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After being away last weekend I feel really behind with blogging- although technically I’m not. I kept up with my daily posts and have found time to read other posts and reply to comments. However, earlier this week I did scheduled posts knowing I wouldn’t have time to write anything Sunday or Monday. Then Wednesday was my usual food post, which means I haven’t written about what’s been going on in my life in a whole week! Not sure if anyone even wants to know what’s been going on, but I feel like in a way I am hiding things by only writing “themed” posts without any current updates. So what better way to do that than in “Thinking Out Loud” format? Thanks Amanda!

1. You know about what I ate while traveling, but believe it or not there was some other stuff we actually did in Arkansas for a day and a half. Let me fill you in a bit on the family dynamics: Rob’s sister (Shannon) got married to her husband (also Shannon) and they live in Arkansas now. They are expecting their first baby (a girl!) in early April so we went to their baby shower last weekend.


The happy couple aka “The Shannons”

This is the first grandchild so of course everyone is super excited. The amount of clothes that are already filling this girl’s closet is just amazing. She is already the best dressed kid around. 

baby clothes

2. We got to do some trail-running while we were there! Less than a mile from the Shannons’ house is the Fayetteville trail which Rob and I explored for 7 miles on Saturday and 4 miles on Sunday. We weren’t planning to run on Sunday but when we woke up it was already 50 degrees so decided to go for a walk. We got outside and Rob said “do you want to just run?” and who am I to turn him down? Usually I am the one trying to get him to run, but I think he realized we would be really tired this week and not be as motivated to run in cold, rainy Baltimore. 


 3. The temps were in the 70s on Saturday! A little breezy but who can complain when the sun is shining and you don’t need to wear a coat. It made me get really excited for spring…but we  still have a few months of winter to get through. 

lisa rob shower1

lisa katie mom shower1

4. It was nice to drink wine again and eat what I felt like. I still aimed for mostly foods that I was eating during the Whole30 so I didn’t end up feeling like crap, but I did have a brownie each night and some bread and pita chips. Like I said yesterday it also made eating in airports much easier. 

10 am at the airport. Couldn't wait another second.

10 am at the airport. Couldn’t wait another second.

5. Our flight back on Sunday didn’t land until after 11pm. Do you know that my bedtime is 9pm and I don’t like anyone to mess with that? Well I tried to sleep on the plane but I was in the middle seat and it was a thousand degrees on the plane.I think I dozed for 10 minutes. 

6. I downloaded my first audiobook for the flight back. I’m listening to “Born to Run”. I think I started reading it a few years ago but never finished because my e-library loan ended. Since there is a movie coming out I wanted to read it again, but I figured I had a better chance of listening to it than reading it. 

7. Shifting gears a bit, I started going to physical therapy this week. I had debated doing this for about a month now and finally decided it was a good time. I had a gait analysis done and the clinic where I go has an alter-G so I can run on there while building up my mileage. I figured it was better to address any imbalances now and get stronger rather than risking a real injury and then have to start back at square one. 

hip drop

Taken on my run in Arkansas, you can see that serious hip drop and heel whip I have going on- some of the things we will work on in PT

8. If you have never run on an Alter-G, I highly recommend you try it at some point. My past couple of runs are at like a 7 min/mile pace but I was barely breathing heavy. My PT had me at 80% body weight which made me feel like I was flying.

alter g

9. I’m planning to post more about my gait analysis tomorrow, and some of things I’ll be working on in PT. Its a little frustrating because its so time consuming so I’ve needed to cut back on other activities. I have less time for classes through ClassPass which is sad because I only have access to it this month. But getting healthy and strong needs to be my #1 priority. 

 10. I got a couple new things from PRO Compression this week! Calf sleeves and tights. I can’t wait to try them out- I think both will be great for layering on cold runs. 

pro compression

 PS: Don’t forget to enter my PRO Compression giveaway!

thinking out loud

Have you been anywhere warm lately?

Ever listened to an audiobook? What did you think of it?

Have you ever been in physical therapy? What for?

 Do you know any couples who have the same first name?

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59 thoughts on “Life Updates Thinking Out Loud Style

  1. What a nice respite you had from this dreary cold weather. Looks like you had a nice week, fun pictures too! I don’t know any couples with the same first name, but I know a couple who named both kids after them. Very confusing at times. I had physical therapy for my back/hip a couple of years ago. I really liked going, but unfortunately it didn’t help. I needed to get injections to relieve the pain, and I hope it doesn’t return. We “spring forward” in less than a month…my favorite day of the year!

    • That sounds so confusing! Hopefully they used nicknames or something:)
      I hope that your pain doesn’t return! I feel like PT can only get you so far but some things just need other kinds of treatment.

    • I haven’t worn them running yet but they are pretty light and I’m a little nervous that they are see through- I don’t think they are but I need to double check before I wear them out:) I would wear them under other pants when I’m recovering from a tough run or race, or use them to layer while I am out running in the cold.

  2. I do know of a couple with the same name — The Kellys! They met through an online dating sate and Mrs. Kelly said she clicked on Mr. Kelly’s profile at first just because they shared a name!

