That Time I Felt Like I Ran Another Marathon

No, I didn’t run another marathon after Philadelphia, but last week I sure felt like I did. After taking a full week off from all forms of exercise besides some light yoga, I got back to some easy running and workouts last Monday. I hadn’t been to my beloved Body Pump class since the first week of August. Before that, I attended class 1-3 times a week. I even took classes while training for some of my other marathons. This time, I wanted my full focus to be on running so I just did my own strength training at home. 


If you’ve never taken Body Pump, its an hour long weight lifting class with high repetitions. For each track/song, we focus on a different body part. So essentially you end up doing moves like squats for 4-5 minutes straight. Well turns out, the 3 x 15 squats with 8 lb weights that I had been doing doesn’t compare. I kept my weights much lighter than I used to, and still felt the burn immediately. But the actual class wasn’t even that bad- it was the 3 days that followed that made me want to cry. 

So, here is how last week looked as far as workouts:

Sunday 11/30: Rest

Monday 12/1: 4 miles easy (First run since the marathon! It felt really weird after a week off!)


Tuesday 12/2: 3.86 miles easy


Wednesday 12/3: 2.5 miles, Body Pump; PM: 30 minutes easy yoga


Thursday 12/4: 3.13 miles easy


Friday 12/5: 3.25 miles easy

Saturday 12/6: 7.1 miles @ 8:37 pace


Total: 23.84

Honestly, before Wednesday’s class I was feeling good and totally recovered from the race. I felt like in a way it set me back. But really, its a different kind of soreness which is why I did the short easy runs the rest of the week. It felt good to move my legs and wasn’t “painful”- just sore. 

I was actually sore for longer from this than from the marathon. For 3 days  it hurt to go from standing to sitting! Its pretty humbling when you go from running 26 miles to taking a weight class. 


One of the things I wanted to do during these weeks following the marathon was do different activities which work my body in different ways- mission accomplished for sure! I know I need to go back this week so that my body adapts to it again, but honestly I’m a little scared of being sore for days! 

However, I challenged myself in an unfamiliar way last week, while also slowly getting back to running, and I guess that’s pretty marvelous!

What is the most sore you’ve ever been from a workout?
Do you still run when you are sore from strength training?

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45 thoughts on “That Time I Felt Like I Ran Another Marathon

    • I think its good to take a break from some things once in a while….which is one of the reasons why I took the break from body pump. I just didn’t realize how hard it would be to get back into it!

  1. Anytime I do something that involves weights at reps or positions I am not used to, I am a mess lol. I always laugh and say gee I can run and run but ask me to do something else and I look as though I don’t work out at all…I have gotten better at the cross train and strength training thing so it doesn’t leave me sore but if you threw me into a body pump class again, forget it.
    meredith @ The Cookie ChRUNicles recently posted…Samoa Cookie Dough BarkMy Profile

    • I thought I still had some strength from the weights I was doing, but I guess not compared to what body pump puts you through!

    • Its been forever since I took a spin class….10 months maybe? I need to wait until I am completely recovered from the marathon/body pump combo before I add that back into the mix!

    • I love it too and was so happy to be back! I need to keep going regularly so I don’t always feel so sore from it:)

    • I think for a while I had a serious addiction to body pump. While I think it was good to take a break from it, I had no idea it would be so hard to go back!

    • Each time I have run a new distance I always end up really sore too! But body pump caused a whole different kind of soreness!

    • Thanks! I do get some really nice sunrises. Its hard to bring myself to go inside a gym..although now that its really cold out a warm gym doesn’t sound so bad!

  2. I am so with you! I did wall sits for the first time ever last week and was crazy sore for the next 48 hours! Going from sitting to standing definitely reminded me of the same level of soreness that I experienced after the marathon and the wall sits didn’t take me nearly as long! haha

    That first picture of the city at sunrise is beautiful! Thanks for sharing!
    Kristina recently posted…My Final PR Attempt of 2014 Will Be in the 5K!My Profile

    • Thanks! And yes, I know exactly what you mean. Im sure I would have been in extreme pain from wall sits, too!

  3. I used to go to Body Pump too and it’s definitely more than what I get in at home! I just dropped our gym membership because I don’t see myself getting there this year until the baby drops her morning nap. I asked for a kettlebell for Christmas to hopefully ramp up my at home strength training. But I do like the feeling of being sore and knowing that I worked my muscles well!
    Laura @ Mommy Run Fast recently posted…Two Group Challenges for 2015: Eat Cleaner and Run Faster!My Profile

    • The soreness from strength training is a really good feeling! (Actually, usually it is, but this time was really extreme!) I have been wanting to get a kettlebell too but I think my husband will kill me if I bring anymore workout junk into our living room! I really need to make better use of my gym membership…but all I ever want to do is run!

  4. I did sports camps in high school, over the summer, and after the first full day, we were all sore. It hurt to stand, it hurt to walk down the stairs. When we had to warm up it took a while to get from standing to running, but once I was running, I didn’t want to stop.
    Lesley recently posted…Monday Musings 12/8My Profile

    • That really describes how I felt! I think thats why I was able to run even when I was sore. I just started going and my body knew what to do. Easier to run than to sit down, I thought!

    • Im sure my body was telling me that too! I need to go back this week so I can get used to weight training again.

    • Sometimes I forget what its like to be really “sore” from working muscles in a new way. Marathon training just causes everything to hurt because I use my running muscles so much! Even just adding a hill workout can be good to work muscles in a new way- I know the first time I did hill repeats I really felt the burn!
      But I know that it won’t hurt to get back to strength training this winter while Im not training for a marathon and can even get indoors a bit more when the weather is bad!

    • I think that sometimes an easy run can be a great way to shake out sore muscles…as long as you can get yourself to get through those first few miles!

  5. First I must say that I LOVE how smart you are being about your marathon recovery. The number one mistake I see is too much/too soon post-marathon because people think they are recovered. Second, yep, you’re not recovered. No matter what/no matter who you are, it takes a good month to be FULLY recovered from a marathon. So keep on the track you are on–you are doing great!
    misszippy recently posted…Year of Running 2014My Profile

    • Thank you! I made some mistakes in the past with running hard too soon after a marathon, and I think I am finally learning to be smarter about it! I can tell even through my runs that my body still needs a break from anything too intense. Its definitely a good time to do some other kinds of workouts!

    • I think so! I know when I am going to body pump all the time, sometimes I don’t feel anything, and I wonder if its even really working my muscles. So I definitely think its a good thing to feel the burn!

    • I sort of wish I never stopped either! However, when I go all the time I feel like I plateau and when I add more weights i feel like my form suffers. So in a way I think a break was a good thing, but maybe next time I won’t wait so long before going back!

  6. Body Pump always gets me after some time off :) I love it, but it can really make me sore! You’re being really smart about your recovery, I love seeing people take it slow. It’s hard when you feel as if you’re recovered and it can be so tempting to jump right back in.
    Beth @ RUNNING around my kitchen recently posted…Friday favoritesMy Profile

    • Thanks! It can be so tempting after a race to want to run hard again, especially when you feel mostly better! In a way the soreness from body pump was probably a good thing because it forced me to keep my mileage low last week.

    • Wow thats pretty interesting! How did you figure out that your leg was weaker? That seems tricky…like you don’t want to over strengthen the left one and then that ones stronger than the right!:)

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