My Favorite “Running Uniform”

It’s kind of crazy how many pieces of running clothes I have, yet I gravitate toward the same ones whenever they are clean. I definitely prefer my summer running wardrobe to my winter one. The clothes feel like they fit better and it also helps that it doesn’t take as long to get dressed. Unfortunately some of my faves are no longer being made, which means I need to try to make them last forever or find something comparable to replace them with. 

Here is what I would wear running every day if I could:

Top: Oiselle Winona or Gwen tank (I don’t think Oiselle makes either of these anymore but I was able to find the Gwen on amazon)

oiselle tops

I have a several of these tank tops but they all have a little stain where I wear my HRM from using vaseline there over the summer to avoid chafing.


Bottom: Oiselle Game Day shorts…also discontinued and nowhere to be found. I only have one pair of these and I will need to make them last forever!

same day shorts


Sports Bra: I have been wearing C9 sports bras from Target for as long as I can remember. I don’t need much support and these are inexpensive and comfortable, so I haven’t found the need to try much else.

c9 sports bra

Shoes: As you may already know, I love the Brook’s Pure Line. If I had to choose, I would go with the Pure Connects which are unfortunately being discontinued. I’ll either need to try another brand or just stick with the Pure Flows and Pure Cadences.

pure connects

Socks: If I’m not wearing compression socks, my new favorites are Feetures. I feel like they mold perfectly to my feet and are just the right thickness!


I wasn’t able to find any pictures where I am wearing all of these items so here are a few examples (you will just have to take my word for it that the sports bra is being worn in all those pics:))

running outfits

Anyone know of good alternatives for the items that were discontinued? (Pure Connects, Oiselle tanks and shorts)

Do you wear all the running clothes you own or stick to a few of your favorites?

Do you prefer your summer running wardrobe or winter running wardrobe?

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56 thoughts on “My Favorite “Running Uniform”

  1. I prefer my summer running wardrobe because it generates less laundry lol. I never found a pair of running shorts that I loved. I was wearing lulu running skirts and I have a nike skirt too but most of the time, I wear my lulu run inspire crops – year round. My favorite tops are the lulu run swiftlys. I have tanks but find myself gravitating towards the run swiftlys short sleeve year round too actually. I guess a lot of my stuff is worn year round now that I think about it! My new favorite socks are the thorlos with the padding at the front. best ever for me
    meredith @ Cookie ChRUNicles recently posted…Letting It GoMy Profile

  2. I agree with Erika, you may like the Skirt Sports shorts!
    I surely have my favorites as well and can’t wait to start wearing them again. I have two Brooks tank tops that are my go to, and of course I love my skirts. I pretty much like any socks, but I’m most likely to pick balegas with a pair of pro compression sleeves. And I love my Brooks shoes, of course!
    Sam @ See Sam Run recently posted…Half Marathon Training 2/22 – 2/28/16 + Monthly RecapMy Profile

  3. i wear the same shorts at every race, my under armour (can’t remember the exact model name because they don’t make them anymore)–although I just bought Oiselle Mac Rogas and they fit similarly, so i might have a replacement. They discontinued my favorite sports bra, so i’ve been doing the same thing and trying to buy them randomly off ebay and amazon lol.
    Cori @ She’s Going the Distance recently posted…Falling in Love with the Long RunMy Profile

  4. I love fall/spring running clothes—lightweight long sleeve and shorts are my favorite combo. The Oiselle distance shorts and Saucony bullet shorts are my favorite. I broke in my last pair of Pure Connects and my last pair of Flows wore out, so soon I’m switching probably to Saucony. The new Flow 5s just don’t fit right!
    Laura @ This Runner’s Recipes recently posted…Half Marathon Workouts for Beginner and Experienced RunnersMy Profile

    • I have the distance shorts which I like, and I need to try out the bullet shorts! I just ordered another pair of the pure connects that were on sale, and they happened to have my size! I haven’t tired the Pure flow 5s but I have a few more pairs of older models to get through before I need to worry about that!

