Gym Stuff and Holiday Stuff (TOL 30)

Happy Thursday everyone! We are getting really close to the holidays now. Is anyone else having a hard time staying focused? I feel like I am ready to be checked out of work, and this week is dragging. Luckily, after tomorrow I will be off for almost two weeks!

I’ve had lots on my mind this week, so its a perfect day to share some of those thoughts and link up with Amanda for “Thinking Out Loud”!

1. I spent two hours in the gym Wednesday morning. I felt like I was there for days. I remember when I would spend two hours there on a regular basis and then I went 3 months without stepping foot in a gym. 

bodypump 2. Treadmills are boring, but I still choose the ones in the front so that I don’t have people moving around in front of me. I don’t know why but that makes me lose focus which isn’t a good thing when I am running. Today a trainer and client chose the spot right in front of me to do some kickboxing moves. Luckily I was almost done with my run and they ended up moving somewhere else anyway. 

3. My Garmin keeps buzzing in the other room right now and I have no idea why. And I am too lazy to go check/go make it stop. Its also continued to do whatever it wants on many of my runs. Like the map will make it look like a ran through the harbor. I swear I’m not that talented. 

4. I tried a 20 minute online barre class online on Wednesday! I’m sure it was nothing like a real class but I at least got the feel of it. I’ve been looking into studios where I could try a class out at some point, but I want to at least get a little familiar with it by trying it at home first.

5. I’ve been rather stressed out about this whole holiday travel thing. Whenever I get ready to go away my mind starts to race about logistics like what to pack, how to get to the airport, what time we need to be everywhere, etc. It’s extra stressful because usually we fly Southwest and can check a bag for free. This time we are flying Delta so my goal is to pack everything in a carry-on sized bag. I have no idea if it will even be possible but its worth a try to avoid the fee. I will probably fill up the suitcase with workout clothes alone. 

6. Christmas shopping/wrapping is DONE! I’m relieved to say that, but our next problem is figuring out when we will actually be able to exchange gifts. Minor details, right?


7. Yesterday I got an exciting E-mail that I was chosen to be an ambassador for Nuun!


I’m so excited to see what opportunities come along this year as a part of this awesome program!

And I think that’s about all I have to share for today. Oh, and just an FYI that I probably won’t be blogging at all next week. There is too much going on and I’m going to try my best to just relax and spend time with family. But if anyone is interested in writing a guest post, shoot me an E-mail!


How often do you usually work out in a gym and how long do you stay there for?

Are you traveling over the holidays?



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53 thoughts on “Gym Stuff and Holiday Stuff (TOL 30)

  1. I haven’t worked out at the gym since last winter I think! I wouldn’t even have a membership except that it’s the same place my son goes to school and my daughters take dance. Definitely not my thing. And even though it’s only 5 minutes away it feels like it takes up so much time!

    Congrats on the Ambassadorship!
    Michele @ paleorunningmomma recently posted…I Want to Stay in Bed – TOLMy Profile

    • Im really becoming less and less of a gym person. If I didn’t like body pump I would probably discontinue my membership!

  2. It’s been awhile since I have been to the gym, too. I totally understand your stress about traveling. My fiance (that is still weird to say!) and I are driving to Ohio, but he has to work on Christmas Eve. I am freaking out about what time we are going to get there and when we are going to exchange gifts before we leave!
    Amy recently posted…Ugly Sweater RunMy Profile

    • Its so hard to travel around the holidays! And when it becomes so stressful its harder to enjoy everything. Safe travels next week!

  3. We leave for Disney in a few days so I am slowly starting to mentally pack us in one suitcase even though we are flying Southwest. I am a really light packer so I try to keep it simple and down to one bag…Love that you tried barre! I will recommend Pure Barre over any of the others but I don’t think they offer an online option just yet. The rest are similar but not the same. Gigabody is a good deal for $8.99 a month, and you have the option to do all of the other workouts too.
    meredith @ The Cookie ChRUNicles recently posted…Thinking Out Loud – FearsMy Profile

    • Im planning to try pure barre at a studio but its not convenient to where I live so it will likely just be a one time thing. I asked for the DVD you recommended for Christmas, so hopefully that will get me more used to it also!

    • That’s true! The other concern I have is meeting my sister in law and her husband at the airport to share a rental car and they are flying Spirit which is way less reliable! Hoping everything works out!

    • On the days that I actually make it to the gym I feel like I might as well stay for a good amount of time since Im only going once a week:)

    • I need to start making some lists for traveling! It definitely makes me feel better and keeps me more organized.

  4. Congrats on being chosen as an ambassador – that is so awesome! And I’ve been so embedded in things, I didn’t even realize Christmas is only a week away! Crazy! Seriously. Crazy!

