimes people let me know if their comments aren’t going through, and sometimes I just have to go in and delete the random spam one that -does- go through. I figure it’s just one of those annoying things you gotta deal with.
    Amanda @ .running with spoons. recently posted…. thinking out loud # 102 .My Profile

    • Yea I guess so! Someone had tweeted to me that they couldn’t comment on my blog, and for a few days I didn’t figure it out and then I realized what happened, and found a bunch of comments from the same people in there. I thought that once I approved the comments from those people it would stop happening, but nope! Oh well, I guess I’ll just skim it when I can and hopefully people will let me know if their comments don’t show up!

    • That sounds like a good amount of time for the crock pot! That’s about how long I cook stuff in there on the weekends.

    • It sounds like others have said that the blogger needs to set it up to have the replies e-mailed out. I knew that happened for self-hosted wordpress blogs but I thought it was weird that I never get replied from blogger. Oh well! Just one of those things I was curious about.

    • Isn’t it crazy how much spam blogs can get?! Good luck this weekend in the marathon and have so much fun!!!!

    • Thanks for sharing! I set that up for my blog when I switched to self-hosted, but I had no idea if it was the same for “blogger”.

  6. So I don’t check my actual spam folder BUT when I go to respond to comments, I do check the spam on the individual post. That way you can take the commenters out of the spam folder and there’s usually only 1 in there so it’s not as much sorting :)
    Sarah @pickyrunner recently posted…TOL: One Week CloserMy Profile

    • That is a great idea! I am gonna try to do that from now on, since most of my spam is from older blog posts.

  7. Isn’t that the best when you realize it’s actually much closer to the weekend than you thought? Whoo!

    I have no idea about the blogger blog replies, but if you find out the answer please let me know! I’d love to receive them via email like WordPress based blogs!
    Kristina recently posted…What I Do All Day (MY JOB!)My Profile

    • It sounds like for blogger the administrator of the blog needs to set up for the comments to be emailed. When I switched to self-hosted I set that up for my blog, but I thought I was doing something wrong when I was commenting on blogger!

  8. Glad this week has been better for you Lisa! Hope you enjoy your yoga class – I had to miss mine yesterday, seriously sad times.
    This week has been going better for me in terms of running – I think my knee is finally starting to recover so I’m going to go for a long run tonight :)
    Nessa @ Ness Runs recently posted…RUNNING IN THE DARKMy Profile

    • Glad that your knee is feeling better and I hope your run went well! Yoga was great as usual…I hope you can make it to a class soon!

    • Good for you!! You definitely deserve a week (at least) of rest. I think you will know when its time to start working out again. For me, I get antsy after a few days off and then I slowly ease back into it.

    • I’m not sure if I know what blogspot blogs look like. The ones I have trouble with are when you go to comment and you have to put in either name/url or google account and and are a few other options…but there’s no generic form like most other blogs. All I have figured out is that it sounds like the blogger needs to set something up to have a response emailed. I did that when I went self-hosted because I knew that people who didn’t have wordpress wouldn’t see my response.

  9. Funny that you mentioned about comments going into your Spam folder. I used to check my spam folder religiously but overtime kind of forgot it even existed. it wasn’t until 2 wks ago when I decided to take a look. Wow! Like you said, so many real comments from other bloggers were just hanging out in there.
    Jessie recently posted…FitFluential Friday #5My Profile

    • Yea, its crazy! And I had forgotten for awhile too. the best suggestion I go was to check the spam folder for the individual posts, rather than all spam. You’re more likely to get real comments on newer posts so it should be easier to catch.

    • Yes exactly! I don’t want someone to stop reading/commenting because I never respond to their comments!

  10. I think it would be weird if your legs didn’t feel tired during peak training week! And running 20 miles on tired legs will definitely help for the race. When I’m setting up my CrockPot I usually set it for 8 hours on low even though I’m usually gone from the house for 10ish hours. Once mine is done cooking it switches to a “keep warm” function and this seems to work for me.
    Sarah recently posted…Relaxation!My Profile

    • Oh that is a great feature on your crock pot! I think I may need to consider upgrading someday!:)

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