A Look Back At February 2015

Now that February has come and gone, it’s time to take a look back at the month and check in on New Year’s Goals.

february check inAs I explained in January’s monthly recap, I am still focusing on long term goals, which means that I have been unable to really start working on any of my short term goals yet. 

2015 goals

 -I haven’t trained for the half I have coming up in 2 weeks (which had originally been the plan at the start of the year). At this point it looks like I won’t be running it, pending any small miracles. If I do run, it will just be for fun and maybe to see where my fitness is right now since I haven’t been running for time lately

-I’ve been running less miles, zero races….again, it’s all about the long term goals.

-Still working on getting stronger and healthier. I had a gait analysis and started physical therapy

-I’ve continued planking but haven’t kept track of it. Not sure if I would even say I am planking 5 days a week…maybe more like 4? 

-I forgot about this one until reviewing my goals. I’m listening to “Born To Run” as an audiobook, and I read “Build Your Running Body” on our flights to and from Arkansas. 

-Still not signed up for a marathon, and will need alot of work to get back to a place where I am ready to do so.

-There’s been alot more variety lately with ClassPass…I’ve done pilates, yoga, barre, a total body workout, and a spin class. 

February 2015 Stats and Highlights

Total Miles: 76…my lowest in a long, long time

Best Run: Any time I got to run outside was pretty exciting, but my favorite runs were on the Arkansas trails!


Favorite Non-Running Activity: I really enjoyed giving PureBarre a try. I made it to 3 classes this month (which is the most you can attend at one studio using ClassPass). Once I move I will be  too far from the studio to continue going (even now its kind of a hike…) but I hope to keep up with barre using DVDs and online workouts.

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It seems like people were still interesting in reading about the Whole30 this month! Food posts always seem to get so much traffic which really surprises me since my pictures leave so much to be desired. 

Biggest Accomplishment: Nothing really comes to mind. Maybe finally taking the steps to go back to PT? 

Setbacks and struggles: Still working on dealing with ongoing hip/back/leg issues. 

Things I’m looking forward to in March: Picking out things for our house and planning the big move! We go to closing on March 23rd:) Also, my niece is due on April 3rd but MAYBE she will come a little early?! I guess I can also say I am looking forward to my half-marathon but we will see if that actually happens. And PLEASE let it start to warm up this month!

What were some of the best parts of February for you?

What are you looking forward to in March?


I’m joining Jill and Jessica for the Fit-Dish link-up!

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56 thoughts on “A Look Back At February 2015

    • I know! This week is a terrible start to March. Hoping next week will be better!

  1. Aw I’m so glad you liked the trails here so much! I love them, if we ever moved away, I would miss the trails so much. What you are doing now is so important and will play a huge role in helping you accomplish your goals! I’m really impressed with how positive you have remained, even though I’m sure it is difficult.
    Beth @ RUNNING around my kitchen recently posted…Friday favoritesMy Profile

    • It was great to run there, I can’t wait to come back!
      I have tried to stay positive but there have definitely been moments where I freak out a bit, they just don’t really make it to the blog:)

    • I really hope we get some warm weather soon! Enough of this snow, ice and cold!

  2. I agree w/ Suze above….think you’re doing what your body needs to recover and heal and that’s way more important. Barre and yoga (things I constantly say I’m going to do more of!) really do work wonders for back/hip issues…I’ve struggled w/ pain and a tremendous amount of tightness in those areas before and found that building core strength helps a ton.
    Meg Bollenback recently posted…{GIVEAWAY!} French Broad Chocolates’ Signature Chocolate Truffles!My Profile

    • I actually used to do yoga every week but my PT and I agreed I should stop for now because there are so many poses that can make my issues worse. It’s pretty sad because I love yoga! But I am willing to do anything to start seeing improvements.

  3. In a way your body is probably thanking you for the break. You’ll get back to it better than ever! It’s so exciting that you get to close on your house soon! It’ll be awesome having a place that’s truly your own!
    I’m looking forward to a week off of school, warmer weather, and my races to begin!
    Sam @ The Running Graduate recently posted…March MotivationMy Profile

  4. I think you’re doing a great job with your goals so far, given where your body is at right now. It’s so smart to always remember the long term goal rather than try to squeeze in more miles each month or sign up for more spring races just to make sure you hit those numbers you wanted.
    I have GOT to read Born To Run. Maybe I will once I get around to finishing the other 2 books I’m in the middle of. I miss all the spare time I had as a child to read!
    Closing on your house is so exciting! What a great way to ring in spring 🙂
    I’m excited to volunteer at a local 5/10k this month, & for my friend’s bachelorette party at the beach!

    • Sounds like you have alot of fun things coming up! You should definitely read born to run…I am listening to it since I never had time to read:)

    • It really is a nice break each week to do a food post that you don’t have to think about too much! Its always hard to see the end when you are working towards long term goals but I keep telling myself every day that this is what I have to do…

    • Sounds like fun! And I am definitely hoping that warmer temps will be here soon.

    • It kind of helps to do these monthly recaps so I can keep remembering what I am working for. It’s hard to think about the long term every day when I am barely even running!

  5. I think its great that you’ve focused so much on getting healthy this month!

    The highlight of February for me was definitely getting a puppy. My husband and I have wanted a dog forever, but it wasn’t possible living in Germany and working in Southern Africa. Now I guess we need to stay put!