  5. I have favorites too that I’m hoping to keep for years. I love the Brooks pure line (need a newer pair!) and feetures! C9 sports bras are great. Especially since I’m trying to get better at replacing them and they don’t break the bank. I have started to fall in love with Oiselle and have a few pairs of the distance shorts and my long sleeve shirt that I’m obsessed with.

  6. Who doesn’t prefer their summer running clothes? Seriously, all those layers in winter sucks!

    DSW carries the Brooks Pure line, but it’s hit or miss, of course. There’s Running Warehouse, After6pm (I think that’s it, I’ve never actually shopped it).

    I liked the Brooks Connect too, but then last year I fell in love with my Newtons.
    Judy @ Chocolaterunsjudy recently posted…It Was Me All Along (book review)My Profile

  7. This topic sure made me laugh today because for some reason this morning I decided I was NOT going to wear that disgusting pink long sleeve turtleneck of mine that smells and branch out into something different! The reason it smells so bad is because it IS my running uniform in the winter. Reebok tights, gross pink turtleneck, and pink fleece vest. I own one buff which I wear to cover my ears, and I double up dollar store gloves. They are seriously the BEST things to wear when it is freezing and it was only $2 for the double pair!
    Megan @ Meg Go Run recently posted…A Tale of Two Runs (The good one!) Speed Work… aka: MIND GAMES!!!My Profile

  8. Add my voice to the ‘summer wardrobe’ chorus :)

    I mean, in summer I just toss on a pair of running shorts and a tech shirt, band-aids, socks, shoes and GO! I tend to ditch compression socks for some Saucony no-shows I bought for socks. Shorts I have a few pair of Under Armor, prefer the shorter length (5″, not ‘short-shorts), but also have a cool pair of UA compression tight-shorts I love in the summer. For shirts … Just one of my light tech shirts.

    I try to spread things out, because I need to wash stuff every day … Probably need to buy more gear this year …

    • I try to spread things out based on when I will be doing laundry again, so sometimes I will actually “save” my favorite running outfit to wear on a certain day. I can usually go 3-4 days between doing laundry but in winter between the 2 of us running and all the layers, it really piles up quickly!

  9. I wear a lot of Champion from Target stuff and also Old Navy stuff. I buy those huge packs of Champion socks from Costco. I don’t buy a lot of expensive running clothes! But I did invest in a pair of North Face tights this year. I wear Asics Nimbus but now I’m obsessed with Brooks Launch, although they’re really hard to find in Canada.
    Suzy recently posted…Week in Review: Chillax AttacksMy Profile

  10. I will splurge for some good sports bras, but I don’t need much support either. I need good quality though because I’ll chafe on my torso, under my armpits. That’s my test for sports bras, to make sure I don’t chafe.
    Lesley recently posted…Running WardrobeMy Profile

  11. I’m all about the lululemon speed shorts, and the what the sport shorts, and the run swiftly tanks. I also really like their sports bras but I usually stick with target because I need zero support and they’re way cheaper. Running clothes are addicting haha my closet is 3/4 running clothes, 1/4 real clothes.
    Sarah @pickyrunner recently posted…See you laterMy Profile

  12. “I will need to make them last forever” hahahaha 😀

    I have yet to buy anything from Oiselle … and I have no idea why because I think literally every single one of their tops is very cute! Do the sizes run big/small?
    Kristina recently posted…The Best Kind of WeekendMy Profile

  13. I’m just a space to lulu when it comes to running clothes! Good thing their stuff really does seem to last because whoever I try out another brand it just doesn’t feel the same. Love their winter and summer stuff pretty equally.

  14. I never wear tanks, too afraid of chafing ! And I usually wear capris, the weather here limits the time we can wear shorts. So I only have a few pair. But as soon as I find something I like I usually buy double ! I liked Feetures initially but after about 6 months I find they shrink and get tight. So I suggest hand washing them.
    Karen @ Fit in France recently posted…Weekly wrap : the stars aligned on FridayMy Profile

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