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Now that I’m back to marathon training and my mileage is building, I’ve been focusing a bit more again on what I eat. However, one thing I’ve realized is that on my long run days my appetite is a little pickier, so I just go with what I am craving to make sure I’m refueling from my run. I thought last Saturday would be a good day to document what I ate since it was one of those days that I just went with what sounded good. Not necessarily the healthiest day of eating, but I knew I got a lot of good nutrients throughout the rest of the week so I wasn’t too concerned about it!
banana honey stinger pre-run fuel

The morning started with a banana and a honey stinger waffle. I didn’t want to eat too much before my 15 mile run because I wanted to get out the door quickly.


Of course, there was also coffee.


At the end of my run it started pouring rain, and when I got home I immediately showered. I was pretty hungry, but had zero energy to cook anything. I grabbed one of these muffins which I had baked on Friday…and then a second one shortly after. 

berry veggie smoothie

I was even too lazy to make my own smoothie. I had bought one of these the day before, so I mixed it up with a scoop of protein powder and drank it while laying on the floor scrolling through instagram.


Lunch was a turkey sandwich with a salad. I rarely eat sandwiches anymore, so when I do the bread needs to be perfect. I had picked up this loaf a Fresh Market on Friday so it was still nice and fresh. 

cheese and crackers

Cheese and crackers made for a satisfying snack a few hours later. I knew there would be no way I would make it to dinner without eating something else!


We went to the Mount Washington Tavern for dinner and shared a bottle of wine

mt washington tavern

I may not have witty comebacks or flawless dance moves, but it does help me relax.


Something about ordering a salad at a restaurant just automatically means it will taste better than something I make at home.


Dinner was a burger and fries– nothing exciting but it sounded good! 

There was no dessert, but we did have another glass of wine at home and I was exhausted by 9pm!

I think I’ve figured out that as long as I eat enough on my long run day my appetite isn’t raging the following day, which is what has happened in the past!

Do you find that you crave different foods after a long run?

Are you too tired to cook after a long run?

Does eating more on your long run day help tame your appetite the next day?


Thanks to Jenn and Meghan!

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53 responses on Long Run Day Eats

  1. My appetite craves sweet and simple after long runs and for sure, so long as I eat enough on long run day, my appetite is not raging the next morning. In general I have found that my pre and post run meals every day need to satisfy me enough or I end up with crazy runger the rest of the day. Breakfast is key for me.
    meredith @ Cookie ChRUNicles recently posted…WIAW- It Feels Like MondayMy Profile

  2. I can relate to the salad comment so much. When I make a salad at home I always feel like it’s flavorless even if I’ve added fruit, nuts or other good toppings. If I have the same salad at a restaurant I love it. Go figure!

    I love that wine print out they gave you at the restaurant!
    Kristina recently posted…This Video Represents MeMy Profile

  3. Mmmm I am always rungry on long run day but usually my runger strikes about 1.5 hours after my run these days… which isn’t good because I should eat RIGHT after. I don’t think I am running long enough to be hungry the following day as well, no matter how I fuel on my long run day. BUT I hope to be back up to those digits someday and I will let you know!
    Megan @ Meg Go Run recently posted…An idea!!!!!My Profile

  4. My post-long run meals depend a lot on the season. Before I got hurt, my go-to this summer was a popsicle. I’d literally walk right in the door, fill up my water bottle, grab one and eat it on the porch while I stretched. Then I’d usually muster up the energy to shower and make something with more substance like a sandwich.
    Some of my other faves include: a BLT, chili over noodles (in the winter it REALLY hits the spot), burgers, or the sweet potato salad I posted in my blog the other day (http://anniesontherun.com/2015/09/14/the-best-salad-in-the-world/)
    Annie R recently posted…THE THING I MISS MOST ABOUT RUNNINGMy Profile

  5. I am usually too tired to cook right after a long run so I will have some chocolate milk or smoothie and then after I shower I will make something more substantial like eggs and an English muffin with PB. I find that I get really hungry after if I don’t eat enough leading up to my long run. I want to eat everything, lol.
    Angie @ Pace with Grace recently posted…20 Things I Learned in my TwentiesMy Profile

