Florida Running and Relaxation!

Hello from Florida! I am just checking in this morning to share some pictures and to talk a little about my running.

Also, I was lucky enough to guest post over at Laura’s blog- The Gluten Free Treadmill! Check out my tips for planning meals and workouts here: Meal prepping for the win, take two!

If you follow me on instragram you may have noticed several complaints about my allergies over the last few days. Actually, there were so many people I was talking to at work on Monday and Tuesday who were dealing with the same thing…terrible allergies that were causing sinus headaches and actually felt more like a cold. When I flew to Florida on Wednesday it really made things worse. I was a mess all of Wednesday and into Thursday morning.

Thursday’s run was rough- I wanted to get out there moving, but I felt run down and my breathing was off. I ran with tissues and walked as much as I needed. I covered 5 miles and then stopped at a grocery store to by different allergy medicine (I had been taking Zyrtec but I decided to try something with a decongestant).


The meds worked some sort of miracle because by Thursday evening I was feeling back to 100%. I even tried some pool running during the day on Thursday. (No pictures because I have no idea what I am doing). It felt totally awkward. Are you supposed to move around? (I was wearing an aqua jogger). I felt like I was moving in circles. Totally embarrassing but that is why I tried it for the first time in the comfort of family rather than at my gym pool.

rob birthday

We celebrated Rob’s birthday last night (his actually bday was Tuesday) with some cake and ice cream.


birthday cake

And this morning I was up bright and early and caught the sunrise as I was leaving for my run.


As I talked about in this post, I am not training specifically for anything but I am starting to add a little workout into my runs. I wanted to do a workout yesterday, but with my allergies it just wasn’t happening. So this morning I set out with a plan of doing a warm up, and 4 x 6 mins at about my goal 10 miler pace (7:50) since that is most likely the next race I will do, with 2 minute recovery in between each set. It was really hard to get my legs moving fast. The first 2 sets were much slower than planned, but the last 2 felt good. i finished off with 3 sets of 2 minutes with 1 minutes of recovery in between and a cool down.



I took extra recovery after the first set because I stopped to take some pictures.

view from run

I found a great stretch of road for this workout. It was flat (but everything here is…) and there were hardly any cars and no stop lights.

tempo run 

Now that my workout is done and I had some breakfast, I am sitting out on the dock enjoying some coffee while I blog. It is so relaxing out here!

morning coffee

morning on dock

Not a bad way to spend the morning;)

canal from dock

I hope everyone has an awesome Friday and a great Memorial Day Weekend!

Do you get allergies? Do they affect your running?

How do you like to relax on vacation?

Ever tried pool running? 

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9 responses on Florida Running and Relaxation!

  1. Those pictures are insane! My favorite is the one of your laptop! No allergies for me. I’ve never tried pool running and would not know what to do if I tried! I could just imagine the awkwardness. Seems like a nice way to cool off in Florida though :)
    Michele @ paleorunningmomma recently posted…The Critic In MeMy Profile

    1. Yes it was really awkward! I would love to know what I’m doing so I could use it as a form of cross training, but there is almost no chance I would do this in front of strangers at my gym:)

    1. Thanks! The views were great- and its always nice to have a change of scenery!

  2. I have allergies and they’ve been really bad this year. Usually about a mile into my run my eyes are watering and my nose is dripping. It’s so gross. I get the headaches too. The only thing that seems to make any difference for me is using a neti pot regularly….I’ve been bad at that lately though.

    1. I feel your pain! I have heard of other people using a neti pot. I might have to look into getting one if they continue.

    1. I also love Orlando, but I remember I was there for Memorial Day Weekend last year and it was much more humid than its been here in Cape Coral.

      For awhile I had to take allergy meds every single day…and like you I would just feel “off” until I took them. I also found that switching up the kind that I take every few months or so would help. I think my body would get immune when I took the same stuff every day.

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