It’s Been Awhile (#WIAW)

It’s been awhile since I shared a day of food on here. There are a few reasons for this, including that my food lately has been boring and I haven’t been taking pictures of it. On Sunday I felt like some of my meals were photo-worthy for the first time in awhile, so I figured maybe they were worth sharing. And Sundays are usually the most random day of food for me because we are either trying to finish everything we have leftover from the previous week or eating at random times throughout the day based on not having a real “schedule” to the day.


This past Sunday we were up at 6:30 and after a bit of coffee and blogging I got to work on breakfast- eggs scrambled with spinach, bacon, and fruit. Since my weekday mornings are more rushed these days its nice when I actually have time to cook in my new kitchen. 


I took a yoga class from 11:30-1 so had a Luna Bar before class (forgot to take a pic) and then I was starving when class was over. I texted Rob and he had eaten leftovers already so I stopped and grabbed a 1/2 salad from Cosi. (The half salads are pretty big, and still $8!!) 

After lunch I relaxed for a bit, read, and eventually fell asleep and took a 45 minute nap. I NEVER nap anymore and I always wake up in such a daze! When I got up Rob asked if I wanted to go for a walk- we both try to get our steps in based on our activity trackers and it’s always more of a challenge when we don’t run. 


After getting back we got to work on dinner which was homemade pizza. Rob opened one of these beers and after trying his I decided to have one of my own. 


We bought pizza dough at Trader Joes and didn’t feel like it came out very good (we just couldn’t get the crust to be crispy) so we will probably go back to buying pre-made dough next time. Glad we tried it though because it was alot cheaper! We usually top our pizzas with tomato sauce, basil, spinach, broccoli, grilled chicken and mozzarella. Rob adds pepperoni to his side. 


Dessert was a slice of this fancy cake from Fresh Market. I will say that we bought it on Saturday as an early birthday celebration for Rob’s bday (which is today!) but really, do we need a reason to eat cake? Probably not. We had half of it on Saturday and finished it up Sunday night. Not gonna lie- we will probably eat more cake tonight. 

Not a very exciting day, but definitely different than my usual weekday meals! We have liked making pizza on Sunday night’s as it feels like a  “treat” plus it’s also something we work on together and comes together quickly and easily. 


If you make homemade pizza, do you make your own crust?

How often do you take naps?

Have you ever tried Heavy Sea’s Gold?

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35 thoughts on “It’s Been Awhile (#WIAW)

  1. Happy birthday Rob! I love your homemade pizzas and all the toppings. I used to buy store made dough and have the kids make their own and I would make my own, you reminded me I actually bought a gf dough mix that I’ve been meaning to try :)

    • Its fun to make pizzas with other people because everyone can add what they like to their own section! Im sure your kids love it!

  2. Happy Birthday to Rob I always wanted to try something from the fresh market bakery – always looks so good! I do buy the whole wheat pizza crusts from TJ – I usually bake it for a bit before adding the toppings and then pop it back in the oven. Baking it first makes it crisp a bit more but it’s certainly not like a store bought pizza.
    meredith @ The Cookie ChRUNicles recently posted…WIAW- good food from MondayMy Profile

    • We actually did put it in for a few minutes before but I guess not long enough! Id like to try it again since the price was so much better than pre-made crust.
      The Fresh Market bakery stuff is amazing!

    • If I’m gonna nap its always on the weekends…usually Saturday afternoon especially if I had a tough run that morning:)

  3. I love making pizza – my boyfriend and I usually make some once a week or every other week. We took a pizza making class in NYC last year and have been making our crust and sauce from scratch since! I think it’s definitely the way to go, and stretches much better than store bought crust. We also invested in a pizza stone which lets us have some pretty crispy crust. OBSESSED.

    I have been known to indulge in Fresh Market’s red velvet cake on occasion… so amazing. It’s totally worth the migraine the next day (Red 40 allergy). haha. Have a good Wednesday!
    Jamie recently posted…WIAW 3My Profile

    • Im definitely thinking about getting a pizza stone, I think it would be a good investment since we make pizza so often!

    • We used to try making our own dough from scratch but then we got kinda lazy because of the clean up. But it our new kitchen its a little easier to do so maybe its time to get creative again!

    • It’s just such a time saver to buy pre-made dough! But homemade pizza really is amazing. Along with cake, of course:)

    • We do have a lot of beer options! Unfortunately Im kinda picky about beer so I don’t try too many different kinds.

