Holiday Gift Guide for Runners 2015

This year I have really been struggling to come up with gift ideas for others as well as a wish list for myself. So instead of actually being productive with those tasks, I came up with a list of gifts ideas for runners. These are items I already own that I think most runners would like to receive! You can see my gift guide from last year here.

holiday gift guide

  1. Race bib/medal display: I got this for Christmas last year and still have not hung it up. We are waiting to get our office set up so I can find a place to hang it. I am really excited to eventually get it up!medal display
  2. The Runner's Brain: I talked about reading this before my last marathon and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who runs races and wants to take their mental game to the next level!runners brain
  3. Headband: I struggle with finding hats I like because of my ponytail, but headbands are perfect. I couldn't find the one I have anymore but this one is similar. headband
  4. PRO Compression socks: I talk about these socks all the time because I wear them all the time. I also got Rob hooked on them lately and he asked for another pair for Christmas. procompression
  5. Momentum Jewelry Wrap: I got a motivation bracelet last year that says "Run Strong" and I love to wear it for long runs or races!bracelet
  6. Headlamp: Any runner who is out in the early morning or evening hours would appreciate this gift. I found that this one is the brightest and is also light and stays in place well. headlamp
  7. Flip belt: I wear my flip belt on almost every run and use it to carry my phone and sometimes gels.flip belt
  8. Wine glasses for runners: Alexis sent me these glasses after I coached her for her marathon and I love them! Rob and I drink out of them all the time. I also love that they are sturdy because I have a bad habit of occasionally breaking wine glasses
  9. Running gloves: I can't find the ones I have, but I actually think it's good to have a few different pairs of running gloves for different temperatures and in case you actually decide to wash them once in a while. gloves
  10. Reflective gear: Now that I run in the dark all the time I always wear something reflective, along with my headlamp. I got this for my birthday and I like that I can wear it over anything. It also has a pocket in the front and is comfortable- I don't even notice I am wearing it. reflective vest

Which of these items would you like to receive as a holiday gift?

Any other great gift ideas for runners?

tuesdays on the run

I'm a few weeks late for the actual gift guide theme link-up, but I'm still adding this to Tuesdays' on the Run for this week...I'm sure there are others like me who still need gift ideas! Thanks PattyErika, and Marcia!

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50 thoughts on “Holiday Gift Guide for Runners 2015

  1. Great list! I totally agree on all of it ... :)

    Gloves are perfect as you say, and multiple pairs works great to get you through the winter. I also suggest the combination liner gloves with windproof mittens. That is what helped me through to -25F last winter!

    I love my SPIBelt, just an alternative to FlipBelt.

    One other thing would be RoadID ... the jewelry isn't my thing 😉 but safety gear like RoadID is !

    And agree 100% on the Pro Compression. I started slow, but now wear them on every run, and occasionally just as regular socks!
    Michael Anderson recently posted...30 Days of Gratitude RevisitedMy Profile

    1. I do think I should try to get some mittens this year- I have a light pair of gloves that I could probably wear under mittens if it gets really cold out.
      I used to have a spibelt but found that it moved around too much- I know some people swear by them though!
      And yes to the Road ID! I have had one for years (it was on last year's blog post) and a few months ago I upgraded to a silicone band because my old one was getting worn out.
      Also, glad to hear you love PRO Compression as much as I do:)

  2. Great list! I also can't find my headband, so I'm in the market for one as well. I'm thankful it's still been pretty warm around these parts. That medal rack is so cute. I am totally going to be asking for one next year when I truly have my own place! I've kind of started apartment hunting for my impending MD move and it is seriously so exciting!
    Sam @ See Sam Run recently posted...Lessons in Run SpecialtyMy Profile

  3. i love my flipbelt. i love that they now have a hook to hold your keys. i lost my house key once and it was on a cold saturday that my husband had to work yikes! luckily i have friends in my neighborhood that let me borrow their phone...oh yeah this was also before i ran with my cell phone and someone (husband) put the spare key in the garage...oh man brining back old memories lol. these are all great items, but you should add a gift card to massage envy too, because massages are the best :)


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