  6. I feel like on long run days my appetite is really wonky. The day after though I’m ravenous. I try to eat pretty healthy most of the week so on weekends when my long runs happen to be, I just eat whatever I want. When you’re running 15+ miles, you can afford to be a little more relaxed :)
    Sarah @pickyrunner recently posted…A Case of the MondaysMy Profile

  7. Eating more on a long run day definitely helps to curb the runger the next day…but I need to eat a lot, yet can’t stomach big meals, which results in snacking All. Day. Long. Literally, every hour there’s some cheese or fruit or popcorn or turkey slices or yogurt or whatever!
    Alyssa @ Renaissancerunnergirl recently posted…WIAW #23My Profile

  8. I think it’s a great idea to eat that waffle and a banana before your 15 miler because it’s just enough to keep you alive but also teach your body to run on a bit of glycogen depletion later on in the run. I dunno. I’m not an expert or anything! But anyway, you’re so right about the salad at restaurants tasting way better than ones at home! Ha ha! So true.
    Suzy recently posted…Woozy Wednesday: CheersMy Profile

  9. I am too tired after a long run to cook. I definitely am not hungry as soon as I finish but the hours after are like a crackhead looking for the next fix. What is it with salads at restaurants? They must have some magic potion, because they always taste better out than at home.
    have a great day
    heather recently posted…bakingrunner: Who knew WednesdayMy Profile

  10. I have yet to figure out what my long run eating formula is…some days I’m starving, other days I’m like “I just ran 13 miles I should be starving so sure I’ll eat another slice of pizza” haha. Cheese and crackers are one of those snacks that always satisfies me…it’s decadent but still great for you! I can usually still cook after a run but talk to me after this weekend’s 20 miler…
    Lauren @ ihadabiglunch recently posted…I’m a victim to the keyboard (or lack thereof)My Profile

  11. I LOVE sandwiches after long runs, and I agree that the bread needs to be perfect. I love Jimmy John’s bread, so I usually will stop there on my way home or have one later that afternoon. Something about meat, bread, and cheese that just fills me up and leaves me satisfied!
    Maddie @ Dixie Runs recently posted…The Best Day EverMy Profile

  12. I tend to crave queso and tortilla chips post really long runs! I wish I didn’t. I usually have a smoothie right after I come in and whatever we have in the fridge. I tend to eat little bits of food after the smoothie. It’s all in the snacking!

  13. I always crave carbs so we make homemade pizzas on long run days. I used to love having eggs for breakfast after a long run but for some reason I just have been really turned off by the thought of eggs. I guess I have been doing the “eat what sounds good” method and didnt even realize it! Granted I should eat healthier all the time but dang it I burned those calories I want to eat them all back!

  14. I hardly ever eat sandwiches either and when I do I’m super picky about my bread. It has to be just right or why bother, right? I like to get up about an hour before my long run so I can have a bigger breakfast before my long run so I don’t bonk to early.
    Sheena @ Paws and Pavement recently posted…Shaking it up!My Profile

  15. I haven’t done a long run in a couple years but looking back to when I did, I the following day was always when my appetite felt out of control. And in hindsight, it was probably for the very reason that my stomach was weird the day of and I didn’t eat enough. Good on you for making that connection and for going with what you’re craving. Like you said, you know you’re getting the proper nutrition the rest of the week, so one day that’s slightly less nutrient-dense isn’t the end of the world!
    Jacklyn @ Jack’s Balancing Act recently posted…“The World is Your Oyster” Pan-Fried Black Beans and QuinoaMy Profile

  16. Lisa, this looks like a really tasty day; I love it! Yep, if I eat quickly after my long run and then continue eating at regular intervals throughout the day, I find that I don’t have the rungries as often the next day and later in the following week. I don’t usually crave anything specific, but in the summer I definitely want salty things – I guess because of all the sweat loss? I want a glass of wine now – ha!
    Tara @ Running ‘N’ Reading recently posted…It’s Not You, It’s MeMy Profile

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