    I’m actually a huge fan of carry-ons because it makes the airport experience faster. But, if the flight is full and you board last and the overheads are full, they’ll check your bag to the destination for free! Might be worth it if your bag is super full!
    Laura @ the gluten-free treadmill recently posted…2014 Year in Review: ResolutionsMy Profile

    • The only thing I don’t like about carry ons is lugging my bag around the airport before the flight- but it definitely makes it easier when you reach your destination if you don’t have to wait for a bag to come off!

    • We try to arrange everything to make it an easy as possible- like leaving the weekend before Christmas to fly to Michigan and we drive to NY on Christmas morning when theres usually no traffic. Still stressful no matter how much planning you put into it!

  5. Congrats on the Nuun ambassadorship!

    You know, recently my Garmin has been showing average paces that are wayyy off. My actual splits are correct but then the total avg. is way lower than it should be. I wonder if Garmin has a widespread bug in the software.
    Kristina recently posted…Catching Up!My Profile

    • I would love to know if its a widespread thing- its been driving me crazy lately! On almost every run my map is way off which causes me paces to seem off as well.

  6. I’ve actually never been to a typical gym before, just a rec center a long long time ago with my older sister back when I thought lifting weights (aka 5 lb) dumbbells for like two reps and walking five minutes on the treadmill constituted a real good workout ha. That was when I didn’t like running. Congrats on being selected by Nuun! Enjoy your holidays and safe travels!
    Hailey recently posted…Fiesta Bowl Half Marathon RecapMy Profile

    • Haha that sounds like how I worked out at the gym my first year in college! Im not really a gym person any more but I know its a way to get me to strength train. Happy holidays to you as well!

  7. That’s awesome about the ambassadorship! Nice work! It’s great to feel like you can be a service to a good brand. I’m in the gym for a little more than an hour at a time when teaching group fitness classes, except on Wednesdays, when I teach two in a row. But when I’m working out on my own, I always stick to less than an hour. I like it to be short and sweet. Hope you have a very happy rest of the week! Enjoy your time off:)
    Ashley @ A Lady Goes WAest recently posted…Turning memories into decor and my thoughtsMy Profile

    • I felt like I needed to get as much accomplished at the gym while I was there, and ended up taking both body pump and cx works. I enjoy both but it does end up being a long time in the gym!

  8. Congrats on the Nuun ambassadorship!

    You should check out a barre class in a studio sometime. I used to go once a week with a friend whose main workout is crossfit. We both loved it because it was so different to our usual routines. It really goes after all of the little stability muscles and there’s a ton of core work, so I felt like it helped my running a lot.
    Lizzy recently posted…Training Tuesday – 3 months to goMy Profile

    • I definitely want to try it in a studio! There aren’t any that are convenient to where I live but I think Im just gonna try it in a studio thats like 20 minutes away. I don’t think Ill be able to go regularly but I would love to try it out!

  9. Congrats on the Nuun ambassadorship! That’s wonderful news! And I think having all your Christmas shopping done and wrapped a week before Christmas is an amazing feat – props to you! I’ve got wrapping on my agenda for tonight lol :)
    Charissa recently posted…Recovery Week 1My Profile

    • That’s nice! My goal is to have a home gym at some point. I think it would save so much money in the long run!

  10. I haven’t worked out in a gym for quite some time. With three small ones at home, my living room seems to be the only way I can get a workout in for now.

    Hope your traveling goes okay; I know how stressful that can be.
    Bri recently posted…Thinking Out Loud #2My Profile

    • Living room workouts are better than no workouts!:) I really like working out at home too, I just can’t bring myself to strength train as efficiently when Im at home versus the gym.

    • Good luck with your flight and everything! I’m also really stressed because we have a quick turnaround after we get back from Michigan we drive to NY the next morning. One of these years I want to just stay home for the holidays:)

  11. Congrats on being a Nuun Ambassador! I got accepted as well and am so excited all the upcoming opportunities!

    My husband and I cancelled our gym memberships recently after not setting foot in there for months. We have our own treadmill and just never enjoyed the gym environment. I’d much rather be outside or working out at home, I think because working out and running is my “me time” and the people at the gym were too distracting.
    Laura @ This Runner’s Recipes recently posted…Dream Destination RacesMy Profile

    • Congrats to you as well! I really want to make my own home gym at some point. All I really need is a treadmill and maybe a bike. We already have a lot of weights and stuff but I just keep the gym membership for classes and cross training options. I agree that the gym is distracting and I would always prefer to be running outside!

  12. YAY NUUN! Congratulations!!
    I wonder if moving to the treadmills in the front would help me too because I tend to get really distracted. Of course then I’d have a big weight room full of people to look at. I wish there was a wall there or something.

    Where did you find a barre class online? I would love to be able to do something like that at home!
    Salt recently posted…#nuunlove {Team Nuun 2015!}My Profile

    • Somehow we always end up going overboard with gifts! Sorry to hear that you won’t be doing gifts this year. Hopefully you can find some other ways to make the holiday special.

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