    My birthday is in March, and I’m running a half a few days before it, so I’m looking forward to a beautiful race and cake! You must be so excited about your house. Good luck finding furnishings!
    Chelsea @ runner’s table recently posted…Whole Grain Banana Pumpkin Coconut BreadMy Profile

    • Thanks! I hope you get good news at the doctor and can do some more activities!

  6. Way to stay on top of the goals. Hang in there with the running, it will work out and you’ll love running even more. My injury helped me have a lot of empathy for others’, so in a way, I am happy I went through it. NOT saying you need more empathy….lol….but I had never had a long injury before, and it was good for my mentality to understand how it felt. I FEEL YOU. Excited for your physical therapy. WOOT. And, I forgot about my reading goals too. I did well in January, but I need to pick it up! I have always wanted to read Born to Run, and audio sounds great! Did you buy it audio? Take care!
    Jessica Joy @The Fit Switch recently posted…MOVE NOURISH BELIEVE. A PHOTO ESSAY.My Profile

    • Thank you for being able to understand and relate! Unfortunately this isn’t my first long term injury and I am too familiar with that feeling of never expecting to get better. I keep having to remind myself that I have felt this way before and did eventually recover. I was able to do a free trial of audible and I think I bought Born to Run on amazon.

  7. I’m kind of in the same boat: Feb was a very low mileage month for me and I instinctively want to feel guilty about that until I remind myself that my goals have changed and I’ve devoted so much to swimming. It also looks like my half in April will not happen. It kind of feels right not doing it. I think your long-term focus will pay off in spades.
    Marcia recently posted…Standout Post-Race TreatsMy Profile

    • It’s weird to learn to accept low mileage and taking a break from running, but like you I know its the best thing for me right now!

  8. I’m looking forward to warmer weather! This week is going to be a real downer with the ice storm coming today. February was just a month of good workouts – first official month of training.

    Congrats on the new house! How exciting!

    Hope the time off helps your hip/leg issues – I know it’s not easy, but you’ll be able to come back stronger by taking it slow.
    Sara recently posted…Frederick Half Marathon Training – Week 4My Profile

    • This week’s weather is awful- what a way to start off March! Congrats on a good month of workouts in Feb.!

    • 30 is an exciting birthday!! And thanks, the PT is still going well but I am not making the improvements that my PT and I expected I would by now. Hoping to turn a corner soon!

  9. I think taking the step to go to PT is a big accomplishment. I am glad I took the step to go to my chiro in Jan cause he was the one who recommended Ready to Run to me. And of course, reading that book has caused me to adopt some better habits that have clearly helped my running. I mean here I am sitting at my desk and my IT band doesn’t hurt. WTF!? 🙂 (Needless to say I didn’t spin this morning haha!)
    Megan @ Meg Go Run recently posted…Spinning during a March 1st Snow/Ice Storm…My Profile

    • Thanks, and I do know that but of course its hard to accept at times. It’s nice to be reaching mini-short term goals along the way and when thats not happening it can be frustrating. But I know Ill get there eventually!

  10. You have great running goals – you are fast! Although I obviously didn’t like when I had to take a run break due to injury, I did enjoy trying other ways to stay active with no impact. Once I got back to running more, I stuck with many of the classes I had been enjoying such as spin, core/cardio, and using the elliptical machines and now I enjoy swimming. Silver lining right?! Have a wonderful month getting stronger and healthier!!
    diane@runninrocker recently posted…Rockin’ the Move Nourish Believe WayMy Profile

    • I am at a point where I am not really sure what activities could potentially be making things worse so I have basically stopped all exercise besides my PT. (and I do a little running on the alter-g there). Its so weird because I am always so active and love working out! But I keep telling myself this is short term and I will be back at it with a healthier body soon enough!

    • Taking some classes was definitely fun and a good way to change things up! I am hoping for warm weather soon too!

  11. The best part of February for me was Disney and running in Disney. Those Arkansas trails sound awesome! I think once this crap winter moves on out of here everyone will be more on track. I got all the miles in that I was supposed to run last month, but I am feeling really unmotivated and slow and lazy otherwise. I need some warm weather STAT.
    You will have a new house so soon and that is AWESOME!!!
    Lauren recently posted…So much class. {ClassPass Recap}My Profile

    • I think everyone is just going to be SO happy when spring is finally here! Even 40 degrees (without any snow on the ground) would feel tropical right about now.

  12. I think you need to give yourself more credit for the work you’ve been doing in PT. All of that is going to help you be a stronger and healthier runner, so you really are working on the long term goals of running more and faster races.

    It sounds like you have lots to look forward to this month with the house and possibly a new family member! Very exciting!
    Lizzy recently posted…Training Tuesday – not a lot of runningMy Profile

    • Thanks! And yes, I am trying to remember that taking a break and doing all the PT definitely has its benefits:)

  13. I honestly cannot believe February is over already. I feel like we were just watching the Superbowl and now it’s March!

    I think my favorite part of March was just running another half marathon and otherwise taking my running easy and just enjoying it and resting up!
    Kristina recently posted…Let the 5K Training Fun Begin!My Profile

    • I think the past two months have gone pretty slow, but at the same time I feel like I can’t believe we are already into the 3rd month of the year! I hope you enjoy some easy running this month!

    • Yes! I have been spending SO much time on pinterest- its a bit overwhelming! i only made on board so far but I need to start separating it out a bit since i have so many pins already!

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