    I have been some place warm lately 😉 BUT it’s going to dip into the high 40s tomorrow night!!!! That is so crazy cold for us!
    Kristina recently posted…The AnticipationMy Profile

    • That’s so funny! I think having the same name must be so confusing!
      Wow the 40s in Florida?! You guys are gonna freeze:)

  3. I could definitely use a little escape from this cold. Although I guess I shouldn’t complain since we lucked out and had a few weeks there where the temps were really spring-lik.e And I know what you mean about your whole schedule being thrown off when you don’t have the weekend to work on blog stuff. Story of my life 😆
    Amanda @ .running with spoons. recently posted…. thinking out loud #117 .My Profile

    • I think having spring-like weather can be such a tease! It makes me even more desperate for warm weather!
      Just over a month until spring:)

    • I don’t have much of a commute right now but once I move I could see myself listening to books and podcasts! I get so sick of listening to the radio so that would be a good option.

  4. The Alter-G is different. I’ve been on it a few times at PT and the first time I felt like I was prancing on air. It was so easy to run but it let them pick my imbalances right away. Step #1, new shoes because I wasn’t in the right kind.
    Lesley recently posted…Building SlowMy Profile

    • Its really a weird feeling to run on the alter G. But I think its a great option for running while coming back from an injury!

  5. So much to comment on! First, can’t believe the Shannons – can’t imagine but of course I’m sure they’re used to it! My son’s name is Drew and I know there are girls around with the same name so I suppose it’s possible :)

    Second, yay for warm weather and running on trails! And the beer! You guys look great and so happy in the pictures. I was also just thinking this morning about downloading an audiobook (you seriously read my thoughts in some of your posts!) so now that you mentioned it I’m going to get on it. I read born to run two years ago, and, while I loved the book immensely it did get me a little too excited about minimalist running, which backfired for me. I’ve been thinking of writing a post on shoes, my form, and how everything’s evolved.

    It’s interesting when we see problems in photos. I think your PT will really be worth it since you’ve had recurring issues. I’ve never been to PT but interested to hear about your experiences :)
    Michele @ paleorunningmomma recently posted…Another Birthday and Being BrainwashedMy Profile

    • We thought it was so funny when the Shannons started dating! And now that they are married were just used to it.I would love to read about your experience with minimalist shoes! I am happy with my pureflows and I think they are minimal enough and haven’t led to injuries and I’ve been wearing them for 2 years now.
      I am also hoping that PT is worth it!:)

  6. So, so jealous of your warm time away! It probably made coming back tough, though. And that is a serious closet that the baby has! I think they need to name her Shannon, also. (and I’ll bet they’ve heard that, right?)

    Are you going to Harborview and seeing Josh, btw?
    misszippy recently posted…#TeamShorts vs. #TeamSkirtMy Profile

    • My first run back in the cold was so sad! I was like where is the sun and warm weather?
      Ha- we all joke about “baby Shannon”. They won’t tell anyone the name they’ve picked yet but they have assured us its NOT Shannon!
      And yes I’m working with Josh! I saw him a few years ago too so it was nice that he already knew my history.

  7. I was in Florida in December, but it has been really warm here, so no complaints. I’ve done physical therapy for my neck and back, but probably should start doing something for my right hip. I hope that it goes well for you! Will you stop running all together, or cut back on mileage?
    Chelsea @ runner’s table recently posted…Beautiful Utah TrailsMy Profile

    • I’m still running..a few runs on the alter G and a few outside each week. I was just told to do what feels comfortable and doesn’t hurt. So i’ll probably be sticking with the same low-mileage I’ve been doing lately.

    • Once I share my hip strengthening exercises you should try them! I already feel a little bit of a difference with the proper muscles working when I run.

    • Definitely! I would love to run in Chicago. I’ve only been there in the winter so I would love to visit when its a little warmer!

    • We actually call the male Shannon “Hess” which is a shortened version of his last name. That makes it much easier. And Rob’s sister hasn’t changed her last name yet, but she is planning to before the baby comes so I’m sure that will get a bit confusing! We joke about “baby Shannon” but they have assured us that they will be picking a different name:)

  8. 70 degrees! I’d say I’m super envious, but given that you’re back in Baltimore now, I guess it doesn’t apply 😉
    Born to Run is on my list of books to read. I’m more of a podcaster than audio book person- I love love love to read. But I’m interested to hear what you think when you finish listening to it.
    That sucks that PT will suck up some of the time you could’ve used for Class Pass, but you’re making the right decision to really focus on getting healthy. I’m looking forward to hearing more about the logistics of your gait analysis!

  9. Hilarious about the Shannons! I DO know a couple who are both named Kim. So funny! I ran on an Alter-G about 6 months ago and it was life changing. SO many possibilities both for rehab, increasing speed, mileage, all of it! I was so pumped to find one close by and reasonably priced too! Win!
    Marcia recently posted…Currently: Love EditionMy Profile

    • That’s great! I also felt so lucky to be able to go to a clinic with an Alter-g! I got to run on it when they first got it 4 years ago after my hip surgery and it allowed me to run a month sooner that I would have been able to otherwise.