  4. I’ve had that same issue with the TJ’s pizza crust. I do want to try their garlic bread version though! Homemade pizza is my favorite, but only when my dad makes it. I don’t know how he gets it to come out so good so I always request it when I’m home. And that cake– ahh I miss living so close to Fresh Market so I could get cake all the time!
    Sarah @pickyrunner recently posted…IndependenceMy Profile

    • I was also intrigued by the garlic bread version! I’d like your dad to tell us his secret for the perfect homemade pizza:) I am so happy to be living close to Fresh Market again. Although its not great for my wallet or my sugar intake.

    • Now that we have been on a pizza kick its tempting to make it every week! I typically don’t have time for naps either…usually I just tell myself to skip the nap and get to bed earlier.

  5. Yum! Your food photos always look so good!

    We have good luck with TJ’s premade dough, at least the kind that comes in the little bag. I think the key is to let it warm up before you shape it, and to use a pizza stone. The bag says to let it warm for 30 minutes, but we usually let it sit out for about an hour. The pizza stone makes a huge difference, I think, so it’s worth getting one if you make homemade pizza regularly.
    Lizzy recently posted…Training Tuesday – speedwork and getawaysMy Profile

    • Thanks for the suggestion! And I would definitely like to look into getting a pizza stone. It sounds like it would be well worth it.

  6. Hi Lisa! Sunday nights are our “pizza nights” or “taco nights” almost always! And we use the pre-made dough from our grocery store and are pretty happy with it, but I’ve never used the Trader Joe’s kind, so can’t speak to that. That cake looks good too! I’m glad you shared your eats, because they look lovely! :) Happy WIAW to you!
    Ashley @ A Lady Goes West recently posted…How to eat beets and a look at a day of foodMy Profile

    • We love having a taco night too! Homemade pizza and tacos are fun to make and delicious to eat:)

    • There are some helpful suggestions for getting the crust crispy in the other comments if you want to check those out! Im not usually big on cake but last weekend it sounded perfect!

  7. This looks like a great day of eats to me. I love snagging the Hubby’s beers and keeping them for my own.

    A tip on the pizza crust, since I used to have the same problem: turn the oven on and preheat your cooking utensil (your pizza stone, cookie sheet or whatever you cook your pizza on) for a good thirty minutes to an hour before hand. It should be really hot. Roll out your pizza dough on parchment paper. Add your toppings of choice and when you’re ready, transfer the parchment paper and dough to the pizza stone/cookie sheet and bake. About halfway through, you should be able to slide the parchment paper out from underneath it and since the stone/cookie sheet is super hot, your dough will cook quickly and all the way through.

    Good luck and Happy WIAW!

    • Thank you so much for the suggestion! That sounds like a great way to do it. We don’t have a pizza stone but will definitely try this with a baking sheet. Or maybe eventually invest in a pizza stone:)

    • Great suggestion! From what you and a few others have said it sounds like the key is getting the dough cooked enough before even adding the toppings. I can’t wait to try it out next time!

  8. Happy Birthday to your husband! Your pizza looks so good! Great topping choices, I don’t like pepperoni either though :). That cake looks really yummy too. I usually buy the Archer Farms brand fire-roasted pizza crust from Target or the Whole Food’s brand of crust. The only problem with those for me, because I’m such a huge bread girl, is that they’re thin crust and I love thick crust :) I’ve made it with the yeast and all that in that past, but it takes sooo long!
    Hailey recently posted…When you get hurt 10 days before a race…My Profile

    • There was one brand of crust that we used to buy at Harris Teeter and it was perfect- thick enough for bread lovers but not too thick that it wouldnt get crispy! I forget the name of the brand, but now that we don’t live near a Harris Teeter its harder to buy that kind anymore.

  9. That pizza looks yummy! We’ve never bought dough, but I’m always buying the premade crusts (Boboli thin crusts are my fave!) My favorite at home pizzas to make are buffalo chicken and white pizza with garlic & spinach.

    I’m so jealous you take naps! I can’t remember the last time I actually succeeded in taking a nap.
    Sara recently posted…I’m baaaack!My Profile

    • Naps don’t happen very often…maybe 2-3 times a year…but I feel like they aren’t ever a good choice because I always wake up groggy and then Im not productive for the rest of the day! I think its better to skip the nap and go to bed early.

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