  10. love the Shannon’s! can’t wait to see pics of baby girl

    so jealous of the 70 degree weather. Dying in Boston with all the crazy snow.

    • I don’t know how you guys are surviving this winter up there! It reminds me of what we had in Maryland in 2010.
      I can’t wait for all the babies coming this year!!

    • Haha no they’re not naming their baby Shannon…but that’s all we know about the name:)
      Good to know that you love the pants! I haven’t run in them yet but I’m excited to try them out.

    • I always learn alot in PT too..this time I was hesitant because I felt like I had been so many times there wasn’t much else to learn. But we are gonna do some more focused exercises so hopefully it helps!

  11. Yay you get to try the Alter-G! I’ve been using it at PT the past few times I’ve been also. But I’ve mainly been using it for 1-1.5 mile short recovery runs so I haven’t been able to try any speed on it yet. I do have plans to make my come-back to intervals with it though to see how my foot does with a lower impact speed workout. I’m hoping I get to try that Saturday if all continues to go well before then :)
    Welcome back to the wine party!
    Charissa recently posted…Training update (2/2 – 2/8)My Profile

    • Thanks! I’m excited to be able to use the Alter-G. Its definitely great for returning to running after injury. I would imagine its perfect for coming back from a foot injury!

  12. I’ve never actually gone to a PT. I’ve only ever been to an athletic trainer, chiropractor, and orthopedic. I don’t know how I’ve managed to skip that one!

    I’m glad I’m not the only one that goes to bed at 9PM. I’m very particular about my sleep as well ha :).

    The Alter-G is just amazing, isn’t it!? If only I could win that lottery ;).
    Hailey recently posted…Cordskinz ReviewMy Profile

    • I think that alot of those professions overlap a bit, so Im sure you’ve had a similar experience to PT:)
      It’s crazy how expensive the Alter-G is! I feel so lucky that I get to use it as part of my treatment.

    • Well Medstar Harbor Hospital is the place to go! They also have a Fed Hill location now but I don’t think they have the alter-G there.
      I’ll let you know after I try out the tights!

  13. Shannon is one of my favorite names for a guy…don’t know why, but I love it! I have not been anywhere warm lately, so I really enjoyed the 40 degree surprise we had in Pittsburgh for a few days. I really need to plan my vacation so I have something on my radar!

    I have been in physical therapy, water therapy, OT, speech therapy, and memory therapy after a car accident…I have continued my PT off and on for the last 9 years…and will be returning soon after my fusion….I hope yours goes smoothly! I feel like therapy is great because it is some of the only time (for me at least) that all you work on is yourself!
    Stacy @ Sweating Tulipz recently posted…Don’t Cry Over Spilled MilkMy Profile

    • I had never heard of Shannon as a guys name before my SIL married one!
      I hope you have another good experience at PT! It is important to focus on yourself and get specific help with weaknesses!

  14. Oh my gosh, both Shannons! That’s great. I’ve never known a couple with the same name, but my father-in-law was married to a woman named Candy and our last name is Crane, so the poor woman’s name was Candy Crane! Not sure I would have changed my name when I got married if I were her…

    Ah yes, I’ve been to physical therapy 3 different stints. It definitely takes time out of your life, but it also helps out a lot with ailments so it’s worth it. I like how I learned a lot of different stretches and exercises to focus on the problem areas each time.

    I’m lucky to be living in a place that’s pretty warm year round, but San Diego is a little warmer than usual today and for the next few days. Low 80s, woohoo!
    Nicole @ Foodie Loves Fitness recently posted…Taking Time to Date Myself {Weekend Recap}My Profile

    • Oh wow Candy Crane is an interesting name! I might have had to go by my middle name or something:)
      I agree about the PT…its time consuming but I think you get out of it what you out into it.
      Also, I need to be in San Diego ASAP. -15 degree windchills today are no fun.

  15. I’ve never had the chance to run on the Alter-G, but I get dizzy on the treadmill so I wonder if it would have the same effect? I also have gait issues. It’s such a pain. Trying to work on it with different exercises. I spent months in PT after an injury so I hope you get it corrected enough to avoid anything major!
    LeAnne @ Thisismyfaster! recently posted…Keeping things in perspective…My Profile

    • I used to be really uncomfortable on the treadmill (always feeling like I would fall off) but I was able to go ok on the alter-g because you are basically strapped in and its impossible to fall off:)
      Gait issues are tough because we are so stuck in our ways that it can be hard to change. But Im trying to work really hard now so it pays off later!

  16. It looks like you had a really fun trip! I think you’ve made a good decision getting into PT again. It sounds like you’re already learning more things about your body and what you need to do to get stronger and feel better. Plus the Alter-G just looks super cool!
    Lizzy recently posted…WIAW – post-run recoveryMy Profile

  17. I had a friend who marathon trained with audiobooks. I think it’s hard for me to find the readers I like. I really want to try an Alter-G treadmill, that sounds awesome! ClassPass has been sucking my time away from running, which isn’t always a bad thing.
    Lauren recently posted…Five Friday Favorites 2/13/15My Profile

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